by Misty

Photo of this place above, but it was on the right of the pillars, at the front.

When I was approximately 14, a vision happened in a Catholic Cathedral mass with the school. I was playing up and laughing with my friends, as I believed in evolution, so didn't respect the church as God's house. There were large pillars up the church which blocked off the centre seats. I was at the back of the large cathedral and there was nobody in the side seats, with the rest of the school in the centre seats. I felt strongly compelled to look up at the white wall at the front of the church at the side, above a statue area and when I did a large face materialised into a black image on the wall of a man with long wavy hair and a beard. It must have been possibly five feet diameter. His disappointed eyes looked so deeply at me that it made everything else vanish momentarily. He spoke into my mind: "From dust you were made and from dust you will return". And then my body turned into dust for a spilt second and it no longer existed. I could see the floor and everything else without my body there. I'd dematerialized completely for a split second! I was made of gold specks like as when the sun shines into a room during this moment. Then I solidified and went back to flesh. The sad face slowly faded away. It was Jesus. I was so terrified afterwards that I couldn't look at a blank wall for years. (Was the Biblical Adam produced from dust? I don't discount anything after that experience.) I ran outside in fear. I had bad nerves and it made me subconsciously fear God and all churches for years. I didn't doubt Jesus existed from then on, but I feared Him and had a very unbalanced perception of Christianity. Years later, reason caused me to realise that it was my own fault that caused Jesus to appear to me, as I was needing to be told to respect His dwelling place.


After I matured and had more respect for authority, I was in Egypt in my mid-twenties and observed how the Moslem Egyptians were so devoted to their religion, that when the feast of Ramadan occurred, the streets were empty and people observed the daylight fast for weeks. My friend's mother knelt down five times a day on her prayer mat, covered her head and prayed. I felt shame. I thought -- I just casually chat to God as if it is anyone, why don't I show Him some respect and kneel down too? I'd finally gotten over the shock of Jesus appearing to me in church and realised that I should be doing the decent thing too, showing humility and praying with sincerity.

I got down on my knees and prayed with my whole heart for the first time in my life. I'd been following, at one time, Buddhism when I was aged 19 as a sort of compensation for being told at school by the nuns continually I'd be going to hell and burning, so decided the way of indifference was better where there was no heaven or hell and even no God at all, just eternal nothingness. However, after a year of endless meditating, boredom set in and a feeling of going nowhere spiritually manifested. I had, by the time of getting down on my knees, been studying the philosophy of (Max Heindel's) Rosicrucian Fellowship in Oceanside, California for about 5 years and had read that Jesus was the highest Initiate of the human species, so by that stage I'd thought of Him as a fellow human who had been the best of the bunch. This seemed less intimidating than what I'd previously felt about Jesus as an overwhelming force reducing me to dust. But I'd still not understood a need in the human race for a Saviour, so hadn't had a reason to owe Him my sole allegiance. This came later when I found out how evil the human race had become during the present era and had also by that stage seen past lives in Atlantis and how humanity had sunk to the depths of depravity. We sure needed divine help as a species to continue upwards in evolution. However then I believed it was the best thing to not need anyone, stand on your own two feet and keep pressing on in evolution regardless of difficulties and this would strengthen oneself to evolve higher eventually.

With a bit of shame at taking so long to respect my Creator, I knelt down and said sorry. Then I said to God -- I would like you direct my life and could you please tell me what is it that you choose for my life path. I wasn't expecting an answer of course, just perhaps a series of synchronicities which led to being in the right place at the right time for a course or job which seemed perfect to learn, preferably to do with health. At that time, I thought the career was the be-all and end-all of life's purpose.

Suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning shot out of both hands and stretched across the room. It was blue and yellow and jagged, lasting some seconds. I was so shocked that I just blinked hard in disbelief and got up off the floor and thought -- that was some holographic symbolic answer! I actually thought that God was hinting I should give up the display art/signwriting and study some alternative health course, like homeopathy, Bach Flowers, herbalism or acupressure. I was eager to study any of these things and be an expert.

The next day I was so happy that God had responded to my prayer, but hoped that He would be specific about what field that I should enter in the healing profession later on. So after about three months I knelt down and asked again what field I should be concentrating on studying for my career. I don't know why, but the memory of first experience of the lightning had gone dim, as I'd had a heap of things happen daily in my spiritual life since and somehow I wasn't expecting anything else to happen like that. But it did! Again, lightning bolted out of my hands and across the room. I thought this time, that it wasn't just symbolic it was more of a miracle and that perhaps God meant I should be a healer with the hands. Which I'd not considered as a life path. However, there was no healing ability there at that time which actually healed anyone (only heat), though the etheric medical bio-engineers had been working on the hand sections of my brain for years. See ALIEN EXPERIENCES Various fingers at one time had a burning fire coming out which melted my fingertips, or the back of my fingers would erupt in red patches of heat, causing the skin to peel like sunburn.

