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Welcome to page 3 of Abby' Digi-Cam section. The following are pics from Flo's baby shower (her baby boy will be here on April 1. Yes, April Fool's Day) and the Auto Jam, where locals show off they're incredibly customized cars.

Here's Abby, soon-to-be-proud-momma Flo and Cindy. This baby shower was held at Abby's place.

It's Abby and cute Kayla, Coleen's lil angel.

A very simple cake... I think it's a cake :S

It's Patrick and Abby aka "Patches" and "B" aka "P&A". Dammit, aren't they cute?

Yo! Check out my crib y'all. It's off da hook! Hehe, it's Abby's present for Flo.

KAYLA!!! ^_^

Here's Coleen with Kayla, Flo, Abby and Cindy.

Mother-daughter shot of Coleen and Kayla.

Now it's Cindy's turn to hold Kayla!

And here's MY gift for Flo. It's a kick-ass Ninja bike and-- I'm just kidding! This was at the Auto Jam.

A side shot of Albert's PT Cruiser. It won 2nd place... 2nd PLACE?!?! Dammit, this was THE coolest PT Cruiser I ever saw and it fucking got 2nd place? Gimme a bat and I'll make sure the 1st place winner didn't exist >:)

Another couple of shot of Pat and Abby. Pat's holding a protable DVD player, originally included in Albert's PT Cruiser. Dude, get into his car and you'll feel like you're at the theaters. Awesome surround sound!

This here is Kiki. Omg, I remember her! Last year, on my birthday, I went down to TCBY in Tumon (where she and Abby used to work at) and she sang a beautiful birthday song. Why she's not at American Idol, I will never know.

Abby and Kiki, together again o/~ Reunited and it feels so goooooood... o/~

This here is Abby and Albert's girlfriend, Jungko. From what I hear, she's a cool person. It sucks that I never got to meet her before I left.

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