Part One: By Misty
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I became aware of parallel realities as a young child in my birthplace Dunedin, New Zealand (which has majority Scot population) when I kept slipping into a past life, from continually hearing Scotland the Brave etc on the bagpipes. I have some Scots ancestors. The music must have created a time portal to its original source, through the generated sentimental emotion. I kept re-experiencing myself in a past life there as an invalid woman a few centuries ago, who spent most of her life dreaming of far away places. About age 17, after I'd moved to another city called Gisborne, I used to paint to rock music and this time the music sent me somewhere else. I was propelled about 20 years ahead in time, with constant deja vus endlessly hammering at me like a battering ram! Only I was sad at that time in the future and it had seeped back into my present. Later, I realized why. When I actually did get to 20 years later I was sad because my creativity had gone, and my sorrow was deep. I had great plans for my hands. Iíd sent this emotion back in time, sentimentally trying to recapture my creative past. I must have made multiple time tunnels looking back. But it probably grew to a highway the amount of times I indulged self pity, about what I lost! Not that I was any good, I just enjoyed it. Feeling hopeful, I tried to lock into the future again by searching for a link into a future time, and then urge myself to look back to see if anything good was looming ahead.

My hopes were answered watching Billy Connelly the comedian, while he was in Glasgow on TV in 1997. I got an enormous deja vu, like being zapped by lightning, when I saw him on an escalator in a shopping centre. I experienced myself as being there in the future. I yelled to my future self through the TV, "Please look back to me and tell me the date!" A future me answered immediately and said June 7 2003. We struck up a good conversation about the future and this continued for approx. seven years. But after believing that we only walked down one timeline, however, in 1999 a new self actually butted in and claimed I shouldnít believe what this part of me lodged in 2003 said and that I should replace it with one she got from a self positioned a reality whose date was Jan 4 2005 in her reality when communicating, after a vision from God.

I got confused, but anyway eventually even that self, communicating from 2005 (her time), chipped in and convinced me she had the upper hand as far as the future went and that Iíd only been given random possibilities springing from this self, lodged in 2003, which were only potential karmic outcomes from the moment of me watching the TV, so just disregard the lot!

In the end I had three of them on the go -- one in 1999, one in 2003 and the seeming latest authority on the future lodged in 2005. Nothing happened on the 2003 date as forecast. However, Iíd started to believe at the start of 2003, that I would not be in Scotland and doubt crept in and my 2003 self seemed to shrivel and die. However, as a little game, I pretended to believe anything was possible and she revived. So that showed me that if we believe in something, a reality containing this can be produced on demand. However after giving it further thought, it may be that multiple timelines are merging and blending or bleeding into each other. It was obviously important somehow, but it takes a lot of thinking to work out the truth on these things.

After this, I was listening to The Mamas and The Papas on the radio in Auckland and I was transported mentally temporarily to California in a mental flash, to an alternate reality. It felt like teleportation. Although Iíd often experienced myself vaguely living what felt like concurrent lives running alongside this one seemingly also as "the present me", I put that aside as too weird. But this time an alternate me living on another apparent sub-timeline arrogantly tried to dominate my reality. She was one of these know-alls. I quickly whipped my consciousness back to the present me in Auckland to get rid of her and she got angry that she was rejected of her moment in taking over. She claimed that my life in Auckland was achieving nothing and that she had a great purpose as an astrologer etc. However my "Auckland self", (which I didnít know I had) popped up and claimed that this California babeís life was shallow and that people lived more honestly and unpretentiously in Auckland and said that it was a higher form of consciousness to live simply without all the trappings of power.

This got me very curious and after giving it lengthy attention and soul searching, I found there were actually three other "meís" living in alternate realities -- each on sub-timelines running off this main timeline. All of them had been in existence for at least twenty years. One was a "me" that had intended to live in California in 1977, and had got as far as Canada from London, UK, but I was torn in two and changed my mind returning to London to be with an Egyptian man, as I missed him. Iíd visited California physically traveling abroad early on in my travels and had so wished to return to that new-age existence, that Iíd split some part of me off into, like cell division and made another sub-timeline to follow my fantasy. I even used to dream that I lived there.

