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Please let the page load, there's alot of pics here so be reeeeeaaaaalllly patient okies?

This is Lorraine, Emilie's "best fwen". This page is dedicated to her :) The following are pics taken at her bbq/drinkout party in Las Palmas and at the airport. She's in Vegas too! Hi Lorrainey!

Abby at Food Court in Micronesia Mall

Abby trying out Sal's drum set. Don't worry, just get the coordination down and you'll do just fine!

Teddy and Sal's lil bro playing video games.

Abby on swingset in playground in Las Palmas.

Emilie and Lorraine, all smiley :D

Sal on horsey ride

Jon and Merv posing... Drew jumped through the pic, so looks closely at the background

Erika, Jon, Merv and Sal do some pointing and making faces, respectively. Drew did neither :S

Abby trying to push Erika, who's standing on the swing.

Abby and Erika constipating!!

Whoo Erika! Ride that Moby Dick! Haha!

Aww, Abby has no ride... Who broke Free Willy?!!

Drew's turn on the horsey ride. Do you really have to stick your ass up that high? :P

Erika made a drink called a "screwdriver", where you mix vodka and orange juice. Normally, I ain't a drinker. This pic was taken seconds before I spit the putrid stuff. I can't even handle Smirnoff or Bacardi Silver yet. Yes, laugh at the 18-year-old who doesn't drink. Laugh your damn asses off >_<

Jon, Pat, Abby (is it me or are they at the same height??), Merv and Drew posing in front of the pavillion. We're among the few "adults" in Lorraine's party.

Teddy holding Erika's spoon as she digs into some Jolibee food. Yummy!

You have the option to either laugh, get grossed out or scroll up/down for more pics. Or, you can just stare and do nothing about it!

Lorraine and a stubbly Baily. Don't be sad, Baily

Erika trying to find the right spot on the skateboard. A few minutes later, she fell off and landed on her ass. I told her to get up before the humiliation sets in. Too late; she started cracking up hard-core o_O

Yeah, now Erika got it! :)

Abby's turn on the skateboard. Wow, she got it too!

Yes, I know that's not even the right position for skateboarding. I couldn't balance let alone find that "right spot"!

Jon and Merv posing. Abby and I were at Merv's house to drop off some meat for his bbq. We were also getting ready to see Lorraine off at the airport.

Drew and Jon playing video games on Merv's Game Cube.

Abby and Drew play against each other while Jon relaxes in Abby's legs... haha!

Abby and Teddy at the airport. Us 3 were the first to arrive. Earlier, Teddy was helping his mom by carrying a heavy Balikbayan box with one hand over his shoulder (she was going off-island for vacation). Abby and I cracked up as he nearly slipped carrying the box :P

To kill some time, our group played Pusoy Dos. I would join in but I got confused when Cindy, Erika and Ted tried teaching me. Uhh... I can play Solitaire though!

Emilie and a bunch of her friends posing on the couches at the airport

Chris, Emilie and Erika kicking back on the couches... Obstruction on Erika's face!

Abby, me and a sleepy Teddy

Erika and Abby, all smiley :D

Lorraine pulls a funny face!

Me, Lorraine and Erika... Lorraine has our gifts! I made her a red and white bead bracelet, Erika gave her a bouquet, Jon gave her a lei, amd Abby gave her our studio pic.

Chris, Lorraine and Emilie

Jon and Erika with gifts for Lorraine...balcony view!

Erika and Jon coming up the escalator

Ted, Lynette, Ton, Erika, Abby, Merv and Jon kicking back on the couches

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