Using these on such people as "teachers, principles, parents, relatives, spouses, pets, friends, the school bully(s?), bosses, co workers, adults in general, or people with little or no sense of humor may get you in trouble and may result in lost friendships, relationships, jobs, responsibilities, privelages, and bodies/lives, so please, use these at your own risk.

One who is very ogreish. Often times a high school, college, amature, or pro football or hockey player, who, according to sterotypes, have sloping foreheads, an overbite, and drag their knuckles on the ground as they walk. It is also commen that this person is intellectually challenged, or for those of us who can't handle words that big, a moron.
One who does a lot of the following: Whining, crying, complaining, moaning, pouting, tantrum throwing, or pants-pissing.
Bangsat (Indonesian)
One who is or has the characteristics of being a bastard.
One who is so painfully ugly that their face reminds you of a nice, chunky, corn filled, multi- colored, pile of rotting puke. (Sets up quite the visual, doesn't it?)
One who's breath is so bad, it smells like the person just got done up-chucking a steaming pile of puke.
One who is nuttier than a fruit cake, out of their mind, psychotic, insane, neurotic, or crazy in general.
One who is in most cases male, and has any combination of the following characteristics: Mean, easily pissed off, hot headed, stubborn, cruel, obnoxious, annoying, self centered, and/or self absorbed.
One who is a science wiz and knows so much about chemicals and other matters of scientific nature that you want nothing more then to staple their lips closed with a staple gun.
One who is the stereotypical dumb blonde (female) who is also very slutty and ditzy.
One who's brain is the size of the brain you'd find between a bird's ears. A very, very, small bird, with a very, very, small head, which properly suits a very, very, small brain.
One who has any combination of the following characteristics (usually female): Hot headed, easily pissed off, snotty, snobby, cruel, evil, and/or a loner.
One whom you can tell is a bitch just by one glance at their face. This usually means the person is ugly and looks like she's about to explode into a volcanic eruption of obscenities for no particular reason.
One who is, well, a bitch, but saying bizzitch sounds a lot cooler then just saying "bitch", which is way overused. Nowadays, EVERYONE'S a bitch to someone else, but few people are bizzitches! I plan to change all that, with your help of course.
One who is so repulsively obese that they look like a giant mound of rotund, sweaty, slippery flesh.
One who's butt is so repulsively fat that each butt cheek looks like a big, fat, disgusting blob of skin.
One who's butt is pretty much just two tons of semi-round, fat, pastey white, flesh (and in all likelihood, if that's how their ass is, the rest of their body can't be much better)
One who has nothing between their ears but but the big bone we have named "The Skull".
One who has or is a hole in which an erect penis is stuffed. (which is effective either as a gay insult for a guy since the insult in itself proclaims that he has a boner in his hole, the hole can mean either his mouth of butt hole, or it can be used to call a girl a slut as it says she has a boner in her mouth or butt as well.)
One who is somewhat clueless and not really useful. Their just kind of their, but don't really have a purpose. They tend not to be very bright either.
One who gets shit-faced (drunk) on a regular basis.
One who gets plastered (drunk) even more then a boozer.
One who is dull, painfully un-interesting, tiresome, boring, and/or tedious.
One who sucks up to their boss, teacher, or whoever is above them, by always agreeing with them, bending over backwards to make them happy, and almost never saying no, no matter how unbelieveable or impossible the task may be. The term brown nose is used, because people like to say that when you're kissing up to your boss you also have you're head shoved up their ass, for whatever reason, and while it was up there you're nose became brown. Hey, I didn't come up with this stuff!
A large, oafish type person who has a brain the size of a marble, which doesn't function all that well anyway.
One who is known for telling lies, or making up false rumors about other people.
One who is male and smells like a butt, or is commenly dirty, disgusting, or repulsive.
One who's brain is located up their ass at all times. This can also act as a replacement for the words "nincompoop", "idiot", "dumbass", or anything else that means the person is mentally inferior.
One who's breath smells identical to that person's butt (or any other butt for that matter).
One half of a two man team, who appear to be, are, or act gay around eachother.
One (usually male) who enjoys "bumping butts" with other men. This term can also be used to describe males who enjoy engaging in or have engaged in "homosexual sex".
One who is small, smells terrible, and well, somehow reminds you of a small deposit of old, hard, crusty poop.
One who is fat and sweaty and possibly even a bit greasey.
One who's head resembles a butt or one who is an idiot, or possibly someone who is reasonably bright but still insists upon doing foolish things.
One who munches butt or someone who is pissing you off by being annoying, obnoxious, childish, or just plain acting retarded.
One who is homosexual or acts like a homosexual or has certain characteristics often belonging to a homosexual.

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