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    Christmas Dinner from Home Cooking at BellaOnline has recipes for Christmas from start to finish.
    There's recipes for Christmas cookies and candy; fruitcake recipes; recipes for Christmas crafts
    and gifts from the kitchen; recipes for dips, spreads and other holiday appetizers; recipes for salads,
    sides, stuffings and breads; recipes for dinner entrees - ham, turkey, beef, pork, duck and lamb;
    plus recipes for decadent desserts.

    See Cooking with Mrs. Claus for recipes for kids to make...Santa's favorite foods like bagel wreaths,
    bowls full of jelly, Christmas sandwiches and more + recipes for reindeer food and bedtime snacks

    There's many festive recipes in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen at
    It has hundreds of recipes in all categories - cookies, candy, breads, cakes,
    and recipes for Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

    Find holiday recipes for Christmas Soup, cranberry punch, eggnog bread,
    cherry fluff, and many others at Merry Christmas.Com.

    There's recipes for Santa's Favorite Foods from around the world at
    "Santa's Favorite's." Holiday Ham Balls from Sweden
    and Christmas Chocolate Logs from France and so many more!, part of Disney Online, has Christmas Recipes
    for cookies, breads, main meal and dessert recipes, as well as
    homemade decoration, ornament, and gifts ideas.

    Favorite Christmas Recipes from Christmas include
    Bite-Size Crustless Quiches, Cranberry Lebkuchen, Christmas Plum Pudding,
    Roast Goose with Stuffing and many other recipes for the season.

    Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Menus feature recipes for a Christmas Tree
    Decorating Party, an After-Caroling Soup Supper, A Children's Cookie Decorating Party,
    A Christmas Eve Buffet, A Traditional Dinner for 12 and other party ideas.

    For more kids Christmas recipes see "Cooking with Tara".
    There's links to some great sites where kids who want to help their busy Moms
    can find easy recipes for candy, desserts and more.
    Some of the sites also have recipes for art supplies and craft projects to try during Christmas vacation.

    Reader's Digest, Canada has Christmas recipes and party planning ideas for Christmas Eve Dinner,
    Christmas Day Dinner, a Festive Brunch, an Office Party,a Caroling Party, kids parties and more.

    Holiday Meal Ideas from Reynold's Kitchens has a fabulous assortment of recipes
    for appetizers, salads, breads, main entrees, stuffings, sides and desserts.

    Land O' Lakes has great holiday menus with recipes. Selections include....
    Christmas Eve Family Supper
    Christmas Morning Brunch
    A Contemporary Christmas Celebration
    A Dressed-Up Holiday Party
    Holiday Open House Buffet.

    McCormick & Company has easy, festive recipes for the holidays.

    Recipes for Seasonal Favorites from Sunmaid Raisins include Eggnog Pudding with Raisins,
    Sweet & Savory Fruited Yam, Raisin-Cherry Holiday Loaf and much more.

    The Christmas Sit-Down Menu from Kraft
    is a collection of recipes for amazing appetizers, entrees, salads, sides, and desserts.

    The Holiday Dinner Menu from Virtual Cities Internet Cookbook
    features recipes from innkeepers and chefs from bed & breakfast inns,
    country inns, and small hotels across America.

    Hershey's Kitchens has recipes for cookies, brownies/bars, candies/fudge, and cakes.
    You just know these will be good chocolate recipes!

    If you'd like more recipes like these from your favorite Brandname groceries, magazines,
    supermarket chains, and restaurants, see our Brandname Recipe pages.
    You'll find links to hundreds of recipe websites from all your favorite brands.

    Christmas at All includes Meal Ideas for Christmas Eve,
    Meal Ideas for a Holiday Brunch, recipes for Christmas Breakfasts,
    recipes for Christmas Breads, recipes for Christmas Beverages and more.

    Recipe Source has a huge list of holiday recipes from appetizers
    to desserts and everything in between.

    The Recipe Link has a Holiday Recipe Buffet with recipes for
    Holiday Meat Main Dishes, Merry Desserts and a Gingerbread House Workshop,

    Here's some of my favorite family holiday recipes....

Candy and Snacks
Pulled Molasses Candy

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Peanut Butter Fudge

Finger Jello

Party Foods
Party Cheese Ball

Taco Dip

Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Veggie Pizza

Potato Skins

Jello Salad

Watergate Salad

Citrus Punch

Party Punch

Turkey is almost always the main attraction for Thanksgiving dinner. For Christmas dinner, ham is also a popular choice. Here's websites that offer recipes, ideas and roasting guides for turkey and ham.

Butterball.Com has recipes plus lots of good turkey advice.
Whether it's your first time cooking a turkey dinner or it's been a while
since you cooked a holiday feast, their experts are there to help.

Honeysuckle White is another brandname turkey website.
Their website is packed full of recipes for the turkey and all the trimmings.

About the Turkey tells you how to buy, thaw and roast the perfect turkey.

Norbest Turkey has an especially good turkey carving guide
plus more advice on buying, storing and preparing your turkey.

Should you buy a fully cooked or uncooked ham, a wet-cured or dry cured ham, a bone-in,
semi-boneless or boneless? Should you get a whole ham, a shank half, a butt half, or a canned ham?
About the Ham, tells you how to choose the best ham.

Holiday Recipes from Farmer John's Ham has more baked ham recipes, like ham
with carmelized apples and onions, cider glazed ham and other holiday dishes.

Kunzler Ham Recipes include Hawaiian Holiday Ham Glaze,
Cranberry Ham Glaze, Maple Ham Glaze and more.

Here's recipes for for using the ham leftovers from Berks Web of Berks County, Pa.
Theres Ham Recipes, page 1 and Ham Recipes, page 2

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