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The charm links all who touch it.. The first two that embrace it together hold it together for eternity.. None can break that.

(The Charm is a group open to anyone and everyone. This webpage takes any and all suggestions to any and all pages, for any purpose in the realms of and around RhyDin. If you would like to see anything added, including your name or your character's webpage, please contact (V)ars.)

I am the dragon. This great body has not slept in over three hundred years. I am what you fear and what you love. What you dread and what you cannot doubt. Older than the Vampyre.. Older than time.. I am forever what you learn, and who you are.

(V)y friend began this journal a few years before chancing upon me... But from my stories he wished me be the first to introduce you here.

I am the dark dragon. One of the few left.. I have lived over a millenium near the caves of Miloch, miles from the hunters that drove me there.. And I remember time before them as well. Darkness came and darkness went, but the heart of those borne unto the land were darker ever than the scales upon my back.

I was cursed into a human form not a few centuries ago, by the wizard who gave me neither name nor reason. (V)y power now limited with this wretched form, I am only given it back under the (V)oon of my ancestors.. a full one to you, more than likely.

Perhaps sometime we shall meet.. Be wary if we do. (V)y heart holds no malice for the kinder of that race.. Neither holds it love.

Last updated 01-27-00

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