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                                               September 2018
(500) DAYS OF SUMMER Joseph GordonLevitt
plays shy greeting-card writer Tom who
quickly becomes smitten by the eff ervescent
new girl in the offi ce, Summer (Zooey
Deschanel). As their relationship takes off , the
fi lm jumps around to important moments in
their 500-day aff air--a journey that takes the
pair in unexpected directions in this one-of-akind
tale of love and heartbreak. ( AC,AL ) PG13
 1 : 35 MAX Sep.7
12 STRONG Chris Hemsworth leads a special
team of Green Berets chosen to be the fi rst
U.S. troops sent into Afghanistan in the
days following 9/11. ( AC,AL,V ) R 2 : 10 MAX
15: A QUINCEANERA STORY In these four
short fi lms, fi ve Latina girls from diff erent
backgrounds prepare for their quinceanera--a
celebration of their 15th birthday.
 Ashley ( MV ) TVPG - :28HBO Sep.19 ;
 Jackie & Nina TVG - : 29 HBO Sep.19 ;
 Rosi TVG - : 28 HBO Sep.19 ;
 Zoey TVG - : 26 HBO Sep.1,19 ;
24/7 CANELO/GOLOVKIN 2 Delve inside the
highly anticipated rematch between Canelo
Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. ( AL ) TVPG : 27
 HBO Aug.28,30,31, Sep.1,3,5,14,15
50 FIRST DATES Marine vet Adam Sandler is
forced to make a daily eff ort at romancing a
young lady who has no short-term memory in
this riotous romantic comedy. Drew Barrymore
co-stars. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 39 MAX
Deborah Kerr play star-crossed lovers whose
meeting on an ocean liner may be fate in this
romantic 1957 classic. ( NA ) TVG 1 : 55 MAX
ALL ABOUT STEVE Oscar® winner Sandra
Bullock stars as a chatty crossword creator
who chases a cute cameraman around the
country on a comical quest to capture his
heart. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 39 HBO Sep.4,12,17
ALL EYEZ ON ME In a life that spanned just
25 years, Tupac Shakur left his mark—as a
rapper, a poet, an actor, an activist and more.
Director Benny Boom captures it all in this
stirring bio-pic that chronicles Tupac’s life,
from his childhood to his red-hot rise in the rap
world and, fi nally, to his violent end. Demetrius
Shipp Jr. stars. ( AC,GL,N,RP,V ) R 2 : 20 MAX
tracks a maniacal kidnapper with a diabolical
plan in this thriller based on the James
Patterson novel. Monica Potter, Michael
Wincott, Penelope Ann Miller and Michael
Moriarty co-star. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 43 MAX Sep.2
ADVENTURE Friendly wolves Kate and
Humphrey are back, ready to spend the
holidays with their three young pups...until the
youngest disappears, sparking a desperate
search to fi nd him. Kate Higgins, Ben Diskin,
Liza West and Meryl Leigh head up the voice
cast in this fun-fi lled animated sequel. ( MV )
 TVPG : 45 HBO Sep.8
AMERICAN MADE Tom Cruise is at “his very
best” (Urban Cinefi le) as Barry Seal, an airline
pilot who avoids jail time for smuggling by
agreeing to work for the CIA, but soon fi nds
himself mixed up with ruthless drug cartels
and the Iran-Contra aff air. ( AC,GL,N,V ) R 1 : 55
 HBO Sep.2
ANALYZE THIS Mob boss Robert De Niro
feels he’s losing his edge until he meets family
therapist Billy Crystal in this riotous gangland
comedy. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 43 HBO Sep.10,15,21,24
ANIMALS. Follow the downtrodden creatures
native to Earth’s least habitable environment--
New York City--in this adult animated series.
 25: Episode Twenty-Five: Stuff .
( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 25 HBO Sep.5 ;
 26 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 28 HBO Sep.7,12 ;
 27 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 26 HBO Sep.14,15,19 ;
 28 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 28 HBO Sep.21,26 ;
 29 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 24 HBO Sep.28,29 ;
ANNABELLE: CREATION Find out how the
diabolical doll came to terrifying life in this
scary prequel to ‘Annabelle.’ Starring Stephanie
Sigman, Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto, Alicia
Vela-Bailey, Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson and
Philippa Coulthard. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 50 MAX
ANNIE HALL Woody Allen is a stand-up comic
in love with nervous, would-be nightclub singer
Diane Keaton in this compassionate look at
relationships in the ‘70s. ( AC,AL ) PG 1 : 33
 MAX Sep.11
ARTHUR Love threatens to come between
drunken playboy Russell Brand and his
inheritance in this riotous remake. ( AC,MV )
 PG13 1 : 50 HBO Sep.18,24,30
ASSASSIN’S CREED Michael Fassbender is
sent back in time to learn the killing ways of
his assassin ancestors in this adaptation of the
video-game series. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 56 MAX
ATOMIC BLONDE Oscar® winner Charlize
Theron (2004’s Monster) is the most lethal
assassin in the British secret service—and
there’s nothing she won’t do to complete a
mission. But she soon learns she’s on her
own when she gets double-crossed while on a
mission in Berlin in this stylish, action-packed
thriller. James McAvoy co-stars. ( AC,AL,GV,N )
 R 1 : 55 HBO Sep.3,10,20,28,29
ME Austin travels back in time to the
psychedelic Sixties after Dr. Evil steals his
‘mojo,’ aided by sexy American spy Felicity
Shagwell. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 1 : 35 HBO Aug.31
MAX Sep.4,30
AVATAR James Cameron’s futuristic megablockbuster
about a paraplegic war vet who
fi nds himself at the center of a war for a distant
world. ( MV ) PG13 2 : 42 HBO Sep.13,17,21,27
BACK TO THE FUTURE Michael J. Fox (“Family
Ties”) is an ‘80s teen who accidentally zooms
back to the nifty ‘50s and almost un-creates
himself by disrupting the romance between his
teen parents-to-be. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG 1 : 56 MAX
Marty McFly and Doc Brown go back to 1955
to recover a sports almanac that negatively
aff ects the future in this sequel to the ‘80s
classic. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd.
( AC,AL ) PG 1 : 48 MAX Sep.12,22
Marty McFly revs up the DeLorean one last
time to save the life of Doc Brown in the Wild
West conclusion to the sci-fi trilogy. ( AC,AL ) PG
 1 : 58 MAX Sep.19,22,25
BALLERS The sun-soaked world of a group of
past and present football players in and around
Miami, FL is the setting for this half-hour HBO
comedy series. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
stars as a retired superstar who is trying to fi nd
a foothold as a fi nancial manager to current
players as they navigate life off the fi eld.
 33: This Is Not Our World
( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.1 ;
 34: Forgiving is Living
( AL ) TVMA - : 24 HBO Sep.2,4 ;
 35: Doink
( AL ) TVMA - : 27 HBO Sep.9,11,15 ;
 36: No Small Talk
( AL ) TVMA - : 29 HBO Sep.16,19,22 ;
 37: The Kids are Aight
( AL ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.23,26,29 ;
 38: The Devil You Know
( AL ) TVMA - : 29 HBO Sep.30 ;
BANANAS Is that Woody Allen leading
the revolution in a Latin American banana
republic? Yes, and only Woody could create
this zany comedy with its rapid-fi re visual and
verbal gags. Louise Lasser is on hand as his
activist girlfriend, and Howard Cosell adds to
the fun in this classic 1971 comedy. ( AC,BN ) PG
 1 : 22 MAX Sep.3,26
BARBERSHOP Ice Cube stars as a would-be
entrepreneur who inherits his family’s Chicaco
barbershop and sells it to a loan shark,
but tries to get it back after realizing how
important it is to the community. ( AC,AL,V )
 PG13 1 : 42 HBO Sep.6,19,26
 Neighborhood barbershop proprietor Ice Cube
fi nds his friendly mom-and-pop business
threatened by a greedy developer who opens
a fl ashy, upscale salon right across the street!
