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Part Three of Three
by Misty

Has anyone read the channeled material and looked for the bigger picture? If you read enough of it you'll see that many of these aliens claim they are from all the constellations we are familiar with and are here to help us create 'a new reality'. This could just mean anything. However, looking more closely at the alien techno-magic involved they have much power to destroy the timeline we exist on, but they need to get as many people en masse to believe what they say first. By using the '100th monkey effect' our new replacement beliefs will automatically make a new matrix branching off our time line in the world of thought and other higher dimensions. First we have to believe that what we formerly believed for the last 2000 years is completely untrue. Then, we must believe we can create a new reality, in which we ascend to a higher state of consciousness with our alien brothers as our guardians/owners/creators.

Let's look more closely at the details and how our reality can be destroyed by our own gullibility and urge to get rid of the way we exist in this present reality. It's easier to create a new time line than you'd think. I've created three new ones myself. You can read about this at also at It might be a good idea once you've read this to be able to eliminate unwanted timelines you created years ago from false hopes. It is rather freeing, eliminating surplus realities--makes the present less encumbersome.

All any technically advanced aliens need is our permission and karmically away they go! We can give them the right to come here and place undersea and above ground aerials all over the planet to make our present timeline (which runs along a set of gridlines that represents this timeframe at a certain frequency) fade away. Then they active a new time line by moving the magnetic north and south poles to line up and draw the massive solar flares down the new timeline. These solar flares run up the gridlines and activate a new time frame, and hey presto we have a new present, new past and hence new future!

Right now it is normal to think we all have a single past timeline and we all expect to walk the same future timeline springing from our present. From 1987, after the Harmonic Convergence See 1,2,3,4. We were given a choice to continue on the present time line or move to one which contained a deviant future than what non new-age people follow. Basically an alternative to traditional Christian "reality". Some people find that reality abhorrent, in that they'd have to follow rules and be obedient. At the harmonic Convergence, people were given a choice to

start believing new things about themselves: that they had the power inside to change the way they lived their lives if only they would wake up to their true potential, which was to manifest a better world.

This better world was full of oneness, unity and sharing and caring. "We are the world, we are the children". Or as Master Card would change it from the Christian song "He has the whole world in His hands": to "You have the whole world in your hands". I'd put that more correctly from the alien viewpoint: "We have the whole world in our hands".

The Pleiadian reptiles that Barbara Marciniak channels, are not quite exact when they say we all have one past, one future and a potential future which stems from those. Itís far more complex, but how would a reptile understand! They say they are activating the gridlines and making the crop circles to change our reality, by the unconscious sound coming from the glyph pattern sending a signal to our DNA to unlock certain parts of it which are presently inactive, but which genetically links to them from half a million years ago.

This occurs when we visit crop circles, ancient sites and stone circles and these are generally on gridlines. The "past" they say they are awakening is one in which we will know they created us with genetic engineering and are our creators. We would just be a product of Pleiadian scientists. Somehow, if we remember, our present will be grafted onto an existent timeline when it all happened and the timeline will continue as if nothing happened in between then and now, like e.g. the Biblical events and Christianity which werenít mentioned by them. They say they want to possess us and merge with us for mutual benefit. People believe we have had different origins anyway, from Adam and Eve, or we came from apes, or that ETs created us, Anannaki -- we could have been survivors from Atlantis or Mars even.

The skyís the limit for possibilities for where we originated on this planet and Iím not sure where the Hindus, Buddhists, American Indians and each of the indigenous peoples think we came from. But the possibilities of a majority believing Pleiadian lizards made us in a lab are slim. However in the channeled book The Light Shall Set You Free by Dr. N. Milanovich and Dr. S. McCune, the Ascended Master Kuthumi, (also an assistant of Maitreya from Tibet who supposedly holds the "Office of the Christ") claims that Americans are the ones who will change their belief systems first and that will create the numbers for the 100th monkey syndrome to bring about the end to this "reality". I guess too many Christians there in the past kept the one which is now crumbling intact, but as the new age sweeps America out goes the Biblical belief system with it, which keeps us on a particular timeline.

Again, the UK crop circles may be able to extinguish the last smidgen of Christian belief remaining in that country. I lived in London seven years and never met one Christian. It seems each set of beliefs we accept as our past determines which present part of the tightly woven world time line we are grafted on-- and of course determines our future. Iím very suspicious about who these aliens are, that are manipulating the gridlines. As many seem a bit vague on things about us they should know by now, esp. as they claim to have been various Biblical characters and of course the ever popular Merlin. Though there are truthful ones out there, but they donít usually tell us we are divine and all truth is light and love.

Regarding the expression of our present karma I think it all depends on all of our own wishes, which reality will manifest, by a process of total energy levels for and against the karma eventuating for large groups of people. For e.g. if more people believe USA should invade Iraq or donít care than donít want them to, it shall happen. Itís a matter of how many for, how many indifferent and how many against in totality how our reality manifests. But this is done silently and in an objective computerized system by the angels in the etheric world. Itís all cloaked and nobody knows what will happen as we ultimately have free-will to choose. But there has to be divine order as any experienced astrologer will tell you.

Not one single activity happens by chance, it all works to a plan where every minute contains a myriad of connections to every other event on earth as well as every person in some way by tuning fork effect. Like attracts like, but we can choose, and there has been a deliberate cutting of gurus and masters to tell us all what to do, as a world leader would for many thousands of years since the Flood. This has formed a lot of the reality which has occurred in the western world. So we have had a lot of choice here, since we were controlled in Atlantis many times over by aliens. However Marciniakís reptilians wish to undo all this reality completely, by saying the past still continues to affect the future on the PRESENT timeline. But I believe that the karma of the mass past wrong doings have been wiped completely.

In Galatians 4 (New English Version) it says this:

"...when we were minors we were under guardians and trustees under the date fixed by the Father and during that time we were slaves to the elemental spirits of the universe, but when the term was complete, God sent His own Son to purchase our freedom, so that we may attain the status of sons."

To me that implies our old time line was wiped off the earth and our Atlantean sins forgiven. So why would we even want to go back to the past timeline, when we were controlled by aliens? Even during the time of Jesus, He and the disciples were casting out demons non stop. Now masses of people encourage aliens as in channelling to merge with them indiscriminately and not being too choosy as to who they actually are. They give themselves a cute name, but do they have jagged teeth? Obviously some are worth knowing, but if you really weigh up all the messages some of them give, they want us all to die and be born onto another reality. Do people realize all this involves leaving the physical body behind? While they say all sorts like -- the physical body will go into the 5th dimension, but this is impossible as one must die first, or they that the physical body will enter the etheric world of the 4th dimension, but having been in the etheric world myself once or twice, I know that it is a very dangerous act because it involves manipulation of the ethers to split these into two parts and it must be done by bio-engineers in the etheric world while you still live. So the two higher ethers and separated from the two lower, and this can only be achieved if the two higher can operate independently of the body.