Strangely in the early 1980s, I also used to dream I was living in New York quite frequently, but it may have been my twin soul's memories seeping though, and I think that he lived there at some point, but in an underground complex. However I admitted that was far too complex to figure out, as I had enough coping with my own sub timelines. It was still overpowering in it's own right though, and very disturbing at times. I don't know fully what he was up to but it involved danger, and brought too much negative energy into our soul, in his quest to prove himself in something daring. Although I believe he did a bit of time travel himself and went back to Atlantis using a machine the US govt owns. He went back to get Atlantean magic know-how, but I hope he has given up on that idea by now.

I found the second "present me" on a sub-timeline still living in Egypt, after I returned from holiday there in 1980.

I was torn about staying to work there in Cairo for an English newspaper run by an Australian, but I decided to return to the UK. Probably because I was told to go back, by these intelligences I communicated with there who showed me that Cairo, was going to be destroyed by a major earthquake. The Pyramid broken open. It scared me back to London, (as they keep showing me) though there is no sign of it yet. But I think other places in the mideast had catastrophes too. I just don't know more really, but it wasn't my destiny to stay during that timeline, though I loved the place. That's another long winded story I've not written about yet, but the Pyramid episode wasn't the only strange happening when I went on holiday. And now I drum down deep into my memories I find five past lives associated with the Pyramid in Cairo. There is more to it, than we know so far.

Well at least my body did return to London on the plane physically, but desire to get back into the whole Egypt experience brought that about. I also found that when I returned home to NZ after seven years in the UK, that part of me still preferred to remain there. And so in 1983 my body returned but I split off a third piece of this timeline and the third "me" stayed in London. I enjoyed all the past that the UK was steeped in. This is the other Nicky that spoke to me from Scotland during a holiday there for seven years, and she was so real that it was a bit worrisome. But I was withdrawn for a long period in the UK, not listening to music at all and laying off all stimulants, just checking out the inner life by all these exercises -- like reliving the day backwards to catch what I missed, holding the dream in the morning for about two hours, and meditating. But luckily in 2003, after weighing up all the pros and cons of keeping these three alternate meís running, just as a bit of variety to life, I decided they were all going nowhere I wanted to go anymore and I just said some prayers and asked for their existence to be terminated. It took about three weeks, but they went all right. I can tell you I felt a whole lot better not carrying that baggage along the road of life. This does make me wonder about other people experiencing the same and having asked some former traveller friends if they feel they are experiencing an alternate life in another country, the answer is -- now you ask, yes!

But what drew me back to make that particular sub-timeline in Egypt in 1980 were some dramatic experiences which happened on my holiday. I arrived in Cairo from London physically at about 7.30pm and by 11pm I was taken in my etheric double to the centre of the parallel universe by some angels, travelling through a manufactured time tunnel to Jesusí kingdom. He was King of the whole universe. I lived there inside a huge sun with my twin soul in a house in His kingdom for maybe three and a half years, not sure exactly. It seems etheric time loops around and I returned to where I left as if nothing happened! Then I went into the Pyramid a few days later and greeted myself as an Atlantean scientist who was time traveling to the future to change my DNA! He lived a very long time ago, not that it made much difference in being able to hop to the present day. Anyway, my Atlantean knew all about manipulating timelines and searched for an extension of his personal one and found me on it, and then he waited until I entered inside the pyramid, where he was working from and whipped way all the present time surrounding me and walked into me and activated my brain to match his. But these Atlanteans could record images of every person who went in the pyramid in the future, by reading future records. He was desperate to tell me something about now.

Atlanteans were always going to the future, as Iíve seen other Atlantean lives in which this was common practice. The Coalition of Concerned Atlantean scientists, you might say, knew what aliens were doing with the gridlines at the present time from their time machines and having looked into the matter I can see why. It was to warn us the natural grid system was being destroyed and being replaced with a new set of artificial gridlines which would destroy the current natural timeline which nature produces. While itís true that timelines will branch naturally off the main trunk timeline -- according to fleeting desires and lead nowhere, causing minimal disruption to reality until they burn themselves out, from the originatorís lack of sustaining interest and sending out spinal fire which fuels them. This time, our main world time line reality is being manipulated to be completely destroyed altogether by aliens with advanced technology who wish us to return to a situation, where in Atlantis, we were under the control of them completely but we didnít have the strength to fight back, because of a lack of willpower. This new grid line network will do just that, by strong solar rays being directed down them from the poles to activate it. Our reality is manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms running through the world grid network. These time lines can be real enough and that worries me. If I can produce a parallel reality, just by being wanting to be somewhere, what can millions do who want to be in a new reality?

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