Part Two of Three
By Misty

New Zealander, Bruce Cathie has five useful books on the reactivation of the world gridline network. He discovered the world gridline pattern about 1964 when he found a key to UFO appearances in N.Z. and that equidistant lines came between them in a criss cross grid formation 30 nautical miles or 54.46 km apart. It was confusing at first as there was slight variation between places the UFOs were seen, until he realized that there was another set of gridlines in the making which were not too far away from the original ancient ones. The equator of the new gridlines is being made to line up close to the present equator, using the line of zero dip around the earth where a compass goes horizontal. He found that repairs are being carried out over the whole system. Cathie also read that the Frenchman Aime Michel had also found that UFOs appeared on a grid with tracklines 54.43 km apart, though they are slightly wider in the southern hemp due the earthís bulge at the bottom. The key to Cathie discovering this new grid in the making, was when he read about an aerial found and photographed on the sea floor at 59 deg 08 sth and 105 west below Sth America, by an American survey ship called the Eltanin. It had 6 cross bars with knob like ends and a smaller one at the top at what looked like 15 deg angles. It appeared about 2 feet high and was found 13,500 ft below sea level. The reciprocal on the opposite side of the globe of the Eltanin aerial is in Siberia at lat. 59.08 deg nth and 75 deg east. This led to a discovery that there was a purpose to this aerial, when he found that extra grid lines existed on the globe comprising great circles, which have the radius the same as the sphere. There are six units of these each comprising 3600 nautical miles which became grid squares and as they fit over each other like the sides of a dice on the globe, spaced evenly. However, the complete gridline pattern also includes further smaller circles. The Eltanin aerialís six cross bars were positioned on a square which forms on the polar south where six great circles cross together.

However to further confuse matters there are actually three interlocking world grids close to each other. One is the old one, one is the new one in progress and the third is one midway between them. The north and south magnetic poles have moved now from the geographical poles. Cathie found that the moving north magnetic pole had been inching anti clockwise, then it started heading back northwards towards the new grid pole and was at the mid-point of the two sets of gridlines. The south magnetic pole was wandering as well. In 1965 a UFO was seen at the same distance away but diagonally opposite, the side of the south geographic pole, that the south magnetic pole had moved to. As the north magnetic pole moves, the magnetic field of the earth is made to line up towards the new north pole. In 1963 the position of the north magnetic pole was lat. 75, long 101 west. It is now about 72.25í north. It had headed northward towards 78 deg 25í lat of the new grid pole. He thinks the reconstruction of the complete grid began about 1945 at the north polar position. By 1965 it was complete to within 1,800 nautical miles of the south pole. If grid aerials were activated as work was completed, the earthís magnetic field would gradually shift and slowly line up with the system at each progressive stage. The resultant new magnetic south pole would match the present magnetic north, midway between the old and new gridlines. He thinks itís possible that a heap of meteors destroyed the old active grid system and wonders if a war between people on the earth and moon happened as there are a lot of perfectly round holes gauged out around the earth and the moon is peppered with craters on the side facing earth. He believes something catastrophic did happen in our solar system, with the asteroid belt in a position were a planet should be in accordance with the regular amount of space between the other planetís positions from the sun. He thinks that if the original gridlines were used for power and navigation, if an atomic explosion, or even other causes occurred, it may have made it unstable, causing blowouts and gravitational rupture at various aerial positions around the globe. This might have caused the symmetrical craters, many on the grid lines. Itís possible the earth has flipped shifting the old grid off its original axis causing instability. But what we do know is that UFOs can come and go within the magnetic field of these gridlines.

He wonders if the Tunguska explosion in Siberia in 1908, was through a UFO accident caused by a blowout in the grid, as it occurred on a spot not too far from the place that is the antipodes of the Eltanin aerial, located on the south polar square. Radiation too was left in Tunguska. He thinks that aliens navigating the old grid, while creating a new one from there could have had troubles in that area. But then Cathie has shown that atomic bombs have been detonated on sensitive grid areas at certain positions of the sun on the horizon and a particular distance away. Especially at Mururoa Island in the Pacific, when the French were testing their nukes. Harmonics is incorporated in the timing and placement of these nukes on the grid. In order to understand harmonics our day needs to be divided into 27 smaller hours of which this makes a total of 97,200 smaller seconds, against 86,400 normal seconds. There are still 60 seconds in a new minute and 60 minutes in a new hour. Harmonics divides these seconds into different numbers to express a different vibration.