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 46 HBO Sep.11,14,24
and Steve Carell are all aces in this funny,
fascinating depiction of King’s infamous
1973 “Battle of the Sexes” match against
chauvinistic former men’s star Bobby Riggs.
( AC,AL ) PG13 2 : 02 HBO Sep.3,16
THE BEACH A nomadic American youth
(Leonardo DiCaprio) fi nds danger and passion
in a remote tropical paradise. Tilda Swinton,
Virginie Ledoyen. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R 1 : 59 MAX
ultimate head trip, this “endlessly inventive”
(Roger Ebert) comic fantasy stars John
Cusack as a street puppeteer who accidentally
discovers a portal that leads directly into the
brain of actor John Malkovich. Well, at least
for 15 minutes at a time, before being dumped
onto the New Jersey turnpike. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) R
 1 : 53 HBO Sep.17
the offi ce takes a terrifying turn when the
employees at a corporation in Colombia are
given a horrifi c ultimatum. Starring John
Gallagher Jr., Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, John
C. McGinley, Melonie Diaz, Josh Brener and
Michael Rooker. ( AC,AL,GV ) R 1 : 29 HBO Sep.19
THE BEST MAN A novelist and his college
pals comically mull over love, friendship and
marriage while attending their friend’s New
York nuptials in this highly amusing fi lm. Taye
Diggs stars. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) R 2 : 00 MAX Sep.1
BIG FISH Tim Burton’s delightful fantasy
about a young man trying to understand his
dying father whose life is defi ned by the tall
stories he tells. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 2 : 05 MAX
BIG TROUBLE A mysterious suitcase becomes
the focus of attention for a myriad of comical
characters on the streets of Miami—including
a divorced dad, an unhappy housewife, love
struck teens, bumbling cops, FBI agents and
hapless hit men. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 25 MAX
BIRTH OF THE DRAGON The story behind the
famous 1964 fi ght between a young Bruce Lee,
then a martial arts instructor in San Francisco,
and legendary Shaolin master Wong Jack
Man, is chronicled in this rousing biographical
drama. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 36 MAX Sep.5,17
THE BLIND SIDE Sandra Bullock won a Best
Actress Oscar® for her stirring portrayal of
a Southern mom whose family takes a in
homeless young football prospect. ( AC,MV )
 PG13 2 : 08 HBO Aug.29, Sep.1,3,13,18,25,30
to the vibrant super fl yweight ranks with this
action-packed tripleheader. The main event
pits Juan Francisco Estrada (36-3, 25 KOs)
against Felipe Orucuta (36-4, 30 KOs). In the
co-main event, four-time champion Donnie
Nietes (41-1-4, 23 KOs) takes on Aston Palicte
(24-2, 20 KOs). The evening opens with Kazuto
Ioka (22-1, 13 KOs) vs. McWilliams Arroyo (17-3,
14 KOs). ( AL ) TVPG 2 : 42 HBO Sep.8,9,11
THE BOY DOWNSTAIRS Zosia Mamet stars
as an aspiring writer who returns to New
York after a few years abroad following a bad
breakup, only to discover that her ex-boyfriend
(Matthew Shear) is living in the same Brooklyn
apartment building she has just moved into.
( AC,AL ) TV14 1 : 31 HBO Sep.1,5,13,21,25
BRING IT ON Kirsten Dunst shakes her
pompoms as the new captain of a high school
cheerleading team leading her squad to a
national championship, only to discover that
her predecessor stole their routines from
a rival school. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 39 HBO
Panettiere stars as a cheerleader at an affl uent
high school who is forced to leave for a rival
inner-city school. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 39 HBO
THE BROKEN A shattered mirror leaves
radiologist Lena Headey haunted by her
doppelganger in this chilling horror fi lm.
