Would you like to take a break from all that cooking?
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I think it's time to take a break from all that cooking, don't you? How does pizza and a coke sound? Everyone who knows me, also knows that I am a "Coke addict" - Coca~Cola of course! I drink it morning, noon and night. I'm also a collector of all things Coca~Cola!

You can even listen to some oldies on the jukebox......

You might even be able to get a few pizza making tips from the chef before you go.........

No - It looks like he's too busy for that!

If my little jukebox has you in the mood for Rock N' Roll music, you'll find much more of it on these websites -

The 50's Website is a comprehensive guide to fifties music, TV and much more. It's the memories of a Baby Boomer... featuring all the best of the 50's. It's the ultimate 50's website!

Here's a picture of us -
From left: grandaughter, Megan - daughter, Kristen - my sweet Mom - Me
daughters, Lori & Karen
And...that's grandaughter, Tara, of "Cooking with Tara" in front

I love to shop for Coca-Cola "treasures" on EBAY!

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See coke bottles dancing too!

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Pizzaria & soda fountain by Vikimouse

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