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The Velikovski Project.

A SF Novel, On Earth, On Mars,

A short description of an avalanche in progress!

Outline, shows you around.

Who’s who in this story;

Time in the story;

Gothic word list:


That’s Dutch

for a cow on heather?


Still being worked out, under construction...

Loose bits and pieces like:

“Snuznork? There ain’t no such town!”

”Yes there is, izn’t, iz. Etc”.

(And much more.)

Artifacts, Futhark, More Runes, Mars 2020, North,

Oudemans, Landing, Pictures.


If you want to know more!  Here are 25 sites for you.

I hope I got them right, if not, I’m sorry! Do inform me! I’ll change them.

And if you really can’t bear it anymore, here’s something completely different

The way out!


(If you can’t bear it any more…)

More information about; Mars:  (distance etc.)

The history of Mars,

plus some other




Bulletin board:  Haven’t made that yet.

But if you‘d like to have a say:  You May:

In Gothic you might think?  Rather not. I don’t speak Gothic.

And you’re not either; we’re working on that right?

In English, German, Dutch or Scandinavian is just fine.

You got some ideas to use in the story, (or the next).

Feel free to use them to write your own story.

You’d like to down load, or print the story? Please do so!

(As long as you remember it's copywrited).

If you like it feel free to mail me about it.

You could also send me used English postage stamps.

I'ma stamp collector.

If you think my story is worth nothing, just “un” read it again, and have a try for it your selves.

(Write your own stories! You!)

That’s all for now!

Remeber to come back and check for updates! 

God bless!












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More Mars.



(Update!! New!!)

( Februari 17th Update!! New!!)

You didn’t see any pictures in the story? They were put in using Win 2000, an antiquated system, I know, you might still find programmes for it on the web.

Newer programmes might not be able to pick up the pictures. Just as an even older program like Win 95, or even 85 wouldn’t. Good luck! And have fun!

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