Co-starring Ulrich Thomsen, Melvil Poupaud,
Michelle Duncan, Asier Newman and Richard
Jenkins. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R 1 : 28 MAX Sep.3,8,19,22
PREVIEW An inside look at Canelo Alvarez
vs. Gennady Golovkin 2.( AL ) TVPG : 13 HBO
CAPE FEAR Robert De Niro breathes
frightening new life into the role of a homicidal
ex-con who is out for revenge in Martin
Scorsese’s scary remake. With Nick Nolte.
( AC,AL,GV ) R 2 : 08 MAX Sep.6,16
CAPTIVITY A model is abducted and held
captive along with a young man in a maniac’s
basement where he unleashes a series of
hellish tortures upon them. Elisha Cuthbert
and Daniel Gillies star in this gruesome
tale of terror. ( AC,AL,BN,GV ) R 1 : 25 MAX
CHICAGO Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee
Zellweger light up the screen as spotlightstarved
murderesses in this Oscar®-winning
musical. Richard Gere co-stars. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13
 1 : 53 HBO Sep.10,19
CLASH OF THE TITANS A heroic mortal
battles every terror the gods can send his way
to save a damsel in distress in this epic remake.
Sam Worthington stars. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 46
 MAX Sep.3,7,24,27
Pozdorovkin shines a light on Puentes de
Salud, a Philadelphia health-care clinic serving
a population that all-too-easily slips through
the cracks: undocumented immigrants. ( AL )
 TV14 : 40 HBO Sep.22
the 1980 Best Actress Oscar® for her spirited,
moving portrayal of country singer Loretta
Lynn and her rise to stardom. Also with Tommy
Lee Jones, Beverly D’Angelo. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG
 2 : 04 MAX Sep.2,15
COLLATERAL BEAUTY An advertising exec
copes with a personal tragedy by writing
letters to ‘Love,’ ‘Time’ and ‘Death,’ and receives
startling responses. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 37
 MAX Sep.11,25
THE COOLER William H. Macy corners the
market on losing as a Las Vegas casino
employee who doles out bad luck for a living
until he meets a pretty cocktail waitress. Alec
Baldwin. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R 1 : 42 MAX Sep.4,10,28
COOTIES A group of teachers must band
together to ward off a murderous student body
infected by contaminated chicken nuggets in
this spoof. Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison
Pill, Jack McBrayer, Leigh Whannell, Nasim
Pedrad, Ian Brennan, Jorge Garcia. ( AC,AL,GV )
 R 1 : 28 MAX Sep.14,17
COP CAR Two boys come across an empty
car in a fi eld and proceed to take it for a
joyride--unaware that the sheriff it belongs to
has just committed murder. Kevin Bacon stars.
( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 28 MAX Sep.7
COP OUT Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan
team up as a pair of inept cops in this riotous
buddy-cop comedy from director Kevin Smith.
( AC,GL,V ) R 1 : 47 MAX Sep.5,14,24
THE CORE It’s a hair-raising journey to the
center of the Earth for a geophysicist and
his team to save the planet in this thrilling
disaster epic. Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank,
Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, D.J. Qualls, Richard
Jenkins, Tcheky Karyo, Bruce Greenwood and
Alfre Woodard star. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 15 HBO
CORKY ROMANO Chris Kattan is a goodhearted
screwball whose gangster-dad gets
him into the FBI—in order to fi nd out what kind
of dirt they have on him. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 26
 MAX Sep.4,24
COUPLES RETREAT Comedy about a quartet
of couples whose tropical island vacation
comes with a shocking therapeutic twist. Vince
Vaughn stars. ( AC,AL,BN,MV ) PG13 1 : 54 MAX
COURAGE UNDER FIRE Denzel Washington
stars as a Pentagon offi cer who is sent to
investigate the nomination of a dead female
pilot for the Medal of Honor. Meg Ryan costars.