This is done when the consciousness can step back and perceive the entire planet objectively because the consciousness does not completely reside in the physical brain--bio-engineers have manually transferred it into the brain of the etheric double. This comes from understanding the structure of power and freeing onself from desiring power over others and choosing to yield to God. It is hard to yield when one knows one is capable of more, but once one can let go of earth and let others take up this yoke, then they truly are free. Thinking one is intelligent and the world needs their expertise is an excuse to not rise higher spiritually. One must choose who will be their master -- God or mammon.

Of course once one has the right desire, then they will be given more power to change the world anyway for the better, that any earthly activities could achieve. But first SELF must die. If you are reading this and you say the world needs me to help--I must concentrate on physical ways of improvement then have you chosen mammon? If you choose God, then you may be given the power to travel etherically and work with problem spots from the next dimension, which brings a more lasting improvement for good.

If you imagine a whole body which includes chemical and life ether, the two lower ethers that keep us alive will be somehow transmuted entirely into ether, it canít happen unless the physical side dies. While people may be able to go onto a sub-timeline perhaps and worship mother earth, indulge in their senses and eat organic, it would be the ultimate delusion to think itís real, but these aliens stemming from their underground Forbidden City in Tibet say they will just destroy this reality so itís gone and the main timeline will be grafted on from the Atlantean one. We need to be careful about giving them the OK for this. How many people accepting this new age of enlightenment will it take in order for them to get the numbers? Against how many refuse to believe it and how many are indifferent? The implications of actually nobody saying no to this worries me. Meanwhile crop circles come with more complicated glyphs awakening subconscious memories and old DNA patterns, mass gatherings are held at sacred sites, and hyper-dimensional physicists stick up aerials to move the gridlines along 10 deg into another time frame. The holes in the ozone at the poles remain and let in more solar energy. Which grid lines will finally dominate?

I remember Atlantis and people had little willpower, entities were possessing them all the time and people couldnít fight back. Many times the Earth has been taken over by aliens, because they take advantage of our weaknesses. But what has obviously happened is, we had a world flood and possibly a pole shift, bringing in a new set of gridlines and hence a new reality, and life started again with just a few people who had the strength to survive. This led to a new breed of humans who had to fight for survival in primitive conditions and they became stronger and able to fight, especially one another. A small section of people genetically suitable for handing down good traits, called the twelve tribes of Israel reached some say about 3 million, which was substantial at the time of the Exodus and grew to many more millions at the time of King David, possibly becoming eventually 25 million during his census, and they were given laws and some even managed to follow them of their own accord. But then many weakened and worshipped idols and started letting in dark forces by obeying primal instincts. However, they would have continued on alternative time lines until they saw the futility of this practice as time passed by, keeping as many who did keep the laws on the right road. Individually, people are still continuing futile paths on these sub-timelines.

But if you read the writings of the people who track the present whereabouts of the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel they form a large percentage of the whole planet now, so there is the potential in their genes to get a grip on themselves draw on ancestral strengths and NOT be possessed. By that I mean all the Hebrew tribes, which are now called other races. However, we have had approx. 12,000 years to develop willpower and within that about 4000 years to develop self discipline by following a set of rules, which arenít the suggestions of these Pleiadian reptiles. The reptiles plan is for everyone to love the earth goddess first, love yourself first before others, and enjoy your body by indulging in self gratification to the max. For some this may be heaven, but it wonít increase the two higher ethers, it will increase the two lower ones. If everyone believed there was no heaven, stopped putting others first and followed every desire at random, we would go right back to the Atlantean consciousness and be completely at the mercy of these reptiles who dominated it with depravity of the first degree because weíd lose our reason. They want to possess us again so they can enjoy some abilities reptiles donít have. Our bodies are more advanced than theirs so they try to keep us obedient and lacking willpower again. They do want to "merge" with us again and they said bring their friends inside us from around the universe! Some people have gone to the sites of the crop circles and lost their reason already, they couldnít even count the patterns.

These reptiles claim that these ongoing Ďnowsí (which are continuing time lines of past events) continue to grow and mature the same as their future counterparts. Manifold expressions of civilizations, including one in which Atlantis never sunk, but managed to solve their problems continue in other realities. This would include one without Jesusí birth or the Biblical forefathers, which makes me wonder why the American soldiers wasted Basra, which was Abrahamís birthplace Ur in Iraq. Abraham was also the father of the Arabs. Will that echo into the past? This is a summary of the Pleiadian teachings: They claim the assignment we all have on earth now involves changing our past of half a million years ago by reactivating it, as we spring from the future in order to create a different present. They claim they made us in a lab then and the reality which would be continuing now from it, like all the other multiple realities from all the other civilizations which too never died, continues on too. They say intention decides the future and that time is collapsing upon itself and it involves a disruption of the boundaries of frequency control that defines the reality we operate in, which is crumbling because our beliefs are no longer sustaining it. They say because more cosmic rays are caught by the sun energizing the solar system, everything is sped up, it brings more possibilities into the now and bursts the barriers of 3D time, that determines the stage on which events must be played out. The structure of 3D time locks and isolates us from our higher self, who knows things beyond this time frame. There are many energies surrounding us enticing us to reinterpret our basic about reality. Our perceptions and concepts about time is being rearranged by cosmic rays entering Earth, through the deliberately placed holes in the ozone layer. These Pleiadian reptiles say that as giant solar flares are attracted to the earthís poles like a magnet, jolts of electricity form a cylinder of vibrational energy which jiggles to fit and it has to align itself with new grid lines connected to the poles. This grid is decreed by our beliefs, which determine our present reality in expression. So the new gridlines get a big charge because these reptilians have very kindly MOVED the magnetic poles over to catch the energy into the NEW gridlines. From our perspective the shift will seem quite major. Please read this in page 207 of Barbara Marciniakís "Earth" book in black and white. However other channelers have said similar. These massive doses of solar energy decode our DNA and can create a third strand as itís happening already to children being born.

Iíd just like to add another source here by a person called Azena Ramanda who wrote a book called St. Germain: Earthís Birth Changes. The alien she channels by the name of St. Germain from the Brotherhood of Light just says straight that it is no accident that the ozone layer is opening to allow in more ultraviolet light itís to make us aware of our beingness. St. Germain says that in 2012 we will be invisible in 3rd density and perceive 4th density, however we will be existing in the same space/time but not perceived because of a different frequency. 2012 is a convergent point in unlimitedness he said speaking from Azenaís vacated body. He went onto say the Pleiadians established the peoples of earth and that the shift of the poles is not a turn of the axis but a shift in electromagnetic charge causing electric current to reverse direction. We will have to reverse all polarities in machinery. Computerís digits will reverse direction and be the total opposite of all that is fed into it. There will be a new form of power derived from crystal and gold.

In the book The Light Shall Set You Free channeled by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune it is stated that new grid lines are being activated by Light and new sacred sites being made on them. This will change our timeline and our DNA to go with it, as we develop the third new strand. The new gridlines will be 3-4 ft above sea level, not under the earth like the old ones. It says that cleansing of negative remembrances from past lives must be done before we arise into the 5th dimension. As higher dimensions of light bombard Earth, cellular memories deep in our souls return and unfinished business comes back to be resolved. Atlantean reincarnated souls are returning to establish the electromagnetic grid. New Millennium energy will travel at closer to the speed of light This time itís Kuthumi from the Galactic Command of the Most radiant One who says it has taken 10,000 years for us to climb the mountain of consciousness again which we had in Atlantis. Male energy since then has dominated us up until now . Though I think it which possibly hasnít been entirely lost as we were passive in Atlantis, when not being violent and lacking self control However he says that we should be going back to being feminine and that it is compliant and open to all things. Reality is the intellect showing outside what you believe inside. The 5th Dimension will be an expression of the Aquarian Age and the birth of a new species of human named Adam Kadmon, who is destined to live there.

