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What Needs to be Said

What's on your mind?

This page is dedicated to getting things off your chest. Whenever you feel like bashing someone over the head, just write it all here so everyone can read. Simple.

If you would like a section put on this page, send your writing in a letter to (V)ars, and it will be added.

(note - all slang and profanity on this page will be edited in some way to keep me from being TOSed. ^.^ Any words not part of the original document or censored from the original document will appear in brackets such as [these]. The opinions below are not a reflection of the editor's opinion; I give equal say to all people, and will post replies to all "bashings" if anyone does so.)

Whenever you write something, please leave your name or a sign underneath it to let us know who wrote it.

Whether long, sleeved arms wrapped around her waist,
or antiquated charms adorned her neck;
and even if the seas crashed into earth
or half the cards were missing to her deck...

Her dreams already crumbled at her feet.
No outstretched arm could hold her passion now;
Reality's escape clamped her eyes shut -
but plastic roses still caressed the air.

The rain she didn't see
fell on the dewy grass
that wasn't there.

He smiled and gestured wide,
describing every liquid drop
that shattered on the blades.

Straining her wearied eyes,
She couldn't see.
The air was crisp,
and grass was dry and dead.
She looked between the neverending death
and his wide, wet smile,
wondering what world
he'd left her for.

-Vv ColdFyre, mun date 01-02-00-

What is with all these wanna bes who go thru out Rhydin saying no FF anything yet they won't join a bloody forum so they can say and do [whatever] they want to? Am I the only one who had big problems with this? Its not fair that those of us who play by the rules and are expected to deal with these morons as well. These type of MODERS should not be allowed to RP...cuz they arent RP!!!!!!

-DarkShadowyNight mun-date 01-25-00-

You know what's starting to piss me off?....I'll tell ya what's pissing me off, the fact that some stupid idiots that know nothing about Rhy'din start in with their "Machine Guns" and their "Limos" and other modern crap, Rhy'din is NOT a modern RPing place....I mean, get a clue, everyone else sharpens their daggers and their swords and such, If there were guns...don't you think they would be "::cleaning the barrel of the gun::", instead of "::whiping the Moder guts off his sword::"...some people are too stupid to comprehend anything. Why don't they do it like everyone else or just get out....

Another thing that really is pissing me off, is the stupid Pokemon and DBZ RolePlayers...they think they are soo cool and they might be pretty cool on the TV, but a "Ki" beam hurting a Rhy'dinian in an MS just sounds Stupid. Well, I'm not saying I hate them, just that some of them are stupid, Most are decent enough to be around but they should try to be a little more original.

- GantheWiz mun date 01-26-00 -

Before I begin my rant I have a few things Id like to say on the subject of Moders: First off, I think too many people are flinging the word simply because someone does not agree with how they think things should be. I flat out disagree with anyone being called a moder when they RP one style and another group RPs another. This is what has taken the fun out of RPing, For example, one day I walked into a tavern, I wasn't there to fight, I never once gave any indication that I was even going to use my dice but the moment I walked in I was called a moder because I have 4d90. What the [h*ll] is that all about? If I challenge you to a fight, then and only then do you have the right to challenge my dice. What it boils down to is the immaturity of most RPers. "You have higher dice than me so I am going to call you a moder." Please people, if you are going to RP, at least be mature about it. Be careful who fling the word moder at because at some point it will be flung at you.

Why I dont accept AA anythings:
1) FFAA- First off I think any AA is the coward's way. If you want someone dead have some balls and fight for it. I have no respect for assassins. Secondly, I have worked damn hard for my dice, too hard for some little twerp to come along and AA me FF style, let's see that's usually done with 2d20 I believe, I've seen it pulled with lower. Sorry but im not having it.

I could get into all the terms and the whys and so on, but I am not going to. The bottom line is FFers 99% of the time will bend rules, pull dice out of their rear ends , and basically do whatever they can to annoy, and in my opinion are lazy and unimaginative. For example, one day I am in a room talking with some friends and in comes an FFer going to do a FFAA, THEN pulled a gun and started shooting everyone. Puhleeeasse. I don't see how it makes anyone who doesn't accept FF anything a moder. But if it does, so be it, I and hundreds of others are Moders. But what it comes down to is the fight. Be you FF or otherwise if you want to fight then fight, don't hide behind pathetic AAs, and in the same token if you want to take on someone with legal dice then don't cry when they laugh in your face when you pull some FF move. Most of us worked to get where we are now and we arent going to waste our hard work on FFers. If you have a problem with this, stick to your FFers and leave the dicers be. I have a char who is FF and I sure as [h*ll] dont spend my time harrassing dicers with them.

- Cynariess mun date 01-26-00 -

What really .. pisses me off now about Rhy'Din is all these [people] with .. nose rings and all this kind of [bull]! You didn't .. see 13th or 15th century women wearing .. piercings except in their [damned] ears! And all these piece of .. [people] who use .. guns and [shiz-nit]! Somebody needs to [really] smack their [arses]! Another thing that .. pisses me off is the [idiots] who can't accept that their damned character got the [shiz-nit] knocked out of him. If you're going to get in a .. fight at least be .. mature enough to except the [damned] hits!

- Fantasy Dragon13 mun date 01-27-00 -

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