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Sim is basically Role-Playing without dice. More skill is required in this form, because it relies on words alone, and not a system of random rolls to determine damage, healing, etc. For me, it is quite more enjoyable. I have tried both ways.. I earned over 400,000 legitimate xpz over the course of a few years in RhyDin. It took a VERY long time. And all I had to show for it was 4 rather hefty dice.

I am not discouraging dice in roleplay. By all means, if you enjoy it, stay with it.. I merely prefer to spend my roleplay time actually role playing, and not calculating dice for myself and other people.

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The Dice

Dice are divided into three main categories first:

2d - 2 dice, given to mortals.
3d - 3 dice, given to halfies.
4d - 4 dice, given to immortals.
Characters for more information on this)

RhyDin seems to be based on the dice system.. Everyone wants the dice, no one wants to roleplay. Jokingly, it has been labeled "Roll-play" for its reliance on the Rhydin dice bot and dice to decide power. The higher your dice, the more power you have within RhyDin.

Although no official set of rules exists for RhyDin, it is commonly agreed that all new characters - and those without a "forum" - start with 2d20, or 2 20-sided dice.

Automatic Dice Roller
AOL provides this service to be able to roll dice easier. An easy way to get there - Keyword DICE.

Usually, the highest dice accepted in RhyDin are d100's - or 100-sided dice. Some forums may issue what are called "Enhancers" - when using a specific weapon, they "enhance" the roll of your dice. The highest enhancer usually accepted is +5, making the dice 105-sided.

Damage done by dice is cumulative.. RhyDin has its own system, and consequentially its own "bot" for calculating dice. Here is a normal dice chart, for damage calculations:

Roll of
1 die

Damage for
1 die

Roll of
1 die

Damage for
1 die


































90 = 16

98 = 24

91 = 17

99 = 25

92 = 18

100= 26

93 = 19

101= 27

94 = 20

102= 28

95 = 21

103= 29

96 = 22

104= 30

97 = 23

105= 31

On a personal note.. I have given up "Roll" playing. If you get involved with this, be prepared to spend all your RP time sparring, turning in rosters, and calculating xpz to raise your dice. It's a constant, neverending process. Trust me, I know. Some people find a great deal of reward in it - as for me, I see it as a waist of time and good role play.

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Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The (V)asquerade is a VERY involved game of vampyres on- and offline. The first thing you have to remember is that there is only ONE first generation Vampyre.

Caine was the first vampyre. His childer (Three, if I remember correctly) were the second generation. The third generation (13 original, again if I remember correctly) were the actual creators of the 13 original clans.
The clans were divided into two groups - those of the Camarilla, and those of the Sabbat. The Camarilla uphold the Six Traditions of Caine, laws which Caine set in place. (Those clans of the Camarilla are marked below in orange)
The Sabbat are those anarchists who broke from the traditional laws of Caine; or rather, their descendants. (All Sabbat are marked below in red)
(UPDATED 01/26/00 - I have recently been informed of the following :
"The only 2 Sabbat Clans are the Lasombra and Tzimisci, And there are only 6 Camarilla clans now; they are The Brujah, Malkavian, Ventrue, Toreador, Tremere and Nosferatu. There are now 5 independent clans: The Gangrel, Assamite, Giovanni, Setite and Ravnos."

-Information from XFerumNoxX)

These are the clans and a small description of them:
(The links below are directly from the
White-Wolf pages; all writing on this page is from the author of this page; all writing on any link below is directly from White Wolf and holds ownership and copyright by White Wolf, not this page or its editor.)
(If you know of links for the profiles of the Sabbat, let me know of them, and I shall add them to this page.)

In V:TM, this clan is said to be head of the Camarilla, and the most political group of vampyres. Once said (truthfully) about the Ventrue: "The greatest revenge for a Ventrue is to outlive their enemies." They're not fierce warrors, but they're quick-witted and good logical thinkers.
More about Ventrue
(From the pages of White Wolf)

These are the artists of the race. Having never played a Toreador, I cannot tell you much about them.. They are elegant and genteel, and love and thrive in a world of the surreal.
More about Toreador
(From the pages of White Wolf)

If there were a group of outcastes among the vampyres, Gangrel would probably be it. Their instincts are animal-like, and their reactions are aggressive. The clan has no real organization.. Most of them wander the plains alone or in very small packs.
More about Gangrel
(From the pages of White Wolf)

My personal favourite, hehe, the Malkavian are the insane ones of the race of vampyres. They are the dreamers, the mad scientists, those who appear to have no method to their madness, but who think very differently, if you ask them..
More about Malkavian
(From the pages of White Wolf)

This clan is home to mercenaries, and in part, those who are still accepted by the mortal realms. Dark magick also lies with this group - many have the uncanny ability to bring back and speak with the dead.