Kuthumi claims that Atlantisí gridlines were electromagnetic frequencies which were uniformly spaced lines which were used for telepathy and healing and built by Hermes Trismegistus who came from another star system. It was completed by the Elohim and the Devic kingdoms. Electromagnetic currents of energy traveling down the gridlines were used for positioning of sacred structures, such as pyramids and Stonehenge, organizing Earthís energies, facilitating UFOs, guiding migration patterns for birds, dictating volcanic activity, directing gravity and antigravity activities, and directing the currents of the oceans. But the primary purpose of it was to connect the spiritual light bodies of individuals and supply a free and never ending source of energy to those who were connected to it. Kuthumi claims that all will be ready by 2011, enough people will be cleansed of their dark energies from the past by the increase of high frequency sunlight and solar flares etc. and that it will purge the memories of negativity. However not everyone will make it to become a member of the Adam Kadmon species. Kuthumi says our physicists are making connections to the occurrences and soon begin to grasp whatís going on with this plan. It all boils down to energy and this is a "scientific" assignment which will "assist" humans to take that quantum leap from being earthbound, to being godlike. Consciousness adjust to new vibrational frequencies. The nature of the intellect is nothing more than our perception of reality. These are the words of Kuthumi, formerly one of the Three Wise man, who also inexplicitly managed to be John the Beloved, even though John was born before Jesus and who works for Maitreya with Office of the Christ/World Teacher. He belongs to the Great White Brotherhood who was behind Madame Blavatsky (who was a supporter of Lucifer) and he says there are two groups running all the planet - the GWB and the Order of Melchizadek. However Ascended Masters may supposedly hold positions in each.

Looking at what James Hurtak claims in his Introduction to the Keys of Enoch book, he says magnetic fields are aligned through "aerials" of magnetic energy which mark the points where energies from outer space pour into the earthís surface. They are balanced on the earth by the magnetic north and south pole. He says that when tremendous solar flare movements bombard these magnetic points of the earth, the magnetic fields of the earth will be set in cataclysmic imbalance, spinning the shell of the earth to new magnetic meridians, which find their balances equatorially. He too, in other words, claims the solar flares activate gridlines through positioned aerials. He claims one of the places the Higher Intelligences will return is the Takla Makan Basin in Tibet. Also that the aliens are sending solar radiation fields from one vortex to another to activate them. On a diagram he has a series of twelve major artificial time warp areas being created by the aliens. One is in Tibet and he has natural time warp areas on another map with lines drawn between them. A grid line is drawn between what he claims are natural time warp areas positioned in the sea off north western Australia and Afghanistan. There is a line which passes between them through Sumatra, Indonesia. One might wonder if theyíd just sent a blast of solar energy from aerials between vortexes during the earthquake and tsunami? Though Sheldan Nidle, who channels Sirians, admitted that the Asian tsunami, was a byproduct of them adjusting the plates. This is necessary to induce the new timeline.

Especially as on Dec. 13 2001 website put up an article about puzzling cosmic rays. It claimed that a mysterious force hurling particles at the earth with an energy so intense as to defy known physics, brought scientists from around the world to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago to plot a counter attack. Led by James Cronin, the University of Chicagos Nobel laureate physicist, cosmic ray researchers hope to assimilate a grid of ray detectors that would cover an area the size of Delaware. Only information about two of the known rays was gained, when measured by scientists in Japan and Utah and they found that they were charged with energies 100 million times greater than those produced at the Fermi Accelerator, which is the worldís most powerful. Scientists said that even an explosion of the largest stars couldnít produce particles of such energy according to the laws of physics as they are now understood." Could it be those aliens in their motherships again above Tibet?

According to there has recently been an everyday phenomenon of thousands of UFO sighting in Northern India near the Himalayan border, notably strange lighted triangular silent craft showing up from underground and moving almost vertically up from deep into the tectonic plates. It claimed the five members of the UN Security Council all know the order of the Universe. The extra terrestrial bodies set the rules and dictate what these countries can and cannot do. India now has the ability to be amongst the worldís most powerful nations and is seeking a seat on the Security Council of UN, which has been recommended by the other five members. India has been seen to having their security forces protecting this UFO base in Kongka La, the low ridge pass in the Himalayas on the disputed shared India-China border area in Ladakh. The area is one of the least accessed areas in the world and by agreement the two countries do not patrol that part of the border. However, there is something much more serious happening in this area which neither the Indian or Chinese Governments want to expose this and other secret UFO bases in the Himalayas and under the Indian Ocean. Strange phenomenon is also occurring.

Apparently, according to the India Daily, it is well accepted between the UFO experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. Indian military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted and now India has also been told "the rules of the Universe". Alien contact with South Asian governments have also occured with. UFO sightings have been rampant over the region affected by the tsunami. The India Daily claim that some in Nicobar Island say that it was an experiment conducted by the aliens entities to correct the wobbly rotation of the earth. And some of the Indian scientists are actually seeing that wobbly rotation of the earth has been corrected since the massive underwater earthquake and Tsunami. There has recently been a rush of world leaders to India. Major American Senators have visited or plan to, and the EU is in deep discussion with India on cooperation. All sanctions against India's nuclear programs and space research are in the process of being lifted and she is cooperating with the EU and the US in space explorations and technology research program. India Daily writes that given analysis, it seems like India is being told by the world to abide by the hidden protocols and in exchange become a superpower. However there is internal debate about whether to abide by the laws of the world and the Universe to be recognized as a superpower or be truthful to its citizens and the world and not all Indian politicians support the "rules".

From Jan 24 2005 more UFO sightings have been happening at night, with strange lights and strange signals are being reported in the Indian Ocean and the India Daily is considering it may be a sub tectonic experiment. The UFO sighting are in Nicobar Island, Andaman, India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka coastal areas, with animals in these areas again showing strange behavior and sea birds showing strange signals. Once more, the instinctive tribal people of Andaman Nicobar Island have moved to the high grounds. Tremors of 6 or less Richter scale continue unabated. The ships in the Indian Ocean traveling between India's mainland and the Andaman-Nicobar Island in Indian Ocean are reporting strange signals as well as jamming of their radio channels. Some experts, believe entities are possibly experimenting with tectonic plates. Nicobar islanders complain something is going on under the ocean, deep underground, a few miles below the water surface.

