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Role Playing

Training Pages

These pages will be dedicated to all those who wish to role play in the realm we call RhyDin, and in other realms around the area. They will be OOC entirely.
If anyone wishes to add to these pages in any way, send all letters to Angel.

"Newbies" - For those who have no clue what they've gotten themselves into. This page will hold the terms commonly used in RhyDin, along with several hints of how not to get labeled a moder on your first week. ::chuckle::

Different Kinds of RolePlay Online - RhyDin's two types, along with a few others. (If you know of a kind not on this site, tell me and I will get it up here.)

Your character - This will give you all the alignments, classes, and some of the races of characters to help you make your own.

Terms - RhyDin Dictionary; A list of any other terms you wouldn't know without asking someone. ::chuckle:: Good to know, and keeps you from being called "Newbie."

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