Maybe the etheric surgeons were planning on opening up major energy routes in my hands to make miracle healings? I somehow couldn't see myself as saint-like, but they sure spent a lot of time routing the electricity down my arms and out the fingers they had selected for months of making heat and various pulsations manifest where they wanted. I gave it some thought, as to whether God had just wanted me to be a healer by laying on the hands and praying for people. Maybe lightning would come out of my hands and go into people? I'd read Ruth Montgomery's book "Born To Heal" about 'Mr A' who had such powerful energy coming out of his hands that he could knit bones together immediately and that he was drawing it out of the ionosphere or some magnetic field that surrounded the earth, which was a source of electricity to nurture the world's population that some people could tap and pass on. After weighing up the possibilities of my laying hands on people and giving them instant healings, I wondered if that was just wishful thinking, as one would surely need to be like a Biblical figure to do miracles. I was no Biblical figure. I'd only just prayed to God, so whatever I was destined for would have had to have been from other lives, as this one was lacking loftiness so far.

After about a month of losing sleep over the implications of doing spot cures on all and sundry and all the conspicuous attention it would cause, I thought it might be wise to just ask God if He was intending that this healing I was to do was to be with the hands themselves being laid on people or was I actually getting carried away? I couldn't for the life of me see any miracle maker in the making, as I'd only just given God the respect He deserved after all these years and I didn't want to give myself or any potential patient false hope. However, I thought that I'd ask again and sat up in bed one night in the dark after tossing and turning about what effects it would bring if lightning shot out of my hands and the uneasy attention it would cause and doubted that it would happen in front of anyone. I asked God desperately -- Do you actually want me to be a healer with the hands? If so would you mind indicating this please, so I know for absolute sure?

The room lit up in the dark like daylight! Lightning came out of my hands and instead of going across the room, it went round and round in circles around me. The same blue and yellow jagged streaks, but they were so bright! Now I know that God is making me a healer so it is so satisfying to be able to do something to help people that God will be in charge of. More than twenty years later the bio-engineers are still working on the hand sections of my brain. I often wake up with cramp in my hands and electric shocks like epilepsy jerking my hands. I've touched light switches and electricity has jumped out of the switch. Not sure how long this will take to get the healing power at the right frequency, but have had a go at healing people I know with good results. I've been told there are others who have also had their hands activated by the bio-engineers in the next dimension to produce miracle healing power and I believe that when the aliens announce themselves to the world as healers of the deadly diseases unleashed upon mankind from disease warfare, that God's healers will be showing He cares too. This is the reason and though I am not allowed to say how many healers (who will be passing on the power of the Holy Spirit) will be operating, after the aliens announce themselves as our saviours, we can rest assured that God has been slowly carefully making His healing force run down the arms of those who have committed themselves to do this work.


In 1984 I was standing in a book shop and picked up a small book called "God Calling by Two Listeners" written about 1930 by two sick old ladies in UK. They both prayed if they could be contacted by Jesus, after another person they knew had made contact. Shortly after, they both wrote the exact words down at the same time when Jesus sent them messages to write as His words. I read some words which said: I am Jesus can you feel My presence? Then the world completely dissolved for a few moments, and I was up above the solar system in a huge form which was the size of earth, and Jesus was before me as a huge luminous Being before the Sun. He made the sun look dim. His light filled the whole solar system. Then He burnt His love deep into my heart and destroyed everything I ever believed in, in an instant, which was that Jesus can't be contacted now and wasn't around anymore.

I was overjoyed and bought that book and the companion volume called "God at Eventide" and from that day onwards, I knew that my life was going to be progressing spiritually in the right direction. I read those books for years and still read them at night now. I'm quite sure they are the words of Jesus and are the pearl of great price that one needs to sell everything they own to buy. However the Bible is still the Word of God and these books are especially to know more about Jesus today, and His relation to us in the present day. I recommend buying them because they show more the nature of Jesus and His training of us on a personal basis to become mystics and to learn how much He cares, by touching our hearts with words of kindness and encouragement. What He said to the old ladies, is for everyone to know how much He cares, and that He understands our suffering while we develop spiritually. While dealing with each kind of negative emotion to be transmuted with His help. Each day of the year has some words of encouragement from Jesus to show He cares. Here is an excerpt from God Calling.