The speed of light or sound can be recalculated by a new harmonic measurement. Deliberate nuking or placing power stations on sensitive grid points changes the flow of our reality as it is expressed in waveforms of matter and this is what is being done. It can also create dimensional doorways, by changing matter to anti-matter in places where there is a crossing of waveforms. An atom bomb is detonated on a geometric position on the earthís surface, taking to account the position of the sun in relation to it. This must be done within a minute fraction of a second, when a geometric harmonic takes place. The spin and diameter of the UFO is said to determine the frequency of the time frame a UFO will manifest in, so many of these UFOs seen on the gridlines could be coming from other time frames. Itís possible that the home made anti-grav saucers of Americans, Russians and the escaped Nazis who fled to Antarctica, are also able to use the gridlines to go through dimensional doorways from one grid vortex to another or even across the universe, or are at least looking into it. Many countries have made their own saucers, but the control of the world gridlines and hence our reality/timeframe is apparently up for grabs by many factions. The Russians learned about how this grid system works in the 1960s. The Germans were researching the grid in 1952 and found it has a checkerboard pattern of positive and negative poles. A google search found that hyper-dimensional physics, in which harmonics is used, is being taught at Heidelberg University in Germany. Bruce Cathie says that hyper-dimensional physics is taught covertly at top universities to selected people. These people then work alongside aliens in activating the gridlines and time portals.

In Mururoa Pacific atoll (pictured), the French detonated an atomic bomb on 3 July 1966 at an instant to activate the north magnetic pole, with the Sun in a harmonic position to activate the mid-point between the old magnetic pole and the new one in preparation. The Sun was 2625 nautical miles north of Mururoa creating harmonic 2625. The aliens took into account the speed of light at 143,900 nautical miles per second, this becomes harmonic 1439 and so on. On 19 July 1966 another atomic bomb was detonated there using harmonic 2569.5 making the Sun closer to Mururoa. On 10 Sept. 1966 another atomic bomb was arranged when the sun would be at harmonic 1625 or 1625 nautical miles and closer to Mururoa, but it fizzed instead. On 12 Sept. 1966 the Sun was at harmonic 1580 distance from Mururoa. All these "tests" were moving the magnetic poles and activating the new one and associated grid lines according to Bruce Cathie. The distance between Mururoa to the US scientific listening post at Blenheim, N.Z. is 2640 nautical miles, the exact distance as the Eltanin grid aerial is to Mururoa.

Another New Zealander called Graham H. Stewart, an astronomer and world grid expert found evidence of a time portal being made in Devilís Marbles area, Northern Territory, Australia. It was made using a matter/anti-matter harmonic which involves matter transfer and time displacement. He did some calculations for there after many UFOs were appearing at that spot. There are certain vortex areas on the globe where gravity becomes distorted during a 90 day cycle which is linked to a Great Year of 25,815 years where the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere returns to its original position after occurring in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign produces an age of about 2000 years, when on 21 March, that constellation is behind the Sun for that length of time. Stewart says the Devilís Marbles vortex is connected harmonically in a triangle formation with two American scientific facilities at Pine Gap, a natural vortex area, and the Radio Telescope at Parkes, NSW. Parkes is involved with NASA and the SETI program.