India Daily says there is no normal pattern of aftershocks reported. Much time happens between them, which is not normal. It appears someone is controlling the aftershocks and making sure plates are not over stressed. Andaman and Nicobar islands have had 121 aftershocks between 5.2 and 6.2 Richter scale with large gaps between them without the normal aftershock pattern. But what is the most disturbing is, a sailor in the Shipping Authority of India Limited who has also sailed in transatlantic shipping routes says, this section of the Indian ocean now resembles the Bermuda triangle region, however he believes that the disturbance seems to becoming from the tectonic plate levels. However it is known that some countries can create scalar wave earthquakes, so there is also that possibility, however the fact that thousands of UFOs are appearing in the tsunami areas, does raise suspicion that they may be involved, especially when they could have saved or at least warned people. But if they even caused it why would they be doing this? The underground UFO bases are mostly suspected in areas where one tectonic plate goes on top of another plate, which provides a thicker crust of earth to build the bases that need miles of deep crust above. The India Daily says that during low tide the sea birds generally eat the fishes left on the beach, but now they actually fly inland when this is happening. As well, the number of wild animals in the coastal areas has also diminished. Is the reason why they are not returning to the ocean coastal areas because they sense possibility of another Tsunami? Some blame drilling for oil and gas as the reason for the earthquake in the Indian Ocean by India, Bangladesh and Mayanmar but it is said that they are really not deep enough to cause mega earthquakes.

Another curious channeled message puts another piece in the puzzle In 1999, a Portuguese man called Andre channeled some aliens called the Council of Nine, the same ones behind James Hurtak and who have the most power over us by controlling UN, and who have a base in Titicaca Bolivia, near Peru. They are also anchored in the Japanese Sea. They are "introjecting", as they say, Shamballa (the place in Tibet where Ascended Masters reside) into anti-matter. They said they represent the energy of the 'Time Masters', ones who can change the way time expresses itself here. These aliens claim each day our plasticity increases to the energetic pattern of the Sun and that they are now proceeding to the alignment and tuning of very delicate spheres of earth's magnetic veils and indigenous passive fields of energy, with solar levels of consciousness; with the assistance of the 7 orbiting major motherships. They claimed their space engineers have strengthened the earth's axis using magnetic attraction to purify our aura and clean residues and miasma from our subconscious. They are guaranteeing "an induction of a superior life voltage over your nature", whatever that may mean and are maintaining our planet under magnetic stability. This has raised the planetary vibrations and since August 1999 these specifically trained Hierarchy members have been able to incarnate here on earth. They claimed to be implanting a new orthodoxy, because our mental view is out-of-date. They said that emanations from the sun give the time for a new foundation, a new orthodoxy and a new celestial stability. I'm not sure what they mean by the latter, but do they mean earth's position in space is being changed?

They said to prepare ourselves for an operation similar to the one that occurred at the Pentecost with Jesus, when we will supposedly be introduced to the vibration of "Cosmic Insigniae" in every cell of our body, reactivating the light circuits originated from what they called - the Central Stationary Reality. It sounds a bit drastic, presumably Andre is saying we will be zapped into a higher frequency from space, to emerge into a new higher frequency reality? They are introducing this from the ether and are removing our present reality which they call our collective hallucination. They are making our new reality by an agreement between the Authorities and the Agents that maintain the structure of the Earth with their Authorities and this was apparently foreseen for millions of years. As far as I am concerned nobody has permission on behalf of "Earth" to cosmic masters to do as they please with this planet. Nevertheless the Council of Nine in Central Tibet, regardless of the infringement of Earth's sovereignty, are using mothership to fire powerful beams into the center of the earth, into the large vortex there. Don't know if it's the same aliens in an underground base in the Himalayas between China and India. Though it's possible different alien factions would be wanting to grab hold of natural time portals, because they can operate time tunnels through them to other planets. But getting back to what Andre channeled, he says that the moment that the terrestrial regencies and authorities are entering into sacred synchrony, sublime synchrony, with the what he calls the Solar Verb, the Earth and Sun will be in a symphonic juxtaposition between themselves. Then the motherships will descend to very high levels of ether, that corresponds to gravity beams and fire powerful energies from orbital platforms, and it sounds like a possibly that gravity may become void. They'll then collect contingencies of mankind from smaller spacecraft.

To confirm this dramatic event looming up, James Hurtak in his Keys of Enoch book claims that the 'Ascension Program' starts with the grids of the world shifting to a new position, presumably when the holes in the ozone layer have sucked in enough solar rays, as directed by the orbiting motherships, and in the Takla Makan area in Tibet, holy books will be resurrected from the grids there. They have a sacred language revealed to the chosen children of Light. Light will poured out of Tibet to the 12 sacred places -- presumably the vortexes connected up with the Tibetan one. Hurtak then claims a new meridian of time will be built and the grid structure will amplify prayer and healing by the faithful. The alien he channeled calling itself "Enoch", said that the time reference for one of the many cycles of earth is up and now earth needs its periodic cleanse and new Adams and Eves will remain to continue the Adamic expressions of creation. He claims at the end of the cycle of this age, there will be a great unity of linear and non-linear events and souls which are normally highly individualistic will become unified collectively with other levels of intelligence as the "Holy Spirit" was abundantly poured out. Whoops there's that genocide word again! Sounds a bit like all the aliens merging with the selected ones and looking out of their eyes that Barbara Marciniak has channeled.

The Pleiadian reptoids say that the main door for entering into earth's time frame is at the Tibetan portal. Apparently it's a bit of a fine art managing to locate the correct time frame for this reality, and it's done using key events once one enters a portal. Ultra violet is the wall between the 3rd and 4th dimension, so the aliens say and holes over the poles increasing ultraviolet, is allowing more aliens to access our reality. P'taah, another alien channeled from the Pleiades claims that the poles are also dimensional doorways and that along with the magnetic poles moving, allowing aliens to travel here inter-galactically, the normal vortexes allowing this are changing position physically. They are becoming broader as the consciousness of humanity broadens. They claim the Bermuda Triangle is no longer operational and that a portal will grow until it encircles the earth. Many earths occupy the same space but in a different time continua. We many use these portals to time travel with our own conscious energy in what we perceive to be time.

Continuing with Andre, he claims that earth itself will ascend to a new dimension. Though its sounds like we will really be moved to a different time frame or timeline, which operates through new gridlines at a different frequency. These Council of Nine, who by the way have the same name as James Hurtak's masters, claim dimensional matrimony is occurring. Andre says from August, possibly in 1999, our time perception will be effectively altered and the hybridization between the linear time and the circular time of the fourth dimension is at a high stage of development. Hybrid time will became completely conscious to us and awareness of eternity will inhabit our consciousness and time itself will gradually became a part of the subconscious registry - just a dim memory of the past! He says this is similar to other operations that were in our consciousness for millions of years and are now a part of our subconscious, so will the temporal operation, presumably reality, disappear into our subconscious and vanish. So here we will be one day just going forward in time and hey presto! time crumbles into smithereens and reality fades into a blur and we think the Second Coming is upon us, but it's really aliens above Tibet in motherships beaming down powerful beams into the center of the earth, and using the vortex at Tibet to activate the new gridlines activated already by transmitters at the poles, the holes in the ozone there and solar flares running up and energizing a new time line, which apparently because it is supposedly of a higher frequency than 3D linear time, makes time curve and blur. Andre claims that the operation of passage from the Earth to a superior dimension is ruled by councils that have as vortex the Mighty Architects of the Central Universe, and among them the Time Masters.

