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Runic inscriptions found in the Netherlands.


About 25 Runic Inscriptions were found in the Netherlands, and specially in Friesland.

Some are of Scandinavian origin.

1. Scandinavian coin, 11th century: "kunar amot thisae. (Gunnar owns this stamp).

2. Iron key. Probably Scandinavian: "Anuars"  (Anvar).

3. Chess piece. "agerotra:mosel? / mahtelokpaetaerr??  (Machtelt and Peter).

4. Bracket. "foRo glola"

5. Narval tooth, Scandinavian. "thuRh suaerri" (? Sverri).

6. Sword handle, bone. Anglo-Saxon runes. "iethemyka " (the meek).

7. Anglo-Saxon coin. "Eadnoth" (Name of a coin master of King Offa, 757-796 AD)


Friesian Runes.


Usually written on Taxis wood, a tree which was considered special, bows were made off its wood.

A book: "A. Quak, Runica Frisia, in: R.H. Bremmer. Aspects of Old Friesian Philology, AbaeG 31-32, 1990. Page 357-370.


8. Boone Comb. "Eda".

9. Miniature sword made out of taxis wood, 6th or 7th century. "Edae : boda" (Ed the postman).

10. Pieces of a walking stick made out of bone, 8th century. "tuda awudukiusthu" (or maybe "awadukirithu". (Tuda).

11. Taxis stick, 6th century. "Thiniaeberetdud / […]n : biridmi" (this taxis always bares, …n bares me).

12.  Pen made out of horse bone. "iligliu".

13. Solidus. "skanomodu" Friesian, or English.

14. Bag for a comb.  "Murae".

15. Bone name tag, 6th or 7th century. "i : aehae : k" (I am Ahe).

16. Gold coin 6th, century. "hada".

17. Comb made out of deer antler, 7th century. "xnli"  (Miedema).

18. Comb bag. "l, and upside down l" (laguR, water, sea).

19. Comb made out of deer antler, 8th, or 9th century. "aelb kabu deda habuku". (Alb did the comb for Habuku).

20. Handle for a sword or knife, 8th, or 9th century. "ekumaeditoka". (I the un-maimed grabbed the sword).

21. Solidus, 6th century. "weladu" (Weland).

22. Weave sword, taxis wood. "adugislu : meth gisuhidu" . (Adugisl goes with Gisuhilde).

23. Taxis stick, maybe a prayer stick, 8th century. "ophaemugistndaaemluth / iwim ostaehthuaen / iwiosustduaele". (At Opheim takes a stand Hamlet, with taxis sticks a favor you get, with this taxis do us a favor always"

24. Piece of bone. "inguR ngR" (?Ing).

25. Gold hanger, 600 AD "hiwi".


There are more…for example, a joker wrote "FM" on an old piece of bone…"Fries Museum".

However, these are probably fake.


For more information I advise e-mailing the Fries Museum.