I believe the gridlines are a conduit for our time frame to be expressed in a particular vibrational frequency, to determine its location in the universal clockwork of events. Universal energy flows into the earth through the vortices, then travels along a pattern which defines a stretch of time in relation to the cycles of the starís. I expect there would have to be one main timeframe which includes all and divinely ordained, because the universe is extremely orderly, in that everything has its time. Multiple additional unseen time lines branch off to the sides of this and either loop back onto the main one like a plait on a rope, or they branch off and run out of energy to survive, eventually fading. Itís natureís safety valve to let people who would "spoil the plans" believe they are choosing their own destiny and they can safely do this without ruining the evolution of everyone else. So myriad other gridlines are hidden within the main ones, but like a maze one has to follow a map of correct decisions to escape them, otherwise that alternate self which walked off the beaten track, could end up dying in a hell of their own making. At the moment an ancient gridline system has become defunct in that it is not used openly by the people of earth to use portals for inter-dimensional travel or to use it for teleportation around the globe as it once was used in Atlantis. However it is used by covert government forces to practice their alien given technology and generally repeat an Atlantean cycle for them to further develop their scientific aspects to continue their own evolution, and learn from their mistakes. However, once more the gridlines are being misused for mind control to send a particular frequency down them to change peopleís consciousness and therefore their belief system. Our beliefs, hopes and desires determine what time line or reality we operate on, because it vibrates at a particular frequency which is determined by a matter of how these are defined, whether good or bad.

However, due to nuclear testing and other powerful weapons, which include particle beams and scalar waves sending all sorts of wavelengths around the around the globe our reality is starting to get blurry with the disruption of the flow of our time frame around the gridlines. This is further being manipulated by powerful aliens who have their main headquarters underground in Tibet and other places underground and undersea attempting to create a new gridline system, to replace the old one.

According to channeled information, the holes in the ozone layer at the poles and corresponding increase of higher frequency solar energy is entering Earthís atmosphere and being technologically moved up the new gridlines to make them active and this is taking the solar energy away from the natural gridlines to create a new time frame and a new reality -- continuing an old Atlantean state of consciousness, embedded in the power places and stone circles set there in thought forms to be deliberately released at this present time. This is from a time, according to channeled reptilian aliens, mankind worshipped mother earth and did fertility rites at the stone circles, which were used as dimensional doorways by various aliens to come here and possess them to get sexual gratification. They claim our reality has been locked and cloaked from being located by the rest of the universe into 3 D with a "timelock", and which has now been released allowing multiple alien entities to come and enter our reality. The gridlines and vortexes are literally seething with universal entities who wish to investigate earth. Not only from the past and also from the future. We are surrounded by forces more powerful than us, though many are still ignorant that aliens even exist. However many have channeled these visitors and have believed all these aliens have to say about why they need to change our reality, make new gridlines, and also that we need ascend into other dimensions. This is suspect in itself, because so many of these aliens claim to be Biblical figures in their past lives, or that the Biblical people were really aliens come here to uplift us.

Possibly there may have been people from other star systems incarnate here and written about in the Bible, but the sheer contradiction of who these people say they are is staggering, and also which constellation they originate from. They canít all have been Jesusí father or Joseph of Aramathea, Mary Magdelene etc. However looking at channeled data from many sources, there seems to be a general agreement among the sources that they want to dissolve our present reality and replace it with another of a higher frequency, with fewer population and who will accept the aliens as mentors. Why they lie about who they are and where they come from is deeply disturbing. There has been alien hybridization for years now and many people have been born with alien genes. So that in itself further destroys the past genetic memory of people here, by adding in a different one of a different past, from another planet and some are even a different species, reptoid, greys etc. which further dilutes humanness. What channeled aliens have said is that they wish to destroy our past memories, and replace these from ones of another timeframe. When they activate the new gridline network, the history of earth will have a past from another reality. And also hybrids will have a different ancestral memory, which further discontinues our reality built on the activities of our ancestors. They are deliberately activating gridlines which make geological changes, like earthquakes and volcanoes in order to keep adjusting the distribution of energy around the globe as it flows through the new gridlines. I donít agree that our present reality must be destroyed like that at the plans of entities calling themselves ascended masters living in Tibet.

