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Cooking With Tara

Hello! My name is Tara.

My Nana asked me if I would help her

make a kid's recipe page for her website.

I said "Sure, I'd really love to!"

We decided that I would have a mini website inside
"Need A Recipe...Call Mom!"
We'll show you where to find the best sites with web recipes
for kids and tell you a little bit about each one.
I really love the title, don't you???
We're calling it - "Cooking With Tara"

So....We surfed and we searched, and we surfed and we searched,
and we found some really good sites for kid's recipes - lots of them!
Some have recipes for good things for Mom's & Dads to make for kids....
Recipes for -

Food that most kids will really love.

Food that's extra easy for very little kids to eat.

Fun food and ideas for kid's parties

There's tons of recipes that kids who like to cook can make by themselves...
Recipes that are easy and fun to make.

Some of these recipes can be found at Kids Clubs, Kids Corners and such....
Websites just for kids with recipes just for kids.

Many of our favorite food brands have websites with pages just for kids - pages full of things to do, things to learn, pages to print & color, free games, and RECIPES, just for KIDS!

There's even recipes for things to make in your kitchen that are not for eating...

Recipes for neat things like finger paint, modeling dough and other crafty things
made from food ingredients.

But first, we made another page for all kids who want to cook.
It's a list of things kids should know to be safe in the kitchen.
You should read it before you do any cooking.

Cooking is fun, but you want to be safe too....right??? Sure you do!

So, please read our

Safety Rules

I'll meet you on the next page and take you to all the web recipes for kids,
and to the food games and other fun food stuff.

I found the all the adorable bears and the food graphics for this page at -

and, the background set is from -

Disney collectibles