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List of people who frequent our lives in the realms, and who are rather enjoyable to be around (Roleplay with).
(If you want to say anything to a list of friends, send the name of the person, what you want to say, and your name to Yin.)

-From GantheWiz-

Angel of Darkmyst-[AngelDarkmyst]-Great person to be friends with, Cares about his friends, is very reliable(most of the time, sometimes..."Crap" Happens)

Artemis Sky-[IPowelR]-A Really Fun guy to Mass Spar with, and a Great Proct.

Jedah-[Sv Jedah vS]-One of the Coolest Guys I know, Very Fun to Mass Spar with, and cool to be around(note:Beware the Kirby)

Daelianna Del'Voire-[DaeDelVoire]-Very Nice Person, Fun to talk to(when she is in the mood, and if you make friends with her first)

Joshua Del'Voire-[JoshuaDelVoire]-All around Cool Guy

Chevlin-[xlordchevx]-Pretty cool guy to talk to, has some issues though(call him Chevy Chase, I've heard he likes it)

Tasha Darque-[XvSynfullRagevX]-Nice Lady, fun to be friends with

(Add some fun things about your friends here! Tell everyone about 'em. Send the list and all you want on this page to Yin and it will be placed here)

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