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List of Terms

All the many terms I've encountered over the years. If you know of any I've forgotten to add, let me know and I'll add it. Many of these terms will be in widespread use - others will be to a specific game other than RhyDin. Such terms will have the game they are respective to in parenthesis.
(I went as alphabetically as I could, to save you time. Any word highlighted in gray has - or will have - its own definition.)

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The general outlook on life your character has, or the path he follows. For more information, see the section on Alignment in

Assassination Attempt. The attempt on another's life. This usually requires a contract through some forum, and an AA registration number for your character. To obtain an AA reg#, you have to perform a "Mock" AA on someone, and send it in to the person in charge for evaluation.

An application is what a character usually asks for when he/she goes into a recruiting bar. In order to get into a guild or forum, you will be required to fill out an application for that specific group.

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Break Attempt. Hardly used anymore. Usually, the person would state a move (::breaks his arm::), then type (BA) after, and roll 1 50 sided die. A roll of 45 or higher is considered successful. The die and the roll for success differ from room to room. heh.

BodyGuard. The main job of a bodyguard is to protect his/her "boss" during an AA. The bodyguard gets to roll percept as WELL as the victim. The victim will be asked to state his BGs in the terms before the AA. Rules for BodyGuards differ between forums.

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Short for Character. A character is the person you play while you are in RhyDin. For more information, look on the
Character page.

The RolePlaying term for the webpage of a guild or forum is called a charter, since no such thing as a web exists in RhyDin.

A cleric is someone that specializes in rezz, healing, marriage and divorce, curses and blessings, etc. They are sometimes separated into two groups, depending on the forum : Priests, and healers. The priests in this case rezz, marry and divorce, and the healers heal, curse, and bless. The rules on these of course differ between forums.

Legal document between the head of Assassins in a forum or guild, a registered Assassin, and a contractor, for the death of a person. The assassin is usually paid in gold for his services by the contractor.

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Division Commander. The leader of a certain group of people in a guild. Usually there are 5 or more divisions in a guild - Priests, Assassins, Thieves, BodyGuards, and Mages. This is of course only tentative... Many guilds have over 10 divisions, while some have as few as three.

Def Enhancers
A defense enhancer is an enhancer added to armour, usually lessening an enemies attack by a certain number of HP. The average accepted def enhancer by forums is -5, though it has been carried by some forums as far up as 30, and by some only to 3.

One type of RP is done with dice. The roll of the dice determines the damage done on an opponent. For more information, go to the
Dice Chart.

Dice Roller
A program provided by AOL that rolls the dice automatically for you. It can be found here : Dice Roller. Or you can type in the keyword : DICE.

Dice String
The string you can type out manually without using the dice roller. The following is an example of strings:

1d100 = 1 100-sided die. String: //roll-dice1-sides100
2d50 = 2 50-sided dice. String: //roll-dice2-sides50

Death Match. A Death Match is the most permanent solution RhyDin has for annoying people. The loser of this spar either must obtain a Rezz, or delete their screen name entirely, depending on the terms.

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A concept growing in RhyDin, this weapon is only used in a few select forums. The elemental gives a character the strength of a certain practiced element, to help in battle. Normally, in addition to the attacking roll of guild dice, the character would roll 2 dice of ? sides (? depending on the forum and strength of element). The total of the two dice equals the added damage to the opponent.

An enhancer is an improvement on a certain weapon to make it more effective in a fight. In effect, it usually raises the sides of your dice by a certain number. The largest amount raised is usually 5, though I have seen several forums reach 15 and even 20 extra sides. (See also Def Enhancers, Atk Enhancers. For more on Dice and enhancers, go to

Experience, or experience points. See Xpz

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First Blood. In a Spar, Init is rolled; the person who rolls highest gets FB, or the first strike, and the lowest roll gets HS, or honor strike, the last strike of the fight.

Force Collaring. One of the many ways of slavery in RhyDin. FC, unlike SMs, are for the LIFE of your character. The only way to get out of an FC is with an RM. Dice for an FC depends on the forum.

Free Forum. If you have no guild or forum, you are considered Free Forum. You usually use 2d20 dice, if any dice at all. Many free forum RPers that have higher dice than this are considered moders.

Free Forum Assassination Attempt. Considered a moder's way to assassinate someone, although for those that play without dice, it's the closest thing to the dicer's realm. The roll is 1 20-sided die (1d20); you need a 15 for success.

A forum is the main system of regulation in RhyDin. Each forum has its own rules to abide by, although most RhyDin forums agree on the same type of rules. There are no true rules in RhyDin; but their are forums that make rules for people to abide by.
Here is a (V)ap of Known Forums in RhyDin:
Map of Known Forums
(Full credit for this page goes to Vulcat and those who helped him)
A supplemental list of forums shall be added to The Charm shortly.

