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Here's charts with common cooking and baking measurements, equivilents and substitutions for recipes. There's also links to more kitchen and recipe help, to a dictionary of cooking terms, and to sites with information about specific foods.

Equivilent Measures

    3 teaspoons (tsp.)    1 Tablespoon (T)
   4 Tablespoons1/4 cup
   16 Tablespoons    1 cup (C)
   2 cups    1 pint (pt)
   4 cups    1 quart (qt)
   2 pints    1 quart
   2 quarts    1/2 gallon
   4 quarts    1 gallon (gal)
   8 quarts    1 peck (pk)
   4 pecks    1 bushel (bu)

Liquid Measure

   1 oz. liquid    2 Tablespoons
   2oz.liquid    1/4 cup
   4 oz. liquid    1/2 cup
   8 oz. liquid    1 cup
   32 oz. liquid    1 quart
   64 oz. liquid    2 quarts
   16 oz.    1 pound (lb)

Measurements and Amounts

   1 stick butter or margarine   1/2 cup
   2 cups butter, margerine or shortening   1 pound
   1 cup flour   1/4 pound
   4 cups flour   1 pound
   2 cups granulated sugar    1 pound
   3-1/2 cups Confectioners' sugar   1 pound
   2-1/2 cups brown sugar   1 pound
   4 cups ground cocoa   1 pound
   1 cup finely chopped nuts   1/4 pound
   1 cup grated cheese   1/4 pound
   2-2/3 cups cubed cheese    1 pound
   about 23 saltines    1 cup crumbs
   2 T. lemon juice   juice of 1 lemon
   4 or 5 whole eggs
   or 8 egg whites,
   or 12 egg yolks
   1 cup eggs
   2 T. egg substitute   1 egg

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More Measurements & Equivilents

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Food & Cooking Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

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The Cook's Thesaurus
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Advice, How-To's & Cooking Tips

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How Much? How Many?
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Cutting Board Safety
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Guide to Herbs & Spices for the Home Cook
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Pasta Chart
This illustrated chart shows pasta shapes and tells you how each one is best used.

Cheese Guide
The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has a Cheesecyclopedia. Select the name of a cheese from the pull down menu to learn everything there is to know about that cheese... appearance, description, taste, texture, use, serving suggestions and more.

Apple Varieties
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