I lived during the time of Jesus and watched Him die on the cross from beginning to end. For some reason or another I have an exceedingly good memory for past lives and have seen at least 2000. ETs from our solar system inbuilt this capacity into my brain when I was age 21 and first I just saw a non-moving picture of the life, then graduated to moving pictures, then sound, then feeling the atmosphere, then smell and so on. But it went slowly as I managed to get parts of myself from higher levels into this body, that are increasingly more acutely sensitive. I started in the late 1970s and saw approximately one past life a week or so then went more in-depth as they got more complicated eg Atlantean scientists etc

Seeing Jesus on earth is the ultimate prize in past life content. It describes in the Bible in Mark 15:33 when Jesus died on the cross the sky went dark at midday over the whole land. I watched from a distance as a woman, then later went closer. Matthew 27:45 also says darkness fell over the whole land from midday until 3pm and at 3pm Jesus called out "My God, My God why hast thou forsaken Me?" as the crushing evil attacking Him must have felt overwhelming. Then Jesus gave a loud cry, breathed His last and the curtain of the temple (innermost chamber) was torn in two from top to bottom. Then there was an earthquake, the rocks split and the graves opened and many of God's people came out of their graves and entered the Holy City. He died on a Friday. Then on the Sunday there was a violent earthquake and an angel came down from heaven and rolled away the stone. Jesus was of course in the underworld removing Satan's grip on earth's inhabitants.

So if the innermost sanctum of the Temple was representative of God and when Jesus died the curtain protecting it from being entered was torn, then it must represent Jesus entering into God's presence which would be a first for any of His created humans. Therefore linking man to God and of course the resulting new reality or timeline would have been created. So it means one timeline only leads straight to our Creator, and either you are on it or not.

Inside the Pyramid there is a story marked out in a stone design which marks stones for years from Abraham until it appears End Times when Jesus returns. So therefore we can establish this 4000 year or so time span from Abraham to Jesus' Second Coming has been set in stone as it were.

I do recall past lives in Atlantis when the Pyramids were analyzed to death by the scientists and found to process the karma of this planet, and of course the inevitable happened to try to change this. But that's another story which you can read about here. Also I recall a past life where bad ETs had taken control of the Pyramids and banned earth people from going anywhere near them while they tried to use them for their evil purposes. I think earth people recaptured them but it was one of the most deadly battles ever to occur as magic was used by both sides. I'll try to write a story on it. I've not heard of anyone else tell this story. It's quite shocking and prob best forgotten as the dark forces were beyond belief. I also remember another past life in Atlantis where a whole city got possessed by ETs who made people's bodies their hosts, but Jesus cast them out. He worked with humans in our solar system as at that time Earth was in communication with the people living on the other planets. Earth people were generally speaking quite weak willed, unlike today.

Getting back to what happened with Jesus. I guess He did want someone to be an eyewitness and remember in future what did happen without colouring it up. I'd say about the time it started to go dark something started spinning around Jesus, but it was not air. It may have been His aura and it expanded horizontally. I think I was telepathic in that life and voices were heard sneering and attacking Jesus in the inner planes. You can be sure that Jesus nailed to the cross was a time for any dark entities in the universe to pit their forces against Him to try and weaken Him further and see Him fail as they had no opposition at the time. Plus some scientists with time machines would find it a temptation to try to get a DNA or blood sample from Jesus for their own curiosity or cloning ambitions, or even to try to attack Him and change the past.

After a few hours the spinning went faster and it was unbearble for me to endure as it felt like I was being crushed with the intensity and decided to go home, as it felt was if I would come apart. I turned around to walk away but Jesus said telepathically 'Please stay, you will be alright'. By that time it was like being in very deep water and having the bends and I couldn't move anyway. I thought if I'm not going to die, then I'll watch this very carefully and imprint it on my memory forever.

Then some light emanated from Jesus's spine and surrounded Him like a tube which went far into the sky. It was a light like very intense sunlight and golden, but you could see through it. Inside the light there was joy so beautiful that it was like a beam of Paradise came right down to earth. Inside the beam there showed layers and layers of inner worlds like a tier and each world had inhabitants and they were sending encouragement and praise to Jesus for enduring to the end and withstanding the evil onslaught of attacks and not being tempted to destroy His enemies, but just silently remaining calm and having 100% self control while His consciousness and light expanded throughout the universe.

So from what I can gather Jesus was simultaneously existing and aware of Paradise which surrounded Him after he'd lain there on the cross awhile and not been moved by the forces of darkness to be like them and hate them back. After awhile the forces of darkness left as they couldn't endure the brilliant light that started emanating around Jesus in the inner worlds.

It would be good to know scientifically how it all actually happened, after all I can't escape being a curious Atlantean scientist in my soul. But as far as ETs beaming from spaceships or being involved with phenomena, I'd say it was more an opening occurred throughout all the inner worlds right into God's Kingdom as Jesus's aura burned its way through all the barriers between each world.

I've written a book on another past life in ancient Persia which I remember to the last detail and communicated with Jesus at the end of that life spiritually.




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