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Guild or Grand Commander. This guy is in charge of a Guild, the step below a forum. Usually the one that ends up doing all the work in a group. heh.

Generation - usually referring to vampyres, but often used for daemons, and original clans. First gen is considered the founder, or first, of the clan. Caine was considered the first gen vampyre - the one that began the race of vampyres. Second gen are the chylder of the first gen, and so on.

Term short for gold pieces. Gold pieces are the best form of money RhyDin has at this point in time... It can be earned for any number of tasks, or for owning a tavern and charging for drinks. The system of money varies between forums; but most forums agree on the common currency of GP.

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High Council. The group of people that helps a Forum Chancellor or a GC run their group. (See also SiC, TiC)

Honour Match. One step above a regular spar, an Honour Match is fought when either of the combatant's honour is at stake. The loser will go on "Honor Strike," or submit to terms set by the proctor at the beginning of the match.

Hit Points. The number of points that, if exceeded, counts an opponent out of a spar or match. Normal HP for an MS is 20 for a mortal, 30 for a halfie, and 40 for an immortal. (for more information on character type, see

Honour Strike. There are two different meanings to the term.. the old definition is the penalty a loser of an HM has to face. The newer definition means the last hit in a spar. (See also FB)

Hits to Kill. Nearly the same concept as HP; however, HTK is specifically used in AAs. HTK is determined by the forum and the "strength" of dice you have (number of sides). The lower the dice, the smaller the HTK, and the easier your character is to kill.

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In Character. When you pretend you are a character instead of who you are, in a chat room or IM, you are RolePlaying IC.

S.P.A.W.W.N) Investigation Department of Law Enforcement. A division set up in Urth that investigates all cheating, modering, and IC offenses.

The initiative roll in a spar or MS. For a spar, init is 1 6-sided die (1d6). Both opponents roll the die; the higher roll gets FB, and the lower gets HS.
For an MS, init is 1 100-sided die (1d100). All combatants roll one die; the order the characters get to strike in depends on the number they roll. The higher the number, the sooner their turn.

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Kidnapping Attempt. Another of the many 'attempts' in RhyDin - if successful, they can hold the kidnapped person for ransom in gp. Dice for KA's vary depending on the forum.

Knock Out. Dice for a Knock out is 1 20-sided die. Successfull KO is a roll of 15 or above. The victim is knocked out for 3 mun-minutes. In other words, he can't move, talk, or do anything IC until the 3 minutes are counted.

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Legion Commander. Sometimes used to mean the same thing as a DC, they are in charge of a specific group of people in the guild, and under the High Council.

Life Scroll
The RP term for a profile. All information - or at least a good deal - about a character can be seen in the life scroll.
(For more information on Life Scrolls, and "strings" in life scrolls, look

*(S.P.A.W.W.N) Life Points. Much like the system of HP in RhyDin; but LP is a constant, that raises each level you move up, while HP is changeable and only used in spars.
When your character's LP reaches 1, he/she is considered unconscious. At 0, he/she is considered dead.

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Mass Assassination Attempt. An AA, with more than one assassin making the hit. Each assassin gets one hit to kill the victim, but the victim gets to roll percept for each individual assassin. The rules on this form of AA differ between forums.

Unlike other games such as DnD, the mage's role in RhyDin is very undefined. A mage is simply one who practices magick. Some forums, though very few, offer special regs, potions, etc. for mages.

Mass Death Match. Kind of like a TMS, only the losing team is declared dead, and must be rezzed.

Someone that claims to have dice and xpz he/she hasn't earned, or in some other way has proven themselves more knowledgeable than a newbie, but incapable or apathetic to abiding by the commonly accepted rules in RhyDin. Nearly everyone has been called a moder by someone else at some point in time. It's a sad, cruel world.

Mass Spar - A spar with more than two people. Same as above, only more complicated. One person hits at a time, and is allowed to hit anyone among the other characters fighting. There is a proctor - one who keeps score; and a logger - one who "writes down" the entire fight.

Mundane, or Master Under Name. A term used to describe the person behind the character on the screen. When a mun talks, he uses brackets like these - (( * )).

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S.P.A.W.W.N) See Alignment.

One who has yet to learn the rules of RolePlaying, at least in RhyDin. Until you get the hang of the terms, dice (if you use em), and general RP, you'll most likely be called this by people who've been playing awhile.

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Out of Character. When you don't want to talk in ((these)), but you don't wanna play your character, you go OOC. As if you never roleplayed in the first place - you leave your character behind.