I find it hard to find information about intelligent design of the gridlines in books, which would be similar to what I recall they used the gridlines for in Atlantis, so Iíll say what I remember from a past life which was when people seemingly used them for the original purpose for which they were made. At least they used them this way and it seemed to work out. Timing was crucial to make the most of the geometric patterns and forces passing through the atmosphere produced by the star and planet positions in relation with each other. The subtlety of people's minds to tune into the patterns of nature's doorways to the parallel universe was perfected to a fine art. This is because people living during the early stage in Atlantis did not have that coarseness of emotion that blocked the messages from mind to mind by telepathy. At the end of the Atlantis civilization they lost their psychic powers, when many people became more powerful as their senses became stronger and hence, more earthbound. Large transport carriers with many people inside traveled through the earth at rapid speed and come out many thousands of miles from where they left. Some people felt less disturbed in their bodily rhythms passing through many time zones by traveling this way across the earth. Others used the natural movement of solar energy in the sky at different times of the day for deciding when to travel to places, even other planets through time tunnels.

The sunlight opened up the portals to the rapid electrical vibrations of the twilight zone, the barrier that separated the etheric world of the parallel universe. The slant of the sun acted like a key to complete a tight geometric pattern which created the barrier between dimensions. They used ebb and flows of the electrical solar forces to harmonize with their own personal bodily biorhythms, which were calculated from the time of birth to flow easily within them at particular places and times. People traveled a lot. Everyone was obsessed with harmony and following the rhythms of nature exactly. It was thought very unwise to act contrary to natural flows of energy. It turned people into hypochondriacs but people really got to know their relationship with the orderly processes of the seasons. Some people had their own anti-grav ship that could easily fly from one place to another using gridlines that the body was in synchronicity with, avoiding jet lag and disturbed sleep patterns. Each gridline was measured for when the energy would flow down it, and people would use those ones which were compatible with their own frequencies, rather like taking the right subway line.

All the rhythms of the body were measured and the time for flying was chosen to harmonize with the flow of energy down the wormholes in the sky spaced at equal intervals. One was reluctant to overload the body with energies that caused natural rhythms, which were replenished in different sections of the body at different times of the day. At that particular stage every frequency was measured with technology on the planet and each person had their biorhythms plotted out on a chart, so that theyíd not disrupt a natural cycle by being in the wrong city, where different portals and associated grid spokes operated. I donít claim to know everything about the gridlines though from this past life memory, other people may have a different memory of the gridlines, as they were eventually used for many different purposes by the Atlanteans. But the time I described was when were not so individualistic and needed rules to make our decisions. I think it was before the Fall of Man and we were innocent. However I noticed that at a late stage of Atlantis before its downfall, people didnít want to follow any rules, let along not make a move at any time of the day if it disrupted their biorhythms. Their primal instincts took over and rock music and drugs ruled, I think when cross breeding with primitive man happened. Before that races of people were separated from these people and hadnít yet interbred, as like people of today containing many racial origins. There were a lot of aliens controlling earth and each had certain territories in which they developed various races of peoples. It was forbidden to breed outside oneís own race to keep it undiluted.

I have some different knowledge from another past life in Atlantis later on, due to my involvement with utilizing them and they appear to be connected with the way time flows here during this present phase of life on earth. From my own experience, Iíve found time to flow in three kinds of strands in spiral form which leads from the past at one end and the potential future at the other ultimately rejoining itself in Eternity beyond space and time altogether. I believe it is ultimately circular in that forward and backward time both come from the same place, but one is mentally known and the other is emotionally known. Why is it when we try to think back before our birth consciously there is mist, and again when we try to project emotionally years ahead it is also misty? Unless it is just me! However we can think ahead indefinitely, and feel the entire history of the planet e.g. if we tune in through music. One strand flows forward and is blue, the one which flows backward is red and another strand is like a wave which touches each side as it flows and is yellow. The yellow trigger activity brings thought forms from the past and future moving on their respective roads together to cause events. Other colors flow off this spiral type expression of time, and they further target specific patches of time according to how much of the colors vibrations are contained in its expression.