These Time Masters are supposedly responsible for the rotational speed of the planets in the universe, which determines what particular Akashic memory is registered in the inhabitants, like living memory containers as well as other planet's resultant probability fields. The rotation of all these planets produces the illusion of time to the inhabitants, so our intended passage to the fourth dimension needs a degree of conquest over the overcoming of that type of illusion. He says we will enter into another rotation cycle in relation to other planets. Does he mean the planet will tilt into another pattern of rotations? Once linear time has firmly settled into oblivion in our subconscious memories and the scenery of, what he calls the conscious vertical time, has been completely and definitely installed, from that moment a new rhythm between the glands responsible for our material consciousness will develop. But first Shamballa in Tibet must be changed into anti-matter. I presume the Dali Lama has been consulted. Once they have beamed the rays into the center of the earth there we will apparently be like the beginning of Creation on Earth and at that moment viola! humanity will ideally enter the 4th dimension.

There is a book called Darkness Over Tibet by a German Theodore Illion who set off for Tibet in 1934 to find the underground Secret City in the Valley of Mystery of the Masters, when it was illegal for foreigners to be in Tibet. He learned Tibetan, found it and spoke with its ruler, the Prince of Light-Exalted Jewel. It is also known as the Holy Brotherhood, City of Initiates and Holy City, Shangri-La, Agartha and other names. It can sometimes be connected with Shamballa or Shambhala where Ascended Masters reside. The ruler was head of the Occult Brotherhood. "Lifeless" looking servants with glassy eyes like corpses, and with no soul met him as he entered. The Prince of Light was tall with a long white beard and Illion saw he had formidable powers, even going so far as to think he was in the presence of one of the greatest powers on earth. The prince told him he could have the powers of a god and when he asked the price, he was told that he would have to find out himself. Illion slept there overnight, but he felt ill after his meal. He found a priest pouring blood into hundreds of gold vases and when he asked what kind of blood it was he didn't receive a reply. He looked at himself in the mirror and there was the grin of a demon in his face. His urine in a bottle in his room had also turned black. The next day he saw an inscription on the wall read: Give your soul to the master and he will show you the light. Pictures on the wall made him realize it was a lair for the fallen angels and their purpose was to drag people into the abyss below the city. After his perception of the truth he felt the most agonizing soul agony as if all his experience of hundreds of incarnations flashed before him. Powerful magnetic currents rushed in on all sides to make him drop this realization. The prince asked Illion if he wanted his godlike power but he called him a "confounded sorcerer" in a mighty voice and said: "Step back --in the name of the Creator" The Ruler recoiled and briskly left the room. Illion ran for his life, he was fighting for his soul as if a cold hand had torn his heart tied to snatch him from God and the bottomless abyss opened before his feet. But not before accidentally stepped in to the kitchen on his way out and saw lifeless "cooks" carving up a human body into small pieces. He thought he'd probably eaten some the night before but he managed to get out of there alive.

Sometimes alien channeled information is hard to understand, because it will either be about all the science involved with intended earth transformations and say all the universal cycles have come to a conclusion, it is Earthís time to end now. Or they will speak about who we are as people and how we are divine and can manifest any kind of reality and to break free of what we normally believe is truth. This can make people think aliens know more than us and are smarter especially if they present ideas we have not heard of before. However, after I read Barbara Marciniakís channeled book called Earth, I saw the light about how cosmic forces operate that donít have a rulebook. When I was Sembe the Persian astronomer in my past life, I watched and felt dark forces existing within certain stars and always wondered how they became that way. However, after reading many channeled books I see there is a pattern to their way of thinking. Iím not sure if most of these messages which have a recurring theme are from the same source but many say they are from Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion etc. or if itís whether universal entities of like intent have joined together to take advantage of our lack of memory about what happened in Atlantis, so we could be forewarned. I believe Billy Meierís Pleiadians are from there, but I seriously doubt that reptoids are from where they say in channeled works. However, I think we are stronger now, more willpower and reason, yet many people still have that urge to become powerful and make their own rules. Marciniakís Pleiadians claim that they come from our probable future. They searched through the corridors of time and found their own future to be filled with tyranny, which is karma from oppressing us half a million years ago, by denying us our latent ability to make ourselves a reality of our choosing. So figuring that theyíll be able to change their probable future by changing theirs and our past of half a million years ago, they will give both us and themselves a new better future.

The Pleiadians then go in great convincing detail explaining what the purpose of time is and how we donít need it anymore because they answer to the Keepers of Time and do their bidding, so it is OK to do just whip it away from us altogether and send selected people en masse into a group timeline and destroy the reality we are based in which presently operates on linear time manufactured by the present gridlines. They say our belief structure maintains the present expression of linear time because our present DNA keeps us locked to this linear reality. But in the Pleiades their reality is at an end and they have a crisis as it is because of being due to their probable future, caused by their bad karma. So they figure that to evolve further, they must set in motion causes which give us as much freedom as they would like to have. They claim that reality is multi-layered and it is only a matter of changing our beliefs which will reroute us into another one on a different frequency, which will give us our ticket in by our using the full genetic potential we have, which has been turned off up until now. They feel they are helping us by confounding our present beliefs and breaking up the timeline we are on and the blueprint with which we presently follow. They believe that we have only two strands of DNA operative, because this reflects the two base chakras, which define this reality. These are the one at the base of the spine controlling our identity and the one in the sexual organs which controls our creativity and primal urge to procreate. The other chakras need awakening and the energy flowing out of these in the masses will change the vibration of our reality and if millions can open their chakras the energy will flow and the old reality will not be sustained and break down. They claim that thanks to their influence in the last twenty years, our past beliefs are dying and our belief in a new reality is drawing it closer to usurp the old time line we move on.

Our ancient DNA is supposedly being 'awakened' and this is bringing about an awareness of the 4th dimension, which operates on multi-dimensional time. The barrier between the two realities is crumbling, as we burn away the barriers that keep us locked on this timeframe, by our intent to embrace a new one in which we reach our full genetic power and create with goddess energy. But first we must give the naughty Pleiadians our compassion and understand why things were done the way they were half a million years ago. They ask that we intend that a change can be made about this and that they, as our human creators, be set free. They claim they made us in a lab in a genetic experiment, whereby genetic engineering created our bodies from multiple races of aliens and that we originally came from the Pleiades to earth. They say this very truth pulsates in every cell of our being and that our genetic memory can be awakened by visiting sacred sites, stone circles and crop circles. Within the ancient sites is stored codes of consciousness, which when set free by desire to link into it will release it into our bodies and reactivate our DNA, and our cellular memory will bring us back to that ancient time of a half million years ago and we can get back into that old reality, but of course with a different probable future, because we will now have our latent power when we return and cause the control by the Pleiadians to be removed in the past, by our refusal to be controlled now. This somehow seeps into the past and makes a new probable future, and relieves the Pleiadians of that pesky bad karma. Their future continues and they say we benefit by becoming godlike with all our DNA active and all our chakras open. We will ideally have our feet firmly planted on the ground, by following their advice of our love of earth and worship of the earth goddess, and love of our own selves and increased sexual activity. At the same time we will have our head in the stars, because our higher chakras will be open and we will be aware of ourselves as creators, able to seed new systems with life like them. What optimists these scaly creatures are.

