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Welcome to The Insultanator's Super Insults! Below is a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet. Clicking on a letter will take you to a page with all of the insults we can think of or have heard that start with that letter, for your amusement or so you can use them on some unsuspecting shmoe at school, work, family vacations, field trips, pedestrians, on the road, family reunions, doctors offices, law firms, museums, and anywhere else your saggy ass desires.


Letter Word Date
B Blob 12-17-01
D Dirt-Ball 12-17-01
P Pie-Wagon 12-17-01
S Shrimp 12-17-01

A [Updated 11-26-01] (23 Insults)

B [Updated 12-17-01] (35 Insults)

C [Updated 11-14-01] (22 Insults)

D [Updated 12-17-01] (35 Insults)

E [Updated 6-12-01] (1 Insult)

F [Updated 11-22-01] (12 Insults)

G [Updated 12-07-01] (10 Insults)

H [Updated 11-30-01] (10 Insults)

I [Updated 9-21-01] (6 Insults)

J [Updated 11-14-01] (5 Insults)

K [Updated 11-26-01] (6 Insults)

L [Updated 11-26-01] (9 Insults)

M [Updated 12-07-01] (10 Insults)

N [Updated 10-30-01] (11 Insults)

O [Updated 11-30-01] (10 Insults)

P [Updated 12-17-01] (31 Insults)

Q [Updated 6-23-01] (2 Insults)

R [Updated 11-14-01] (12 Insults)

S [Updated 12-17-01] (40 Insults)

T [Updated 11-30-01] (12 Insults)

U [Updated 6-12-01] (2 Insults)

V [Under Construction] (0 Insults)

W [Updated 11-18-01] (7 Insults)

X [Under Construction] (0 Insults)

Y [Updated 10-22-01] (3 Insults)

Z [Updated 6-12-01] (5 Insults)

(Updated 11-26-01)

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