- = [Guam Pics] = -

Please let the page load, there's alot of pics here so be reeeeeaaaaalllly patient okies?

This here is Merv, my Kuya and Virgo buddy :) The following are pics taken on his 18th b-day (9/15)

Sabino near the fiery bbq

Damn blur... this is the crew eating. POT LUCK!

Look at Pat's pretty undies... thanks Lilly for pulling 'em down! Haha!

Cindy and Erika, stranded on a lifesaver. They survived by drinking seawater and fishing... Hehe, nah. They're trying out beach equipment!

After countless weeks at sea, Erika and Cindy returned to Guam shores-- all smiley :P

I bet you did a double-take at this pic. No, it's not what you think it is (ya perv!). It's a Bolatti (damn my spelling), a slimy sea slug.

No Erika! Don't do it! It's not worth it!! Hehe, bolatti action!

More bolatti action with Sabino and Pat! Aww, Drew wants to join!

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