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Welcome to RhyDin!

Let me be the first to say.. RUN AWAY!
..heh. RhyDin, the land where anything and everything goes. The "realm" of RhyDin is basically found in the chat rooms of AOL, mostly in the Arts and Entertainment section.
The first thing you MUST understand is that RhyDin is a different world. You are in a different time, a different place.. FAR FAR away from who you are in real life, or where you are in real life. The people who RP (RolePlay) have made-up characters, in a made-up realm, and have nothing to do with who they really are.

So don't go in a chat room and ask their Age/Loc/Sex.. you're liable to get the answer 6 million/RhyDin/please leave now, or a mere ::click:: to indicate they've put you on ignore.

Let's start off with a list of terms, so you can have an idea of what the h*ll people are saying to you.


What most of the people reading this will be.
You have yet to learn the rules, and so are
labeled a newbie.


What some people mistakenly call newbies.
These are people who will NEVER die, NEVER
accept hits, or are just all around @$$holes.


In real life. Meaning, OUTSIDE of role playing.


Out of character. Meaning, anything that you do,
that isn't your character.


You guessed it.. IN character. Meaning,
anything your character does.


Short for Character. Who you play in RhyDin.

((these bracket things))

The brackets are used by RPers when they
are talking, and not playing their char's.
It indicates they are OOC.

::These colon things::

Colons are used when the person's
Char is doing something. Example :
::Walks In:: or ::Sits down::
The CHARACTER is acting - not the person.

(For a more complete list of terms commonly used in RhyDin, click the RhyDin Dictionary.)

Now that you have a clue to what's going on, let's talk about Characters.

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