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“Gravel, regolith, what?”

“Na, I spy with mine little eye, and it starts with…”

“More gravel”

Annie stuck her head through the door, mugs in her hands.

“You having an exiting time? Dawn? Woof? Got some tea, what ever you want to call it”

“Yeah, Doms! I’ll be famous, first cup of UFB, drank at regolith field, location…so and so. Where are we, I love to be an Astronaut, so exiting….”

“Woof what is UFB? Unidentified frightful beverage?”

“You won”

They were on their way again, at 400 L above a vast field of gravel, rocks 1 cm, to 1 L, and everything in between, the dust had been blown away. Not long ago a huge rolling wall of dust had past taking away tons of iron containing dust, and jamming all the radio signals for a freighting 6 hours. 

For the rest the weather had been just fine, 260 K, 8 mbar. There’s almost no wind. Sky pink; with just a hint of cirrus. Mid day, they had been on their way ever since they had to stop for the big Dust Roll passing by.

“Time to phone home, any thing to report? Dawn? Annie? Na, thought so, I’ll just E-mail the computer data. So that the rest of them can get bored to death too.”

Annie you tell the computer?”

Annie gave them their mugs and fed the radio. They were moving at 150 km/h, one km, being one Nautical mile, on Mars it is. Well give or take an L or so, Martians like meters, their planet wasn’t hit like earth was. 

Bo was asleep in the back they were working in shift, trying to get to Oudemans before the next change of weather.























(To be continued.)