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I have moved most of the tuts to my main site, although they will also remain here for the time being. My daughter lost interest, so she no longer wishes to keep this part of it up. So any new tutorials and also old ones will be found at The Doll Garden's main site now, of which I will be in charge, so please direct any questions to me. Just look in the Doll Menu for tutorials when you visit. All these tutorials were made using Paint Shop Pro 7. I believe they can all be adapted fairly well to other versions of PSP as well.


My Tutorials

Catch This Little Lady's Horse!!
Not a Tutorial

Learn to use Paint Shop Pro Tools

Learn to Make these Dolls.


Changing Skintones in PSP 7
Skin Chart Included

Making A Base Body for Cartoon Dolls

Drawing Doll Faces

Drawing Shiny Hair (Red Hair)

Drawing Sheer Clothing

Drawing the Clothes II

In the tutorials above and below, these are 2 different
techniques to draw hair. You may find one easier than
the other, but I use them both, depending on the
doll and hairstyle.

Drawing Blonde Hair

Drawing Jeans and a Simple T-Shirt

Drawing Patterned Dresses

Drawing Fishnet Stockings
Both Large and Fine Mesh

Drawing the Basic Shoe

Drawing Angel Wings



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