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Ria's Song Lyrics

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Art by Ria

Collaborations with DANOLYRICS

Play C3 for Me
Let Me Be Frank
The Friend End
Her Tyiní Me Down (Has Got Me All Knotted Up)
Just Touch Me (Listen to song)
Why Do They Call It A One Night Stand
(If Weíre Both Lying Down)(listen to song)

Losing Half Your Life (Listen to Song)
Heartbreak 101

Collaborations with Cindy "Tink" Miller
How Ya Like Your Eggs
Good For A Fantasy
I Saw Him First
Donít Need Dallas Anymore

Collaborations with Tommy Meece
Nothing To Show (But a Troubled Mind) (Listen to Song)
Shelter (Listen to song)
Nick of Time (Listen to Song)

Collaborations with Michael Thomas Ellis
When Dogwood Blossoms Fall

Listen To Completed Songs

Adios Mi Amor
A Heartfelt Touch
His Dream
Hot As A Jalapeno
I Can't Give You What You Want
I Never Forgot About You
Oh Daddy
Pieces of Him
She Still Lives
So Take My Hand
That Gold Band
Tears They Cried
The Day Thousands Died


12 Steps
Afterthought Again
After The Fall
All Along
Are You Accessible At All
Barely 18
Chasin' That High
Could It Be
Don't Wait
Dream Affair
Empty Nest
Evil My Dreams Unwind
Face The Fear
Give My Heart Back
Gonna Take The Slow Lane
He Learned The Art
He's Just a Kleptomaniac
His Law Of Love
His Star
House Of Hell
I Canít Stop The Muse
I'd Rather Have You Instead
If He Doesn't Show Up
I Know
I'm Not Gonna Fall
Iím Not Your Doormat
I'm Your Ria
I Need A Drink
It's Not Over Yet
It's Time For You To Go
It's You, Only You
I Won't Be The Other Woman
John, My John
Just One Elevator Ride
Leaving You (As Your Spell Dies)
Let Me Just Say
Let's Go Away
Long To Feel
Living Inside Me
Memories You Ingrained
My Biological Clock
Never Knew Love
Over You
Part-Time Man
Please Donít
Right For Just A Night
Ryanís Light
She Looks High Class
She's Crying Again
Simple Man
Since She Left Me For You
So Fly That #3 (At Half- Mast)
Sufferin Ainít A Team Sport
The Happiest Day Of My Life
The Road To Nowhere (Led To You)
Thousand Miles
Until Then
What Have You Done To Me
What Lies Behind Your Eyes
When Did I Get Old
When His Memory Appears
When They Needed Someone Close
Art Gallery- See Art from other artists
The Gang in Detroit.
John, Tink, Scott, Brian, Ria, and Anthony

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