However the price we pay is to let them merge with us and peek out of our eyes, while we both benefit the lusty reptiles claim. They can create new realities though our inherent ability to do so through our chakras, and enjoy our procreation activities too and we get to feel that cosmic oneness that will operate in our consciousness, while their "hosts". The thought of a scaly reptile joining in is rather off-putting! The Pleiadians talk about a portal in Tibet with a huge energetic opening and that visitors to our time frame enter there, as itís the main doorway and that these portals are composed of corridors of time. So to enter a planet, you have to have an event to lodge onto to make sure you enter the correct time line, which takes great mastery, because they say all time is simultaneous. The ability to locate which particular realities in progress, able to be accessed within are located by key events which occurred in them. In the case of the Pleiadian reptiles sending seeds and roots into our reality, entities from the future instigated the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. It took root by the mass acceptance of the people who attended, so we must bear in mind other large gatherings may be directed by other intelligences for their own ends too. The Tibetans up to the 1950s maintained the open doorway to this planet according to the Pleiadians and they have been working with the ETs for eons. Under the mountains of Tibet, they have hundreds of mummies of ancient Tibetans cased in gold to preserve them. Their frequency of consciousness is preserved in these gold wraps and certain can access these frequencies and take them onboard their own consciousness. However, the Tibetans foresaw the Chinese takeover and took away the secret manuscripts. The Pleiadians say there are many versions of reality, each viable with its own purpose and intent. 'Time, space and the existence of worlds are amorphous, only as real as the attention you put upon them. There are many earths to choose from and many timelines continuing from stories which were purposely diverted from our awareness and forgotten.'

These reptiles claiming to be our ancestors, existing within us as well as without, ask us now to reevaluate the purpose of our lives and to redefine the forces that rule us, and of course they, claiming to be our creators in a lab back in the far past, would be honorary controllers. However to let them escape the burden of us being their offspring, and having to care for us, we can now do it on our own and itís now time to escape the nest and learn to fly on our own. However this has been difficult, because they say Earth has been quarantined for a long time and a cloak put upon it so all the ETs in the universe couldnít come here and settle, because nobody could find it, due to a time lock put on, which keeps others out. They say earthís position in the galaxy has given it way-portals which allow highways to other star systems. Multiple master geneticists have left their genes in the human race according to the Pleiadians, so this makes us a pretty powerful race with all sorts of latent DNA, just waiting to be switched on giving us enormous powers to create ourselves. Since these creator gods, who genetically engineered us did not exist in time as we know it, a few hundred thousand or even millions of years is nothing. We are said to have certain matched and paired recessive genes holding light codes which gives psychic and intuitive abilities. Battles have been fought over the prize of humans here, with our multiple ET DNA, which is a living library for ETs to resurrect their own faulty DNA again using ours as an undamaged original genetic source.

They claim that time is greatly misunderstood in 3rd dimensional reality and is much more flexible then we realize, allowing simultaneous movement into other realities by twisting, stretching, distorting and curving it around. They claim that we have been born on earth from the future into the past, to change the distant past before this timeframe, which will reshape the past. The Pleiadians say they wrongly stripped us of 12 stranded DNA and now with the resultant bad karma from that, we need to escape this 3D linear time and become multi-dimensional on our consciousness, and move into a timeframe which supports this. This is why they come here, because of a karmic connection with us as their descendants. The goal of their visits here is the achieve a critical mass of individuals, able to emit specific vibrational codes which allow time locks to end. This will shift the entire spectrum off this plane as we know it. They say that if we donít raise forget our present beliefs and embrace their truth, our own potential future will be filled with reptilian tyranny. However we have to bear in mind that these Pleiadians claim to also be reptiles. They want us to meet other portions of ourselves existent in other realities and to also bear in mind our reptilian DNA is what we need right now and to bear in mind that we exist as part human/part animal in other realities! They claim that the creator gods who originally engineered us genetically looked like a human, animal and insect combination. There are multitudes of ETs from all over the universe waiting to possess us/merge with us to enjoy our bodies and look through our eyes.

They say genetic engineering is no big deal, happens all the time , itís just routine to seed a planet this way. However the Pleiadians do admit, these so called gods, split off from Prime Creator in this freewill zone to do their own thing in a free-will universe. Sounds reminiscent of Lucifer breaking away to do his own thing causing the downfall of the universe by not following the rules, and the serpent in the garden of Eden telling Eve: Ye shall be as gods!!! For some inexplicable reason it appears to me as if Lucifer is trying to change his past to be rid of the bad karma by starting new and making a different past, which would imply he hadnít done his deed. Bearing in mind this too is a reptile being channeled. If any of this is true, Iíd guess heíd have at least had a go at this activity if all the other fallen beings in the universe think they can escape their own karma, by deleting past time lines with their dirt on. At any rate, it does say Biblically that the devil has a short time to roam around the earth as a beast and make trouble and given that the Pleiadians reptiles think they have 20 years to change their past it seems about the right amount of time to shatter our common religious beliefs, at least in the traditional Christian countries. I canít see him making a dent in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic cultures if he only had 20 years to try to replace the old ancient thought-forms which keep him enchained. But entities have come in quickly to make as many changes here as possible, using multiple methods, to our safe reality and stop us believing what we have for centuries. They are barraging us with signs of another reality, with holograms, synthetic telepathy, crop circles, UFO sightings, anything which takes our minds off the TV and getting us to look skyward.

Getting back to Marciniak's Pleiadians, who seem to have the most honest solid data I've found on what's going on with the gridlines and crop circles, and they even admit they are lizards, unlike others who say similar messages claiming to have been Merlin etc. Plus the fact that they say "they" are making the and they claim that crop circles emit a particular sound pattern which links it to another place via a timeline. When people look at the glyphs, it is doubly made more powerful by entry into the subconscious soul. Also the subliminal sound, caused by the pattern of the geometric symbol, is heard. Both avenues rigger old genes they wish to unlock. Dr. Christopher Hills who channeled aliens in the 1970s with a pendulum told him the specific frequency that they use to send massages by telepathy subliminally into the masses via the ionosphere, below the threshold of hearing. So there are more than one alien species suggesting stuff to us subliminally. In the case of the crop circles a person will either accept or reject the reality offered subconsciously. The greys apparently send a beam over someone's house when they are trying to abduct them as they sleep and if they respond without a fight they can be abducted. Not sure if this is the "permission" they claim people give. So when the Pleiadians broadcast their new timeline to the subconscious it can masquerade to the conscious mind as intuition to be drawn to certain places which may be charged to unlock their ancient DNA. Like minded people can be dawn to the same place and get absorbed into a pool of willing converts. But it's a form of mass hypnosis when it's not honest like this. These victims loss of individuality is now reinforced by the impression that they are advanced souls and chosen. They can now raise their consciousness to a ready state to accept the aliens as brothers or masters. I'm not implying all aliens are bad, but mass hypnosis is unnecessary. This reminds me of a man who was abducted by the greys and physically taken to a hall with multiple abductees who were standing in a stupor, however he'd managed to hang onto his individuality. He tried to wake people up from their mind control but he couldn't get one to respond.

