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UNKNOWN LARGE PLANET/ possibly Planet X / Nibiru?

Auckland, New Zealand 8.55pm on 16 Jan 2012.

Auckland, New Zealand around 9.30pm on 16 Jan 2012
Close-up of it here showing stripes.

Chart of the sky on 16 Jan, 2012 showing unknown large planet at same place.

Auckland, New Zealand on 4 November, 2012.

This video shows the same place in the sky for Nibiru where I photographed the large unknown planet in the sky tonight. Google is blacking out the area in the sky. I originally went outside to photograph some chemtrails and saw a fuzzy looking small moonish object in the sky when I put the photo on my computer, so being an astrologer I made a chart of the sky to see if the moon was out. But it was under the earth so I googled the position of Nibiru and sources implied Orion's belt between Taurus and Gemini. I redid the chart of the sky to include the Swiss astrology site Astrodienst's position of Nibiru and it was placed at 24 deg Taurus in the area that my object was observed. It's on the midheaven just after sunset in Auckland at 8.55pm on 16 Jan, 2012.

I wondered why they put chemtrails in that spot as I had photographed them on Nov 4 2011 in the same area, which was above the neighbour's house. I looked at the photo of November's chemtrails again and saw a large unknown planetary body about just under half the size of a full moon, (which I hadn't noticed before) next to the two powerlines. It looked exactly like the object I just saw and in the same place at sunset.

So I'd say the chemtrails in this case are to hide this unknown planetary body, as it would look rather obvious sitting in the sky as big and bright as ever if the chemtrails hadn't been done to quickly fan out and look like clouds to block the image.

The two photos (Nov 4, 2011 and Jan 16, 2012 ) are of the same area of sky, but just taken from another area of the property. I've included a night shot too, where it is easy to see still sitting there, though (chemtrail created) clouds are thick in front of it. My camera is a Kodak EasyShare Zoom Digital Camera C433. I didn't use the zoom on any of the three photos above. It is only a 4.0 mega pixel so a better camera may get more details.

Some will think it is a lenseflare, an orb or Photoshop. To that suggestion firstly the sun wasn't shining as it was cloudy and it had just set; I've seen numerous orbs and this was not like an orb and as for Photoshop I've never used it. When the sun went down at 9.30pm on 16 Jan I pointed my camera at the spot it was and took the picture second from the top above. It was still visible and if by chance it was something else I took, then it must have miraculously moved to that spot. I took many photos of that spot but only one caught the planet, the others were just black sky. However, now I know where it is I will try to get some more photos. But the clouds are so thick and unnatural looking where it would be it's hard to see. It seems to be more visible at sunset.

Not sure what diameter the planet (if it truly is one) is but it looks massive. It doesn't look any closer coming to us from Nov 4th, 2011 to Jan 16, 2012. I can only continue taking photos from the same spot and compare them.

Here's another photo taken by me on 16 Feb 2012 at about 10.17pm in Auckland. I'll do the astrology chart so you can see the moon is under the earth. A close up is here I put nine more photos over four days on here last week, but when they were made smaller to fit the webpage it was too hard to see planet X clearly. The problem is each photo is about 1 MB and I used up the 20MB allowance for this free angelfire website. I deleted the photos. However, I got a few more tonight at work, which is 24 Feb, and the sky was a lot lighter because the sun hadn't set too long. I will just put really good ones otherwise I'll have to create too many new websites to link them to. I've also got numerous photos of a large striped object and what looks like its moon next to the sun, which will be posted here next.

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