Not too far in some people's minds from the Gangrel, Brujah are the regular street punks and gangsters. The rebels of society find a home with this particular clan, that is willing to uphold its beliefs against all opposition.
More about Brujah
(From the pages of White Wolf)

Tzimisce are the rivals of the Ventrue, in my opinion. They are perhaps the most blood-thirsty members of the Sabbat.

The clan Assamite is home to the assassins of the race of vampyre. They kill mortal and immortal alike, and are the most feared of any clan of vampyre.

More commonly referred to as Followers of Set.. This clan carries an almost snake-like craft. They are corrupt, feared by many, and vile in more than one way... I myself have never played one, so can tell you little about them.

These are the wanderers.. Outcastes of the Camarilla and Sabbat alike, they roam like gypsies from place to place, unwelcome.

The most magickal of any clan. Even the Ventrue cannot compete to the organization of the Tremere.. They are clever, crafty, and hold powers of dark arts in their grasp.
More about Tremere
(From the pages of White Wolf)

The true leaders of the Sabbat. They are Machiavellian in their beliefs and ideals, and stoicly uphold the truths to all other clans within the Sabbat.

It is considered more of a curse than a blessing to find yourself embraced into this clan. Nos will usually only sire the haughty and rich of mortals to teach them a lesson.. For when they are sired, a terrible change comes over their forms, and they become hideous. The Clan Nos can usually be found scouring about the sewers, hidden from any face except the numb warmth of darkness. It is said although this clan carries the most horror, it also holds within the gruesome flesh the most secrets.
More about Nosferatu
(From the pages of White Wolf)

(This section is still being updated. If you have any information you would like here, please write to Mars, and it will be added here along with your name.)

(A good site to visit for more information on this is White Wolf.)

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-Urth's Legacy-

"An evil witch has infected the Darklands of Urth with a plague of the undead, turning living beings into emmotionless Zombies of the night. Their only intent is to eat the flesh of the living, turning their prey into Zombies as well.

"The trouble does not end there. After gaining power through the use of ancient necronomic magic, the Witch has risen a being known only as the "Man in the Darkness". He is thought to be a demon of some kind brought to Urth, his only intent is to kill the living. All attempts at destroying this Man in the Darkness has led to failure, only for him to rise again.

"The worlds fate could lay within your hands, are you brave enough to save it? Or shall you too flee within the safety of your home...."

Urth's Legacy, otherwise called SPAWWN (Specialized Players and World-Wide Network), takes place in a realm known, of course, as Urth. The above is a passage known as the Current Forum-wide story line. This fairly new land (new for a land, of course) has developed its own system, even its own chat rooms (most beginning with the acronym UL).

The story line of Urth is nearly as detailed as that of V:TM.. beginning at the very beginning of time with an entity known as the Creator, who created the three Elder Deities and the three spiritual planes known as Belenos (Heaven), LLYR (Hell), and Infinity (The Infinite City).

The main purpose of Urth's Legacy is, in its purest form, to create history. All history is recorded on the forum's legacy (or forum website), and for the view of all.. Your purpose in SPAWWN is to create such a memorable event as to be added to this divine history.

(Site being updated - for more information, go to Urth's Legacy)

- thanks to LRD SCAR for this information

Pokemon RP

Well, I don't know a lot about this form of RP online, so I asked someone who played it before, and what I post here is what he has told me.

In Pokemon RP you are a pokemon trainer on a mission to catch other Pokemon to be the greatest Pokemon Master in the world! There are 150 Pokemon and more!

A trainer and his or her Pokemon develop a strong relationship and love and care for each other. Loyalty and trust is what it's all about!

You use these little balls called PokeBalls to capture them, which you somehow get .... if only Pokemon was organized you'd probably have to buy them from somewhere ....

Currently there is some [ridiculous] rule about rolling 2d6 and if you have over a total of 6 you capture that Pokemon ..

[There are SOME guilds, however they are rather Rhy'Din-ish.] These guilds are Team Rocket, [and] PokePolice guild. [PokePolice] is one that I am in.

~*~*~If anyone wants to join this PokePolice guild, please E-Mail Skymog69 or Mv fox64 for an application~*~*~

~*~*~There is also one PokeMon forum that I know of. So if any GC of any Pokemon Guild needs a forum, please e-mail Skymog69 for more info~*~*~

[PuF - Pokemon Forum Website]

So for now ... Pokemon is all screwed up like what is left behind after a tornado.
I just hope someday it'll turn out to be like Rhy'Din but for now ... chaos ... =(

- thanks to Mv fox64 for this information

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Sailor Moon RPG

(This section is still being updated. If you have any information you would like here, please write to Mars, and it will be added here along with your name.)

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DragonballZ RPG

(This section is still being updated. If you have any information you would like here, please write to Mars, and it will be added here along with your name.)

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(Page being updated)

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