We choose the timeline we walk down by following the different impellings from our subconscious yearnings and sending it out as desires. Stewart Swerdlow, whom I interviewed in Vol. 1 of the Universal Seduction books claims that reptilian DNA is being activated. Some of these reptoids have an alliance with the US govt. The Pleiadian reptilians, claiming to be the makers of the crop circles, say the symbols are encyclopedias of information and that our subconscious understands them and that it knows what the future holds and the great choice we must make about what reality we will pick to dwell in. The glyphs supposedly speed the evolutionary process and evolving DNA, calling our spirit to awaken. The complexities of them will become more pronounced as the glyphs accelerate our awareness of other life forms. There are combinations of forces within them and they produce light geometry dancing in the air and shifts that will bring data to us. It gives us a challenge to comprehend this data and with our feet on the ground and our head aware of our multi-dimensional selves existent in the rest of the universe, the reptiles believe we can connect with the deepest cosmos, ground it and into earth. Presumably bring them into our bodies as hosts. They say realities are merging and the ancient scared sites, calendars, and stone circles speak again and the paradigm shift grows. Geometrically bent light can create certain distortions in realities and dimensional doorways present on earth were built with geometry, planetary and star knowledge. There is instant transmission of energy from geometry into the physical body and the shape and size create knowledge transmitted from dimension to dimension. In order for a reality to be anchored into 3D, it must be an agreement by the masses to cast this kind of energy into existence once again. People will have visions, which others may not see and they'll be drawn to specific places and see forms appear. So if a from makes an impression in the subconscious and a person is motivated to go to a place where it can be reinforced, they have accepted that reality.

They also say serpent images trigger cellular memories of the "gods" who supposedly created us, showing us that we sprang from the serpent and the serpent brings life! They say that the reptilian consciousness is a branch of our ancestral line and is well worth acknowledging, because without it a loop of experience in our stage of development is missing in helping us understand our roots and where we are going. But they say our reptilian ancestry has been detoured away from our thoughts and reality seeding by invisible influences that shape our world. But, they insist it is buried in our cells. As we consider this reality, it begins to bend in our direction. I wonder, could there be multiple forces activating alien ancestral DNA to get their reality or to continue a phase when they once colonized earth?

There doesn't seem to be one final agreed upon future reality which is coming from channeled info or from hypnotists gathering data from abductees, esp. those being bred from by the greys. Perhaps there's a dividing up and claiming of the world's continuing realities on other simultaneous earths in progress, as well as the seeding of new realities? Many have the genes of the greys, with abductions been happening generationally.

Considering they abduct women and send her back with a fetus containing their genes, would they too be making a similar future reality as stated in Dr. David Jacob's The Threat book? The greys say a world catastrophe will cause mass deaths and that they will take over the planet, populating it with themselves, their hybrid offspring and the abductee parents. 3% of the population has been suggested by one channeller, who was given the information by a tall blond Nordic alien called Khyla from Procyon in the excellent Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes book by George Andrews. Now thatís what I believe is hearing from a good alien for a change.

Though time runs through the gridlines and according to the beliefs of people, the reality manifests accordingly. However this can change in an instant, when people's truths are shattered. The Pleiadian reptiles speak of people on earth whose genetic lineage is connected with multiple realities. Of course if one firmly believes reptiles or any other set of aliens created them in a lab, then this will take them back to a time, when this might have happened and the aliens who dominated that reality. The reptiles claim that they made a massive thought form about this for people to absorb, once they start thinking of this possibility. Once a person starts doubting traditional Christian beliefs or at least that they've found the real truth about it which has been "suppressed", never mind that aliens have admitted going back in time and planting manuscripts which suit them, they start to exit the timeline practicing Christians walk down whose forefather have maintained. It's been a relatively "safe "reality in that people aren't reptilian hosts as routine, though some are, it's been easy to tell, because they stand out like a sore too as different. It's like triggering an inherited disease believe aliens created us in a lab and are our masters.

They may have manufactured some forms of physical body, as they still do easily today, but they didn't create the soul that controls the body. If were under the mass control of aliens in Atlantis, its because we didn't have the strength to fight back. Now we do. We can accept or reject the multiple timelines on offer and walk down whichever beliefs "register" and they all lead to different places. However the Pleiadians are saying that we have a genetically diverse body composed of multiple alien races, including reptiles and that our DNA holds many possibilities once certain genes are triggered. But this is only a reality based on the belief that we are just a physical body. They never mentioned the soul as our true self, and that the body changes from life to life as we learn new things. The body isn't going to rule our life, it is only the lowest vehicle that we inhabit, if we can rise above the body's primal instincts and get our consciousness right out of altogether and into the etheric double, as a separate unit, rather than trying to raise its vibrations artificially, then no matter how many solar flares running up new gridlines through a deliberately made hole in the ozone layer, we won't be affected. If reptilian and who knows what alien DNA is released into our inherited instincts our consciousness will be safe in a more advanced body, and we will be free of scientific manipulation by technically superior aliens. The physical body was designed to live in 3D, and while some races may have a physical body of less density, depending on what planet it originated from, when our time frame is up, then some will be either residing in the etheric world conscious in our etheric double or dead physically in the astral world, to so called 5th dimension that Kuthumi claims is our next step in evolution. We can die if the ethers don't separate properly, with all the technology and higher light frequencies pounding us to raise our body's vibration.

There seems to be an alien purpose but also one which involves an entity residing in Tibet, of whom we wouldnít be wanting to be take us into his expression of reality. Various channelers have revealed future aliens plans for earth: According to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who is channeling Cassiopaeans, (at ) 2007 is the apparent date set for the plan for fruition of a new earth as decided by reptiles. They intend to insert their controllable human forms and eliminate 94% of the extant population. We would be expected to shift into 4D, presumably the etheric world, as physical beings or die and go to the fifth dimension -- which is presumably the astral world. The Cassiopaeans claim "time" is a 'control mechanism' and is not only an illusion, but it is an illusion that has been specifically created to keep us going round in circles.

The 4D based reptiles can take sections out of the loop, that time apparently travels and manipulate these at will. She says this is what we call `time travel', however no actual traveling is done, because from 4D, time is no more than an EM energy field that can be twisted and contorted at their whim. They can take globules of 'time' and change the Ďpast' circumstances, so that there are different future results and apparently they do it all the time! It's like a game to them that they enjoy. So, if they see too many people 'awakening' they manipulate a few years back and change something which ensures that people don't wake up, and stay kept in a permanent state of ignorance and darkness and at odds with each other.

Laura's Cassiopaeans claim that knowledge changes the frequency of the physical body and activates 'Lightí that can be detected by the reptiles and then they stay clear of you. However, if you emanate lack of awareness, you are much more easily `assimilated'. She claims any kind of knowledge will raise your frequency, but specific knowledge about the activities of the 4D reptiles is what confers the most protection and that children should be told about the reptiles. The Cassiopaeans say that current weather anomalies, which are due to get worse, are the 3D manifestation of wars comprising 'thoughts forms' that are being waged in other dimensions by entities against each other.

