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Please let the page load, there's alot of pics here so be reeeeeaaaaalllly patient okies?

I caught Teddy off-guard! Muwhaha! Muwhahaha! Wait wait wait-- MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Anyways, the following pics are taken on my last week of Guam. It'll all be put in order.

Abby's brand new, kick ass 2002 Sentra GXE!

The back of Abby's brand new, kick ass 2002 Sentra GXE!

Me crouching near Abby's brand new, kick ass 2002 Sentra GXE!

Abby's brand new, kick ass 2002 **slaps face** Sorry, got redundant there o_O This is Tiny and she's pregnant!

This Brian's pet cockatiel, Kawaii. It's name means "cute" in Japanese. "Kawaii, desu ne?" ^_^

Abby and Brian were feeling hungry as Kawaii landed on his shoulder... Fly, Kawaii! FLY!!

Brian was playing a song. I was near the drum set. Can you say "collaboration"?

"This is the greatest and best song in the world... tribute"

Brian and Abby showing off each other's cell phones. Ericson vs. Nokia!

Pre-Studio picture taking Ted. We took our pics at 17 Minutes around 11:00 am. We would've taken it earlier but they were doing graduation pics for George Washington High School.

*SNIP! SNIP!* This pic is a parody of one of my drawings where Teddy is making fun of my T-Shirt. Sure, it's out of focus but I LOVE this pic so much ^_^

A good view of the pool area at Pacific Island Club hotel.

Damn the resizing... this is wooden carving of dragons inside Royal Orchid Hotel.

Abby and Teddy looking suprised. We were kicking back here in Ted's house, planning on whether we should watch "Red Dragon" or "The Tuxedo". We love Jackie Chan :)

Teddy and Brian playing a good game of Tekken 4 on Teddy's PS2 before going out to watch "The Tuxedo"

Teddy and Cindy, all smiley :D We were late for the movie cuz we went everywhere looking for this girl! Long story short; Ted slammed into some doors, I ran around Guam Premium Outlet in my 3-inch platform sandals, we got to watch a movie on a new time :)

Teddy and me, all bear-huggie ^_^ This was taken in front of Wallace Theaters near GPO. Why there's a missing "E" in Cinema, we'll never know. I miss ya, Teddy Bear :)

Brian and Abby, all smiley :D This was taken inside the theater. We're not supposed to do that but who cares?

Me and Teddy, all smiley :D This was also taken inside the theater. Moviegoers were temporarily blinded by a quick flash of light O_O

Ted sitting on the driver side of the door. He tried driving my car earlier and I was hella panicky! NEVER put a guy with high metabolism behind the wheel!

This pic is important. Dennis Laureano (I hope I spelled that right), our good John F. Kennedy High School buddy, called Abby's cell! Damn Hafa-Stale for making us use dinky phone cards.

Just for the hell of it, this is a pic of Wendy's drive-thru menu. We ordered some chow after the movie. You gotta love 99 cents value menu :)

Teddy and Abby, all smiley :D The following pics were taken at Erika's house. We watched the Pagat Cave hiking video and "40 Days and 40 Nights". The newspaper that Ted is holding has an article where he and 2 other graphic artists were interviewed for Vibe. I still have that article :)

Drew and Pat arrived just in time for "40 Days and 40 Nights".

Abby, Erika, Cindy, Teddy and me. What? Am I some frickin' pillar to you guys?!

Pat, Abby and Erika. Don't you dare spit Bugles chip at me, Pat!

Pat, Abby, Drew and Erika. Don't ask me what Abby's doing :P

Erika and Teddy, all smiley :D

Drew and Cindy, all smiley :D Cindy was getting allergic here cuz of Erika's cats. You don't look allergic at all, Cindy!

I'm a specific person. I take things literally and seriously. So, when Drew asked to take a picture of them getting ready, I did just that. Haha!

NOW they're ready! SMIYO!

Erika, Abby, Pat, Cindy, Drew and Ted posing near Cindy's car. Damn the reflectors on Cindy's car and on Ted's unusually yellow pants!

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