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Planning things.


They were sitting in the main cave again, looking at a blackboard of some sorts.  Actually they drifted away from the subject...Marsians are great drifters.

The plan was to plan the trip to the other side of the planet they wanted to make, now that the Zep was ready for it. On the way they were going to scavenge for parts. There were several mars probes all over the planet. Crashed Russians, Americans, and even Chinese secret Mars probes; the bolts and mutters usually were still in perfect order.

Mars is full of great dry river beds. Dried up oceans. Well it looks like the day after Noah opened the door, but without the dead trees. Only bare and naked planet.

“Bo, what ya mean by that? And can I have that tray?”

“I read poems like as if they have a deeper meaning than just some science paper actually, I try to see what it wants to say, and who’s talking. What you think José?”

¡Diosqa hanaq pachapi yupaychasqa kachun! ¡Diospa khuyapayasqan runakunataq kay pachapi sumaqta kawsachun! nispa. As they say,

In Gothic that would be: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."


“That English, not Gothic. I got to work on my Quechua. I know. Any how if you read that part as if it’s a text book or a book for kitchen recipes you’re not honoring the text. It is definitely a poem. It has rhyme, it’s a Hebrew haiku. Woof what you think, Bout Genesis 1: 1-27”


Wolfs just came in with a box, and on top of the box a pile of brown papers, freshly made Martian paper. And on top of that a rather dirty rock. His chin tried to stop the pile from changing into a flight of fliers…  


“Hold on, help me with these…”


The stone made a run for it, followed by half the papers. Dawn helped to pick up the stuff..

“Sorry I’m late.., the bridge was open.  What are you talki9ng about, that Russian probe near the South Pole? I got some pictures here…”


“Nah!  Genesis, the Codex…   How to read the first verses; not jet started the meeting we waiting for certain people…”


“Well, hmm, I read them as if they tell me Who did it, and Why. And He did it through putting information into action…  What to say, I never had any trouble with what we see out side, and with the fact that it has been created….read my haiku about it. Can I have a cookie please?  What are they made off….? Yuck!”

They got on with the planned meeting after a while, it’s not easy to fly all around Mars, nor is it easy to hold meetings on Mars. Marsians are drifters.   



And on the four-millionth day,

The scientists went into their laboratoria,

And listened to the Word.

They thought....


"Well; you Name it!

Until you know its Name,

And you can call it"


And the Lord showed us His cosmos,

Which He had Called into being


As He had asked us to Name all His creatures,

In the Beginning.

Genesis 2: 19-20









(After: “bits and pieces”) More rocks? “Well let me get my rocksack…. What was so special again about Mars?? We been a flying over a plain with brown rocks for three days, and now we land to have a closer look…right. Nice… Rocks.” “Mie” “Mie? Mie oh my… Ah the crater, them stones come from Mie you think. Mie is 300 klicks up east. Must been a big splash than… Thought we were heading for that Viking Lander.” The sky was brown, or maybe pink, the glass of their helmets was getting a bit of a tarnish, so the colors were a bit off. They, well Dawn, Wolfs, Annie, and Bo. Flying the Zep, they had a lot of flying to do, all around the world, stopping at every possible archeological sight. And the plan was to end the trip in the crater where the return ship was parked. And than turn back to The Farm. Pick up more spare parts along the way, or try to get some old earth stuff to get working even more better. Fix them, let them work as a relays station, weather station etc. Wolfs and Dawn were on the surface, Bo and Annie in the ship, 423 meters north west 6 meters high, on mooring cables. The cables were fired into the regolith. “Give me a hand Dee, want to turn this rock over, see what’s underneath it. Carefull… There we go. Ice crystals! Take a sample of the soil. Yup” Dawn handed over a glass bottle. Brown glass, it’s very hard to make clear glass on Mars for obvious reasons… “Sorry, right, cap. I wonder if we’ll ever find any Marsbugs…. Visniacs? Why we call them Visniacs?” “Visniacs experiment didn’t make it to Mars, it should have been on the Viking we going to check out tomorrow. They ran out of money so they scrapped his experiment. Bad decision. Well maybe today that got straightened out..” “Right… Fat chance, looks awfully dead to me down here…” 1