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 Books you should read:


“Hindenburg~An Illustrated History”                                    by Rick Archbold. ISBN 0-446-51784-4

“The Hunt forLife on Mars”                                                 by Donald Goldsmith. ISBN 0-525-94336-6

“The Race”                                                                           by James Schefter.

“To the Red Planet”                                                              by Eric Burgess. ISBN 0-231-043929

“Uncovering the secrets of the Red Planet”                           by Paul Raeburn. ISBN 0-7922-7373-7

“The Case for Mars”                                                              by Robert Zubrin.2 ISBN 0-684-82757-3

“Race to Mars”                                                                     by Frank Miles & others.

“For All Mankind”                                                               by H. Hurt.

“Astronomy Through The Telescope,

(The 500-year story of the Instruments,

the Inventors and their Discoveries)”                                     by Richard Learner.

“The New Atlas of the Universe”                                          by Patrick Moore.   ISBN 0-85533-537-8

“Perfect Symmetry”

( The Accidental Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene)              by Jim Baggott.ISBN 0-19-855790-6

“Ape Man”  (The story of human evolution)                          by  Robin  McKie. ISBN 0 563 55105 4


 In Dutch: 

“Het Mars Avontuur”                                                           by Dr. A.J.M.Wanders. ISBN 90-261-3039-2

“Met het oog op Mars”                                                          by G. Bodifee. ISBN 90-6097-453-0

“Bolwerk van de sterren”                                                      by C. de Jager & others. ISBN 90-6109-323-6

“Zeppelins en de luchtscheepvaart”                                       by J.L. Arense. ISBN 90-6707-250-8


 In German:

“Die Sprachen der Welt”                                                      by Frederick Bodmer.



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