If we donít stop this takeover, we could be in great danger. If those reptiles from the Pleiades are right and they do intend to activate latent DNA from Ĺ million years ago by getting people to visit sacred sites, gridlines, crop circles which will reactivate them we need to warn people not to go there, or at least rid the places of old thought forms and energies. Because gatherings at these places is happening on a grand scale. They said they will reactivate an old timelineís energy and make it take over when so many millions of people accept their words. But are these stone circles that half a million years old? Some are undersea though along with pyramids. The reptiles claim they intend to possess millions - merge with them, how tactfully put. But weíll benefit they said - a mutual relationship. This is like the symbiosis on those SF series. They casually said that the earth will be ripped up while mother earth adjusts to the new reality. But itís the new gridlines they are making, causing earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, according to Bruce Cathie. They just moved the gridlines over a little to make a new reality and we never noticed.

What do the Sirians have to say about our gridlines? According to Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier the contactee, says the Sirians use sound and color to terraform planets to make them livable by altering the Ďbio-magnetic energyí grid. They claim to be the original builders of the grid and they can help us in constructing the new grid, a new system which is appropriate for our next challenges! Those from Sirius A can help with us environmental protection, promoting biodiversity, assist in consciousness raising; and evolution. Strangely, Kuthumi claims Hermes Trismegistus made it in Atlantis. I would expect that it was built in to earth as it was originally made, I mean you canít as Kuthumi say, get high priests and priestesses from Atlantis under the direction of Hermes, to plant crystals all over the place to make that complex grid, if so and the grid operates multiple realities and time frames, then how could they exist in the Atlantean time frame before they "created it!"

Wendy Munro also channels Sirians who say our expression of time on Earth is becoming altered. We will become miracle makers and magicians of the highest order. The time between the thought and the manifestation is shortening. Really a lot of these channellers say a similar thing about our linear time being crumbled, and that "they" are behind it.

Sheldan Nidle also channels the Sirians and he says that they say as our world transforms and our new reality starts to materialize before us a lot of different energies are used by "Heaven" to permit this to happen. Our reality is made of resilient Light, bound into its many forms and solid objects by our agreed upon core perceptions. These concepts form this inter-dimensional Light into a special grid which manifests the Ďrulesí specified by the divine plan and us. Now the Ďdivine planí has altered these rules and the Elohim have been sent from Heaven to forge a new physical reality. Itís a command from the Creator! But thereís been attempts by the dark cabal to thwart these operations. In order to support our new fully conscious reality, the earth is massively rocking as it absorbs and infiltrates energy into our system. Mother earthís tectonic places caused the tsunami in Indonesia, as the locking of them needed to begin.

This is strengthening the new grid, which will replace the old one. We will be reconnected to it they say. But the chaos will soon pass away and a new day will dawn. and we can safely metamorphose into fully conscious Beings of Light. Our conventional wisdom about our reality will evaporate in an instant, to be replaced by a new worldview founded upon peace, cooperation and financial abundance. The planet will regenerate. The Anunnaki are playing up and the Galactic Federation of Light, were aided by the Ruling Council of the Inner earth at Aghartha and the Ascended Masters claim Nidleís Sirians. Sounds awfully like the Tibetan Secret City and Lucifer at his hidey hole in Tibet is pulling the wool over our eyes. Madam Blavatsky was chosen by the Ascended Masters of Tibet and was trained by them there at the Secret City in Tibet from 1868 to 1870. When she returned she started a magazine, Lucifer. In the book she wrote -- The Secret Doctrine, Lucifer is the "Light-Bearer". Alice Bailey told about the "Shambhala Force".The British Theosophist, born in 1880 was a medium who claimed to channel and receive occult letters from a Tibetan master. She founded the Lucifer Trust, now the Lucis Trust and very connected to UN. She said a "Hierarchy" in Shambhala, headed by Maitreya, protects the Force and, at the proper time, will initiate the ripe into "the Mysteries of the Ages," or "The Plan."

I have great hopes for the future and I know now how different timelines operates more and how you can change things for the better and get rid of old realities in an instant, but just believing in a new one. But of course, I am with Jesus and before that I had no hope. I know there are two main realities one with Jesus and one which is operated by Lucifer. However, the second one leads to self-awareness and a false light in which people think they are all powerful and invincible, and basically it rejects the need to yield to God or anyone else for that matter. It is very right brain and overly extrovert masculine. Not only is it all the great I-Am, but it is going straight back to the past and repeating all the Atlantean mistakes of thinking they were invincible and should yield to noone. Atlantis is now under the sea, so it was a short lived grandious dream of being powerful forever. Not only does it take the imperfect masculine of being too confident, but it also attaches the imperfect feminine, but encouraging everyone to follow their feelings, project them into the future and follow every whim and desire as if it is actually good to do what feels good at anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether it is moral or not.

I leave you with a quote from Jan Tober who channels the deluded entity called "Kryon" who is channelled at UN for world policy:

(Kryon 2000: Book VIII. Page 288.)
(8) Lovingly bring your thoughts back to the Light. Hold your pure intent for being here in love. "Fake it 'til you make it!" Consciously take control of your inner dialogue and remember to affirm: "I CHOOSE LIFE!"
(15)Verbalize to yourself daily:
"NOW, in Pure Intent,
--Jan Tober.

I prefer the other 'reality' of Jesus as it gives love not only for God, Jesus and all mankind, but reveals there is order in the universe and if everyone searches for perfection the whole universe proceeds towards perfection and this feels good. With Lucifer there is chaos, as there is always chaos when people all work independently and don't take into consideration whether what they do or create is harmonious with what others do. There has to, I believe, be order and a plan and not only that a single universal ruler who creates the plan for perfection.
It is equally masculine in that it is forward thinking in a logical masculine way, and reflective in that it remembers the past and cares for all that has gone before in a feminine compassionate way.
You can read just the words of Jesus in Matthew here:
And compare them with the self-indulgent DIY resurrection wannabes words of that believe Lucifer. It basically involves affirmations, patting oneself on the back and being one is all powerful because they can visualize success. Basically this is trying to escape karma, and getting karmic credit by taking future success karma now, without doing all the hard work to pay for it. It's basically trying to get something for nothing, which is what stragglers do in evolution. A final word from Kryon's host:

Page 149. "When you finally see these miracles happen, perhaps you will also begin to understand that the miracles that you've seen in the old energy were simply"wakened DNA"--an awakening that came from the power inside the Human instead of from above. It's the God force inside the Human, and not some mysterious energy from above that makes the miracle happen."

I'd like to oppose these words of false hope above with the wise words of John the apostle in 1 John 3: 21-24.

"Dear friends if our conscience does not condemn us, then we can approach God with confidence, and obtain from Him whatever we ask, because we are keeping His commandments and doing what He approves. This is His command: to give our allegiance to His Son Jesus Christ and love one another as He commanded. When we keep His commands we dwell in Him and He dwells in us. And this is how we can make sure that He dwells within us: we know it from the Spirit He has given us."

So it basically means you either follow guidelines and rules or you do what you want and follow the path of least resistance and create chaos and not harmony with everything else to be in synch with you.


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