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Woohoo! Part II of Abby's Digi-Cam Pics! The first page had a lengthy number of pics so I decided to make another page. Thanks Abby and enjoy the pics!

These are the Birthday girls! Emilie, celebrating her sweet 16, and Erika, finally celebrating her legal 18! Woohoo! They combined their bday on October 25 and had a party at Corridos. Same place where Erika celebrated her sweet 16 bday!

Abby and Teddy, all smiley :D Abby's tugging on the bracelet I made for Teddy. Don't break it, Abby, or I'll bite your head off! Hehe :P

Cindy, Teddy and Abby, all smiley :D

Cindy, Teddy, Tina and Joe Lizama, all smiley :D

Emilie, Erika and the Birthday Cake! I wonder what they're laughing about...

Abby and Sabino, all smiley :D Whoa, his red hair's turning orange. Going Super Saiyan on us, Sab? Ooh, NICE shirt too! Nice... **flashes a thumbs up**

Jon, Abby and Drew. Hey Drew, I love your jacket! What does it mean though?

Ton, Brian and Sal, just kicking back :)

Paula! It's Paula across from Erika! :D

Here's Erika talking to me on Tina's cell! Her cell was passed around I pretty much talked to everybody, it was great hearing their voice :) But... Tina's battery died out before I could talk to them longer! Sorry Tina and dammit!

Jon doing... EwwwwWWwwwwWWww! Drew all smiley and Pat pulling a funny face! Hehe!

Gawd, I fell outta my chair laughing when I saw this pic! See, I asked Abby to bring a pic of me to the party so I'll be with them :) They even reserved a seat for me too! Here's Teddy trying to help "me" drink Ice Tea. Hehe! silly Teddy :)

Oh yeah, this looks good... Anybody hungry for some muffin balls?

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