- = [Guam Pics] = -

Please let the page load, there's alot of pics here so be reeeeeaaaaalllly patient okies?

This is a shot from my window from door #3, Las Palmas

Another shot from my window

My best friend, Abby, posing inside Mobile gas station

Silly Abby! Hehehe... ABNER!!

Abby and Del, posing with a scooter o_O

Audrey and Abby, all smiley :D

This is Del-- inside my trunk!! Comfy, aren't we?

Del crawling outta my trunk. How can he fit there?!

Drew, Pat, Abby and a friend kicking back at the food court in Micronesia Mall

**As Crocodile Hunter** This here is the dangerous Guam Brown Tree Snake! Ain't he a cute little buggah?!

Erika, me and Abby at The Cage. It's a place where you can play pool, air hockey, ping pong and arcade games. If that's not enough, you can angrily swing a bat and hit a baseball or 2 :P

Fletcher and Chicki with deer-in-headlights expression!

Funny pic! Merv's busy playing games, Pat's eyes are closed while Drew, me and Erika look normal!
Up close and personal: Me and Erika at Wendys in Tamuning

Same pic, slightly different... Look at my fangs!

Pat and Drew posing near my car. This pic was taken right after I accidently locked my keys inside the car and Drew had to drive me to my mom's work to get the spare key. It was a long drive too... Thanks Drew :)

Abby's adorable, miniature Doberman Pincher, Tiny! Tiny tiny tiny!!
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