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Paralyze Attempt. Dice for a PA are 1 hundred-sided die (1d100). A successful PA is a roll of 75 or over. The victim is paralyzed (Unable to make another move) for 20 minutes, until the one who did the PA leaves the room, or until he can roll a counter attack (1d100) and get a higher roll than the attacker.

Perception. Used to describe the ability to see or not see an Assassin when they come to Kill you. Dice for percept are usually 2 20-sided dice (2d20). 2 points are needed for a successful sighting of the Assassin. (see
Dice Chart for info on points.) The rules on Percept vary between forums.

The character in charge of keeping score in a spar, or any other type of match. A proctor usually would be someone not fighting, to keep the match fair; for their time, a few forums award proctors with experience points.

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< q >
"Quietly." Often used before a character speaks to indicate the tone in which they are speaking. Other common preludes to speaking are < vs >, and < w >.


Random Attack. A type of attack used in an MS. Dice used are 1 die with sides that equal the amount of other combatants in the MS. The roll determines who is the target, and who will receive the attack. Used when you don't want to decide who you will hit.

Rape Attempt. Another 'Attempt' - usually a character's mun mentions in their Life scroll whether they accept these. Dice for Rape Attempts varies for each forum; in some forums, such conduct is banned.

Recruiting Bar
A chat room in which members of a guild or forum stay to recruit anyone who comes in into their guild or forum.

A registration number. In a forum, certain tasks or professions require regs - you must have a reg to be an Assassin, Cleric, and in some forums, BodyGuards, Proctors, Thieves, etc. The Reg merely assures everyone your character is qualified and certified to do a specific task.

Term short for Resurrection of the dead. A priest or cleric is given the power to reserrect a dead character at the end of a DM or an AA.

1.) Release Match. Fought for the release of a slave after an SM or FC.
2.) Rezz Match. Fought after a DM for rights to rezz the loser. This match is fought by a friend of the loser, not the loser himself, since he/she is dead.

Where we all live! heh. The name of the realm anyone who roleplays online is a part of. If you are in a chat room, you are in the realm of RhyDin.

RolePlay. Playing the life of another. Sort of like acting, and making up your own character in a play that you and several others are constantly writing.

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Split Attack. A type of attack used in MSes, in which the dice of the combatant are split to hit two or more different people in one move. For instance, if the combatant has 4 dice, he can split them into 2 dice for 2 different people, 3 dice for one and 1 for another, etc. (see Dice for more information)

Second in Command. The second in command of a guild, as the name implies. (For more information, see HC)

Slave Match. A spar in which the winner receives the loser as a slave for an amount of time determined by the proctor at the beginning of the match.

Fight - usually logged - between two people. This term is used for dice fighting; the winner usually gets experience points, or xpz, for however much he won by.

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Theft Attempt. An attempt to steal gold, valuables, enhancers, etc. from another character. TAs are usually done with 1 hundred-sided die, a 75 or over being a successful theft. The rules on TAs vary between forums.

Another colourful character in RhyDin, who makes his/her living stealing from others. a thief may steal gold, enhancers, rosters, and many other items considered of value.

Third in Command. The third in command of a guild. Not all guilds have TiCs; some have only a GC and an SiC. (for more information, see HC)

Team Mass Spar. An MS in which the combatants are divided into teams. The experience points gained by the winning team are divided into equal parts.

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S.P.A.W.W.N) Urth's Legacy. Urth is the realm in which those playing this game exist. Legacy is the forgotten first city, created by the Creator himself.


< vs >
"Very Softly." A term used often before a character speaks, to indicate their voice is below normal.
(This can often be combined to make other phrases, such as < vsw >, < vvs >, < w >, < q >, and etc.

Vampyre: The Masquerade. This is a game separate from RhyDin but also played online.. characters follow a different set of rules than those for RhyDin dice and systems. Each gen is assigned Gen Dice, and each Clan is assigned usually 3 starting disciplines. I add this here only to make note that their system is DIFFERENT from RhyDin... those in RhyDin who play vampyres and claim a higher gen, etc, are usually considered moders by those who play the actual game, V:TM.
If anyone knows of the links to V:TM sites and wishes them on this page, I shall provide them here as well.

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< w >
"Whisper," or "whispering." Used often before a character speaks to indicate the tone in which he/she is speaking.

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Experience points. (Also abbreviated Xps, Exp, or Exps). Experience points are what you receive for spars, rezz, healing, stealing rosters, and a number of other things. The number of experience points you have determines the dice you fight with. Highest dice are usually 100-sided (d100's)in RhyDin - or equivalent to 2,000,000 Xpz. Lowest dice are 20-sided (d20's), or 0 Xpz. The Xp to dice charts differ from forum to forum, but most agree on the general idea.
The Dice Chart - this is a general chart for dice and xp in RhyDin.)

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