March 18. Joy from sorrow. "I bind up the broken hearts with the cords wherewith men scourged Me in the Judgement Hall; with the whips of scorn wherewith men have have mocked My Love and Divinity down the ages. Symbol, this, of the way in which, out of seeming obstacles, stepping-stones can be fashioned, and out of trials undreamt-of, blessings can be wrought. Share My Life, with its longings and tears, with its Joys unspeakable and its heartaches beyond human description. Share My Joy." Jesus.


One day, in the late 1980's I was in my room and I looked at a poster on the wall of 3 crosses on a hill, with a sunset in the background. I beamed over to it extreme gratitude from my heart to Jesus at saving our souls and His sacrifice for mankind. I'd been reading my God Calling and God at Eventide books and had developed a deep bond with Jesus. I am a bit intense emotionally, so must have sent out a big flood of emotion. All of a sudden a large cross was cut out of the air in front of me. Firstly, a single thin vertical line, with a thin bar across appeared. It made a noise not unlike when one reduces a webpage on the computer, that kind of scraping sound. It stretched open in a sharp hollow cross which when it stopped would have been probably about 6 feet high, maybe about 4 and a half feet across and about 1 and a half feet diameter in each arm and at least 2-3 feet deep into the next dimension. I could see the next dimension showing through. It was as if a knife had cut out a sharp cross, into our "reality". However, my emotion changed from gratitude to complete shock and when it did, the cross started to close up, making the same sort of clicking noises. It wavered back and forth a little shrinking and stretching maybe about 6-12 inches from the outsides. But then once more I felt gratitude at how wonderful it was to have a cross appear and when I did it stretched out again and was going to stretch right out big enough for me to walk into the next dimension, but I became so shocked at the thought of disappearing into the next world and maybe even not coming back again, that fear set in and then it just closed right up and vanished. I was left staring at the room as if nothing happened!
I don't know what exactly that means, words fail me, but it was to do with Jesus for sure. However I recall in explicit detail being there when Jesus died on the cross during His life on earth. I've written a story on it.

However, on another occasion when I was in Egypt a sphere was cut out of the air and I went through it to the parallel universe. But it was created by angels using technology.
You can read about it here.
I don't know if initially another person made the cross using technology in the next dimension, but it appears there may be at least two ways to get into there. One being from feeling gratitude, and the other using technology. There may be other ways.

There are other stories on this website which detail encounters with Jesus.

I met Jesus on the tube train in London.


This is an excerpt from chapter four of my past life as an ancient Persian astronomer. The rest of the story can be found here:

Sembe felt caught up in the cross currents of universal self expression and the response from life itself as manifested in human form. Energies passing other kinds of energies all criss-crossing and searching for a home in flesh and blood to settle in and come to rest. As he sat on the tower in Persia, he noted that clusters of stars had completely different personalities. Layers and layers of entities within the territory of the stars sang a unique symphony. From the coarseness of chaos to the most terrifying winds of power ever to engulf Sembe and splinter his consciousness, came the beings from the stars. Until he was temporarily no more as a complete conscious unit.

In time he became whole again, as he knew he would, as he always did whenever the vibrations went on what he termed a rampage. Sometimes other beings that were not normally present shot across the sky like wild teenagers, restless for adventure and to turn whole worlds upside down without caring for the consequences. However this didn't happen very often. And also sometimes another heavenly force saturated the entire sky that was akin to a wave of compassion for every living thing, so tender-hearted it was, that it made Sembe feel like a baby again in his mother's arms, helpless and alone.

On other occasions Sembe felt the Masterful hand of the Creator of All, skilfully balancing who was to dominate which area of life and when and how much. The overwhelming intelligence, seriousness, precision and strength that the God of All contained, completely left Sembe lost for words. In Sembe's stillness he watched and felt the Creator of the Universe going about His work at the helm. Totally in control, knowledgeable and sensitive to every detail going on at every level.

He felt very humble in the presence of His Majesty and Power. In the stillness of Sembe's heart, he gave control of his life over to the Creator. He yielded to the Divine. He knew life was not a haphazard occurrence where people played out their instincts at random. He saw the Divine Hand minister from Eternity. His faith and trust in God multiplied as he watched and listened to the obedience of the higher forces within the stars. All things lead eventually towards the Creator, he reasoned, and if they go off path many highly evolved beings help them return to the fold.

Sembe felt confident that the beings within the stars were doing God's work and that we should all get to know each other really well because parts of us are within them and parts of them are within us. If we are all part of each other he reasoned, then we need fear nothing, except our inability to control how much we take of which energy. He decided that if we absorbed exactly equal amounts of each star system within ourselves, then the chances of us feeling inadequate in certain respects were minimised, because then we would be very resourceful having all qualities to draw on. And so Sembe's co-creator in the making reached nirvana in Gemini, where its archetype for perfection is found - using communication. It was the road he took to find and know God. He still had a long way to go but he at least found a way home.

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