We can thank my Atlantean scientist in the Pyramid for that data, as he wrongly manipulated time using this method. You can read about this at I hope to at least get a book out of him one day, and he is very interested to know the future too so itís a fair swap. It is weird but it takes about 15 seconds for the telepathy to reach each other, through all the sea of time. Perhaps others too can remember past Atlantean lives to know what can be done with the expression time, so we can know what manipulations the aliens are doing with it here presently. I believe forward time flows through the thoughts and affects our future and backwards time flows through our hearts and affects our past and both main trunk lines curve back to Eternity, but by opposite ways. Thereís quite a bit on my website on this topic. I think we have a main time frame or time line, which finds expression in our present or ancient gridlines which operate on the earth, but there are other patterns that form other realities or other time frames, but they arenít active in this reality. I think time flows a bit like a flow chart with a final outcome at the end of it, but within it, depending on what decisions are made by the masses, other sub-routines wind around the main trunks, but eventually if they keep having enough options there is nowhere else to go but back onto the route as planned. But I think it can still take a certain time to reach a target, but problems occurring are detoured to one side and dealt with separately, to not disrupt the main traffic flow to their goal.

However, it would be fair to say what others also say time is, as every little bit of data on this elusive subject can give another angle, even if its learning about the way others use and manipulate time to their own advantage. Barbara Marciniak claims she channels reptiles from the Pleiades and these claim that time is a construct and that the present stems from the future as well as the past, but as potential. Time has many doorways to it with the past still continuing to influence the ongoing now. Iíd like to question this broad generalization. I have found that many aspects of the past still have continuing timelines but they belong to individuals only and one person can have many continuing sub-timelines but they have not been incorporated into the present life, because they lead nowhere and must be destroyed or pruned like dead wood. They disintegrate naturally, when the person sees the complete futility of continuing the activities and has a change of heart. However, they sometimes need to repeat the lesson in this lifetime in order to do this. If they still cannot see the futility of continuing down a wrong path, by that I mean one which doesnít lead to perfection, then the old time line just starts inching parallel to the one we live on and has nothing to stop it growing stronger, because when another set of similar urges arise, they feed the other time line by association and it starts bleeding into this reality.

I have found, in sensitive moments, that when we do an activity, it links to all the other times we did it in the past and even in future lives. Itís like our Eternal self tunes in to all past lives at once and we are affected by this process on a subconscious level. I donít believe that we have a "one time line fits all" past history for everyone here on earth at present, because we are more individualized than it appears in 3D, the more we get to know what the rest of our other aspects are doing. We can have thousands of parts of us both fighting and creating evil or good in the other dimensions. However one single time line will have been assigned at birth and the future of it will depend on how much competition from other time lines we have with alternate selves wanting to do something we are not doing, and we sense we SHOULD be doing this something intuitively. But, it could come from anywhere, anytime. Actually, what may be happening is we already are doing something on another timeline, though it wasnít planned for this time span. But, sometimes people follow every whim, hunch and urge indiscriminately and if they just go with the flow indiscriminately, their sub-timelines, (which may lead to futility anyway) have only been bleeding through to this reality.

I think this can happen if a person has drugs, meditates without keeping control of their will, does spiritual exercises which open the chakras dangerously, raises the kundalini prematurely or stimulates the brain using technology or even gets hypnotized to know their past lives -- their subconscious can throw out all sorts of concurrent activities happening on alternate sub-timelines and they may be reaching the conscious mind. This can lead to the person believing their first spiritual experiences as gospel, yet they opened Pandoraís Box by allowing alternate realities to affect this one. One time, when Iíd been living in London, I was dreaming about a past life that Iíd already known about, and even visited physically the old house I lived in London Victorian times, and a physical co-worker at my job popped up in my dream and I had been so enthralled in what I was doing in the dream, that the shock of being interrupted back to the present day woke me up and I remembered what Iíd been doing in the dream. Unbelievably, I was silently walking behind my Victorian self living during that era and accompanying me were a me from the past and another me from the future, all women and all three of us were giving advice to myself as this Victorian man as "intuition". No wonder I used to get deja vus walking down that same street in London! I think life is slightly more complicated than the Ascended Masters would have us believe. Iím not sure I believe in all this "oneness", it gives us an excuse not to think too hard!


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