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Out line


The Velikovski Project


(If possible Mars pictures) (Copy rights?)

(Wave, North sea, Project, Sparks, Inglooth, DC three, Mars maybe, Weather, Dates, Rain in the face, Mice, Time on Mars, Isles du Salute, The Ship, Cargo, Liftoff, Hedgehogs, Laser)       


Hedgehog. (26)


Fifteen Minutes  (27)


Ff   (28)


Problems on board.


(Still to be written. Helium leak/part of the ship vacuum (Ultimate Tuna Experience)

(Ship full of air again All the problems salved without accidents.

No more gravity, because of normal things).

Tea accident. Stupid mistake.) (This accident grows into a major medical problem for the one burned up by the hot tea, one of the Gothic ladies makes it to Mars, but doesn't survive, Gothic funeral on mars, see: ideas.)


Only ten minutes  (29, 30)


Paper on Zep. (30)


(Also used in 15 min.)



The Big Picture.

(Still to be written. Where? Not in Gusev Crater, where the return Vehicles are. A Medical emergency makes them land at Mars One Base, Direct Orbital Approach, sinister word play.)

How to get to the return vehicles? There is one on it's on its way from earth already, and they can use the Zep, to travel to Gusev.)


Smell.  (35)



Write about building the Zep, Aeolian /Thistle down/ German papers on Zeps.


The shades of Hades


Haze  (41-43)


Ach Chyehe/Thank you. (45-46)


(Points to things which happened in "Haze".)



Roll call


(Still to be written, who's missing, who's extra? Mars Routes.)


Memories  (50)


(Wolfs sits on Yogi again)



Haiku  (55)




Vega, the shades of Hades, Dino killer fossils.


Dunes.  (61-62)      Oudemans, Gravel.





(Still to be written. They pick up the mail; find personal surprises for the crew 25 years old etc.)


SOS Sparks.



Bread and salt

End of story.



Science of Mars.

Time on Mars (d)

List of Names (a-b-c)

Information on Zeppelins.

Books you could read about Mars



Diverse pages. Ideas.



Interactief verhaal op schijf? Met info over Mars etc, geluid, foto's?


Out line. (I, II)



The Unicorn is just a horse, Excepting for its horn of course... The Unicorn is just a myth, Which is to say, they don't ... Exith.