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“What you got there?”


“Can you make heads ‘n tales? Let me see, ain’t that hard! Remember who made up all them names, Mr. Schiaparelli…”

“Italian feller”

“Right, so start with the Mediterranean Sea, you know the Med?”

“Guess so, flew over it several times, on board the Hugo Eckener doing my Zeppelin training”


“Well turn the map upside down, Like Schiaparelli saw it through his scopes, he used a 322 times magnification most of the time, no pollution during the 1870s, so that was just fine. Any how. Here’s Hellas. That be Greece.. Go across that sea and what ya find? Italy. Hesperia; where the sun rises for the old Greeks. Than you got Mare Tyrrhenum, Mare Cimmerium, Homer tells us about it, travel on and you get to the Sirens, like Ulysses did after he crossed Cimmerium. Now we get to the bottom of it, I mean the Med.”

 “Syrtis Mayor, that’s Libya, the bay of Sirte, next to it is Egypt, represented by Isidis plane, the land of Isis. Pass Egypt and you get to Arabia and the Red sea, Sabaeus. And than you cross the Indian Ocean: To Chryse; the Golden land of Thailand. Opposite of the gold land lays the Silver land, Burma, or Argyre. In between Margaritifer Sinus the pearl bay”


“Well and you think I’ll remember all that? Well I guess it helps to translate al the names on the map. I’ll put MANIAC on it. Thanks anyway, actually I wasn’t looking at the map, I was looking underneath there it is. Muddy Waters!