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I don't generally go around calling others a moder. Main reasons - RhyDin has no true set of rules laid out; every forum follows their own set of rules; and generally, only a moder would call someone else a moder. There are exceptions.. But in most cases, it stands as this.

Instead, here I will give you a list of the things most people take to exemplify the behavior of a moder. Some of these terms will also relate to "Newbies," as the two terms are often confused. This is only a tentative list, and doesn't by any means apply to all of RhyDin. Also, this page is constantly being updated, so please bear with me while I work on it; and if you have any suggestions, or someone you wish on this page, send it to me, along with a log or description of some type.

The best quote I've heard to describe this term yet :

"Moder is a dirivative of the term "God Moder", which was shortened because stupid people can't remember things that well. Its original meaning was "one whose character possesses qualities found in games when 'god moding' codes have been entered."
(Quote by Errutis)

5d, 6d, 7d, etc. - Dice exceeding four usually come with the term moder. Most of RhyDin agrees on a four dice system, although the rule is certainly not set in stone. But since most of RhyDin has been built on this system, they are bound to defend it against any forum, guild, or individual trying to break it. So if you use these, prepare to hear the word moder a lot.

4d100 - Believe it or not, even dice that ARE legal in most of RhyDin are considered "Moder" dice. 4d100 is generally the highest level of dice you can achieve. The 4d indicates that there are 4 dice, or an immortal character; 100 is 100 sides. For relative purposes, I'll guess the average amount of Experience Points you must earn for these dice is around 2,000,000. In relation, 1 spar lost is generally worth 10 "Xpz".. and a spar won is worth 10 xpz X the difference of the ending score. (So, if you won by 10 points, your xp would be 100.) Add that up for awhile in your head, and you can see why most people are skeptical of ANYONE claiming 4d100s.

Free Forum - Since most of RhyDin is based upon the idea of a system of government, forums being the head, to go outside this system, or rather around the forums, earns the very respect a communist would have in America during the Red Scare. I'm sure this system existed LONG before forums took over the land; but it seems to have been replaced in the public's view for something better.

Dice in Free Forum - Most people outside the system of forums steer away from anything but set dice.. If you claim dice but have no forum or guild to back it up, guess what usually happens?

OOC/IC - Even I get frustrated with this one. If a character does something to your character, and you take it out on the char's mun, you would be considered a moder (or, more often, a newbie). In Character and Out of Character are two different worlds in RhyDin. If you keep flip-flopping between worlds, and mix them up, you generally would have missed the concept of Role Playing altogether.

(page still under construction.. If you wish something on this page that you don't see, contact Angel.)

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