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The Character

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You play a character much like you play yourself... except your character is NOT you. Most of RhyDin - although it isn't a law - resides in medieval times. Therefore, many people will stare at you funny for driving up in a limousine, pulling out a pistol, or putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Here are lists of some of the creatures, etc. you'll probably encounter in RhyDin - though not ALL by any means.. I seem to meet a new race every week. If you know of any I need to add to this list, please tell me.

The Three divisions

RhyDin divides its population into three main divisions.

The Mortal.
Believe it or not, the most uncommon class in RhyDin is this unlucky class of short-livers. Mortals tend to be humans, animals, and other un-classifiable races with shorter life-spans than others. Slayers are generally of this category.. Though lately a lot of slayers claiming to be vampyres are running around. I wonder why that is?

The Halfie.
Halflings, Halfies, and all the other things they like to call themselves. These are the mixtures. Elves are considered half, as are immortal humans (oxymoron though the term may be), mages, and all creatures whose blood runs mortal through some part of their history. The mother could be human while the father a god, etc.

The Immortal.
The most popular of groups.. And why is that? They hold the most power of course! Daemons, Angels, Dragons, demi-gods, all those whose life cannot be ended by any normal fashion. Vampyres have wavered between halfie and immortal for a long time.. Some claim since their blood runs partly human still, and they CAN die by natural means (not feeding), they can only be half. But the stronger and more ancient ones at least have manoeuvred their way here.

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Alignments of RhyDin

Well, first, there are two sides to alignments of the characters in RhyDin.

Those who abide by the laws and rules set forth by Nature. This can also mean those who follow the rules of mankind. The main thing this group has in common is their belief that some good must come from laws, and so they strive to uphold whatever laws they keep close to their hearts.

Chaotic persons hold that no law exists more important than their own lives, or the lives of others. They work as individualists for their own purposes, and live with or without laws as the situations see fit.

After these come three sides of the spectrum. All characters are either Lawful or Chaotic.. set with these 3 sides, there are 9 alignments altogether.

Light aligned individuals strive to find the good in all things. They have "found the light" so to speak, and work to build those up around them with the charity, love, and hope they have been given through this goodness. These are true do-gooders. Paladins and Healers usually seek out this alignment.

Neutral characters have learned to accept that with all good in the world there must exist an equal amount of evil. Nature holds some unknown but powerful balance in their eyes between the two. They believe that rather than good intentions or malicious thoughts, people will act according to their basic instincts.

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Evil characters are just that - Evil. They do what they want, when they want, because they want it. They hold that there is no truth to goodness, and there is no balance, but that evil must fight against what it hates - the light. Their actions are malicious because their thoughts are malicious.

Combined, the following 9 characters are made :
Of all the alignments, this has to be considered the least fun by most of RhyDin, because so few ever play it. These do-gooders strive for the advancement of society and people in a lawful fashion, and will do anything it takes to uphold the balance of law and order. These people would turn on a friend if they committed a crime, etc.
An example : Seraphs (Highest rank in the choir of angels)

Stranger than the lawful do-gooders, these characters uphold the government they find most important, along with all rules therein.. And will do anything to protect and uphold those rules, along with the destruction of a friend.
An example : Executioners, nearly any race.

Evil finds a place in society with these characters. Your regular Organized Crime leaders, Lawful-evil persons bend the laws to work for their own will, finding it easier to live within them than to break them.
An example - Try the Mafia.

These Characters are the "Heroes" of the groups. They uphold good and light above most, but friendship and individualism above all else. They strive for the rights of the individual, and will often be caught breaking the rules to save a friend or loved one. The true "Knights in shining armor."
An example - Guardian Angels (one of the lower ranks in the choir of angels, but the closest to the human race)

This alignment is above all the most undefinable. Sometimes they are good, other times they are evil. Sometimes they play by the rules, and other times they are rebels. Whatever suits them at the moment is their only belief.
An example - Malkavians (race of vampyre considered quite insane)

These are the sociopaths of society. They are cruel and unmerciful, breaking the rules for their own personal fulfillment. Their actions carry no true rhyme or reason other than they willed it so.
An example - most daemons

The main difference between Lawful-Good and Neutral-Good is their enthusiasm in the fight against evil. Neutral do-gooders seek more of a balance with life around them.. They don't try to wipe out evil, but when needed, they take a stand against it.
An example - Think of most humans

True Neutral
The most difficult alignment to claim and uphold is True Neutral. The world as a true neutral does not exist in the sense of good and evil, but with the harmony of both. They will not take a stand either way in a fight; rather, they hold their own truths and work to maintain the balance between themeselves and nature.
An example - anyone who can achieve this (Very few can)

Not really your cold-hearted sociopaths, and not quite in the Organized Crime business yet, these individuals are merely selfish and devious. They get along with laws if they can use them for their own benefits; the same goes with people.

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The Races of RhyDin.

If you have any information about a race that is not on this page, please send it to
(V)ars so it can be added.

One of the most popular characters in RhyDin, this fine race has outdone humans with at least 5 to 1 odds. So many different kinds exist too.. Most vampyres in RhyDin follow the rules of Vampire: The Masquerade, a popular Vampyre Role Playing Game.
   But let it be said that this transition is IMPOSSIBLE. RhyDin is too different.. many claim gens and dice from V:TM that they could not POSSIBLY have in any way, shape or form. Those who actually do play V:TM end up getting pissed at those who are only playing RhyDin with some V:TM standards. It's a long and vicious fight.
   If you are planning on taking a vampyre for a character, be sure to FIND an RPing vampyre, and learn a little more before you get yourself in trouble; or learn more about vampyres on our addition - Vampire: The Masquerade.

This is a fun character. The daemon is immortal and evil. He is spawned from hell, and usually bent on destruction. Although powerful, you must realize that ANY CHARACTER in RhyDin MUST take hits.. they must react to a hit thrown at them, even if it barely hurts them.

The Angel is the exact opposite of the daemon. They wander RhyDin helping those in need, and battling Satan's spawn. There is the occasional fallen angel.. Seems that many more angels are falling than those still in the choir. If you play an angel, you will be one of the few left.

Although less known than vampyres, Dragons are quite possibly one of the strongest races in RhyDin. Their strength greatly outweighs a daemon; their intelligence far beyond the smartest Ventrue Vampyre; their size above any creature known in the realms. This race is ALWAYS played as an immortal, and is second only to the demi-god.

Elves are mischievous. They go around creating havoc. Most of them are chaotic in alignment, though with an elf, who really knows? In a bar, the favoured drink of an elf is "ElvenWyne" - as far as I can tell it's a green liquid that fizzles and makes the throat of a human burn until he can't stand it.

This race is either as small as the faerie's size, or just well hidden. A few can be seen in taverns buzzing around the ears of others, and meddling in their affairs.. Kind of obnoxious little critters.

Yes, I have to put it in here. Poor humans. They're a dying breed... the only ones really left are those who call themselves "slayers," and even they seem to have gone into hiding. There is little way this race of mortals can compete with the ever-growing population of vampyres.. But what happens when the vampyres run out of mortal blood? ..hmm..

Few and far between, the animal race does exist, ranging from foxes to tigers to lions and horses.. I've even met an elephant before. These characters are hilarious to play. Most of them are mortal, though some claim to possess magickal abilities that give them halfie or even immortal class, such as unicorns, pegasi, blue rabbits.... be creative.

This race has no true class.. Most are considered halfies, though not all. And Shape-shifter can be merely a magickal ability one possesses, not the true race of shifters. The only true thing that can be said for this race is that they shift. Heh. Pretty simple.

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