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Cooking With Tara

Here's special holiday websites that are
all about fun to cook Christmas recipes and
fun to make gifts and crafts for Christmas!!!!!

Please click on the steaming pot to check our safety rules
for kids in the kitchen before you do any cooking!

We don't want an accident to spoil anyone's Christmas!!!

    Holiday Recipes from Kaboose
    include Mitten and Glove Cookies, Candy Bar Cookies on a Stick, Stained Glass Cookies
    and recipes for other simple but festive treats.

    Kids' Turn Central Christmas Corner
    features Christmas Crafts, Christmas recipes, puzzles like word search and jigwsaw,
    coloring pages and other fun holiday activities for all kids.

    Make your Own Gifts in A Jar
    for people you know who like to cook and bake. Measure the ingredients for the mix and put it all in a nice canning jar. Directions to print and tie on the jar are included. You can choose from M & M's Cookie Mix, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Mix, Gingerbread Cookie Mix.... even Dog Biscuit Mix in a Jar for friends who have dogs.

    Make Christmas Ornaments from Your Kitchen
    with ingredients your Mom probably already has in the kitchen. Use your favorite Christmas cookie cutters to make Cinnamon Dough Ornaments, Salt Dough Ormaments and real Gingerbread People.

    Learn how to make Magic Reindeer Food.
    Sprinkle it on your lawn on Christmas Eve to help guide Santa and his reindeer.
    has crafts and recipes that are easy to make and require little supervision or help from a parent.
    Crafts include Origami Ornaments. Recipes include Rudolph’s Peanut Butter Oat Treats.

    Easy Kids Recipes
    has recipes for Christmas Balls, Holiday Wreaths and other easy to make Christmas cookies.

    A Homemade Christmas
    from Disney's Family Fun has ideas for making a Gingerbread House,
    a Winter Wonderland Gumdrop Mountain, Brownie Snowmen, Candy Cane Cookies
    and many, many other cute things to make and bake for Christmas.

    What do you get when you combine cookies, icing, candy, and kids???
    A Kids' Cookie-Decorating Party.
    This is a Christmas party kids will really love!!!

    Super-Simple Cookie Houses,
    are also from Readers Digest Canada. These no-bake mini-mansions
    are a million times easier to make than gingerbread houses!

Merry Christmas!     Happy Holidays!

Love, Tara

* song is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

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