Parodies Galore

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*Potato Man's Billboard Charts*

1. Your Mommy Screws The Fed-Ex Man
It's so true, you know it

2. Yeah, That's The NBA
Hell yeah, another sports parody!

3. Kenny G
That's the weird guy, with the saxophone

4. We Will Wok You
Woohoo, more 70's jargon!!

5. Move Mitch, Get Out and Pay!
The Unofficial Monopoly Song

6. Missin' Depends Yo
Next target: Kelly Clarkson

7. I Got Kool-Aid
Sonny And Cher-ific

8. Walken Brings The Fun
A Christopher Walken Bonanza

9. Benny From Bangkok
J-Lo would be shitting in her shoes

10. Small Shack With Some Rice
The Unofficial Song of Joe Millionaire

11. The Scarlet Cheddar
Hawthorne is SO overrated

12. I Will Steal Five
The Norah Jones Song

13. Buy Me A Liver
Better Than Justin's Crap

14. The Dandruff
Not So Good Charlotte

15. Lose Your Plaque
Lose This Eminem

My Glove Don't Catch A Thing
Dedicated to Chuck Knoblauch

17. Make Britt Cough
The Donnas? I think Not

18. Iraq
Woohoo, a war parody!

19. Saliva
Destiny's Who?