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Another view of life as described by Misty and friends

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Life in all its dimensions can be heavenly
for those who love many things with passion

I met myself as an Atlantean time traveller in the Pyramid

Another time machine from Atlantis [Part 2]

I went from Cairo through a worm hole to Jesus' Kingdom in the centre of the parallel universe

Adventures in the parallel universe

I met Jesus on the tube train in London

NEW! Sergeant Saucer interview of Misty re Jesus on tube train. 13 July 2010

What is time?

Part 1. New Timelines: Can one create a new reality on a new timeline?

Part 2. New Timelines: Are aliens changing our gridlines and hence our reality?

Part 3. New Timelines: Are aliens changing our gridlines and hence our reality?

Timelines: Alternative variations of life

My contact with The Universal Security Force based at Death Valley

Religious experiences

Experiences with the ETs in our solar system

NEW! I watched Jesus die on the cross

Sembe, ancient Persian time traveller: A past life story as an online book

The Entire Bible



Three photos I've taken of Planet X? (huge planet rising from the southern latitude) in Auckland

The words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

Maori in bi-cultural New Zealand

The male depression and suicide epidemic: Is soy lowering testosterone?

JUNG OR JESUS?: Shall we save our kundalini for our brains or go back to the primordial womb?

Christi Verismo on Technorealities and the 'Fake Second Coming' manufactured by ETs

Branton's online books on US covert military/alien underground installations

Michael Heleus: Astrosonics

NEW BOOKS which I have contributed to


By over 40 researchers, former govt. insiders and whistle-blowers on covert nefarious activities going on behind the scenes. Includes: Govt. time travel operations to other time lines, mass technological subliminal mind control, underground bases, secret colonization of Mars, soul transfer, reptoid and other alien abductions, alien implants, secret societies, CIA alien channeling sessions, coming martial law and impending UN controlled one world govt., Scientology expose, chemtrails, black budget underground genetic research, super weapons, HAARP covert activities, scalar weapons, Pine Gap, super computers and their total surveillance and control of the world's population.
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Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3


OFFERING NOW -THE THREE VOLUME TRILOGY OF THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION, Piercing the Veils of Deception--Each volume is 7 X 10 trade quality---550-600 pages each -Buy the trilogy and save! This info could have been taken from the X-files, except it's all true. A collection of facts and knowledge from experiencers, researchers, ex-military, scientists & scholars, exposing all that has been suppressed from mankind for eons. From the New World Order, Aliens, Mind Control, Covert Operations to the DNA of the species, plus Black Ops Technology, "Real" Secret Shadow Government, Truth about FEMA, UFOS/ETS/Abductees, "Real" Men in Black, Crop Circles, Toxic Chemtrails, Alternate Science/Realities, Time Travel, Mars Colony, Intelligence Whistleblowers, Scalar Weapons, "Programming" the Masses, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, Illuminati, The Bilderbergers, Creating Sleeper Assassins, HAARP, Secret Underground bases, Area 51, The Secret Montauk, N.Y. Project, The Bogus United Nations, Other Worldly Creatures, "The Mark" -Ominous Vortexes, Spiritual Awareness-- NOTHING LEFT UNTOUCHED--

(I contributed to each of the three volumes)

Book author biographies
Book excerpts from the three volumes


Sandy Nichol's website and his alien abduction experiences book.

Commander X's Guide to Incredible Conspiracies by Commander X

THE MOST INCREDIBLE CONSPIRACIES N-E-V-E-R TOLD! To commemorate the release of Commander X's first video - THE SECRET UNDERGROUND LECTURES OF COMMANDER X (now available on AMAZON.COM ) -- simultaneously published with a volume containing the best material on the "far out" conspiracies that are going around in the conspiracy underground. These are NOT your "normal" cover-ups, but some of the most incredible paranoia you will even encounter.

By Sean Casteel With Timothy Beckley

GHOST LIGHTS & GLOWING ORBS - ENERGY FIELDS - INTERDIMENSIONAL LIFE FORMS - TIME WARPS - CROP CIRCLES - LEY LINES - INVISIBLE PHANTOMS - And a whole lot more in this incredible book from two of the best writers in the field of paranormal research today!

When you order this book, you will also receive a 60-minute audio CD (or cassette) containing interviews with the experts consulted on this project which includes: Joshua Warren, Phil Imbrigno, Diane Tessman and Tim Beckley.


Also available on Amazon.com


I contributed four stories to this book


Celtic NWO Resistance website

Ufologists In Their Own Words website


ARMAGEDDON OR NEW AGE e-zine of alternative global news.

ALT WRITERS FILES: library of articles for writers on NWO, alien abductions, sacred geometry, mind control etc.

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