( AL,V ) R 1 : 56 MAX Sep.1,6,25,29
CRAZY HEART Jeff Bridges won the 2009
Best Actor Oscar® for his sterling performance
as an aging country singer in this superb
drama. ( AC,GL,MV,N ) R 1 : 52 HBO Sep.21
DARKEST HOUR Gary Oldman won the Best
Actor Oscar® for this absorbing portrayal of
Winston Churchill as he leads Britain head-on
against Nazi Germany. ( AC,MV ) PG13 2 : 05
 HBO Aug.28,31, Sep.3,7,13,16
DATE NIGHT Steve Carell and Tina Fey are
a couple whose wild night out injects some
much-needed spark—and some serious
danger--into their marriage. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13
 1 : 28 MAX Sep.3,7,11,15,19,23,27
DAVE A Presidential look-alike gets a chance
to run the country in this comedy. With Kevin
Kline and Sigourney Weaver. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 50
 MAX Sep.11,16,21
THE DEUCE Get into the gritty and decadent
world of NYC’s Times Square in the 1970s,
as the business of pleasure begins its climb
to become a billion-dollar industry in this
drama series from the creative team behind
The Wire® and Treme®. James Franco, Maggie
Gyllenhaal, Gary Carr, Gbenga Akinnagbe,
Dominique Fishback, Emily Meade, Lawrence
Gilliard, Jr. head up a stellar cast.
 07: Au Reservoir
( AC,AL,N,SC,V ) TVMA - : 59 HBO Sep.6 ;
 08: My Name is Ruby
( AC,AL,N,SC,V ) TVMA - 1 : 11 HBO Sep.6 ;
 09: Our Raison d’Etre
( AC,AL,N,SC ) TVMA - : 59 Sep.9,10,11,12,13,15,22 ;
 10: There’s an Art to This
( AC,AL,N,SC ) TVMA - : 59
 11: Seven-Fifty
( AC,AL,N,SC,V ) TVMA - : 59 Sep.23,24,26,27,29 ;
 12: What Big Ideas
( AC,AL,N,SC,V ) TVMA - : 59 HBO Sep.30 
drama was nominated for eight 1959 Oscars®,
including Best Picture. Millie Perkins stars.
( NA ) TVG 2 : 51 MAX Sep.9,21
DIE HARD Super cop Bruce Willis battles
terrorists inside a Los Angeles skyscraper
in this action classic. ( AL,BN,V ) R 2 : 12 HBO
cop Bruce Willis plays a deadly game of hide
and seek with a mad bomber who is hiding
explosives all over New York City. Samuel L.
Jackson co-stars. ( AL,GV ) R 2 : 08 HBO Sep.2
DRACULA Frank Langella stars as the
infamous monster whose liquid gaze melts
feminine hearts and inspires the ladies to bare
their lovely necks. ( AC,V ) R 1 : 49 MAX Sep.20
Scott Lee stars as the master martial artist and
actor Bruce Lee in this fi lm about his rise to
fame. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 00 MAX Sep.12
DREW MICHAEL Stand-up comedian and
former “Weekend Update” SNL writer Drew
Michael stars in his fi rst, hour-long HBO
special. ( AC,AL ) TVMA : 50 HBO Aug.27,30,31,
DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR? Two stoners try
to retrace their steps after a night of complete
inebriation of which they have no memory.
Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott star.
( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 23 HBO Sep.12,17,29
DUNKIRK Christopher Nolan’s Oscar®-
winning telling of the World War II battle at
Dunkirk in which 330,000 Allied troops had
to be evacuated. Starring Fionn Whitehead,
Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, Harry
Styles, Aneurin Barnard, James D’Arcy and
Barry Keoghan with Kenneth Branagh,
Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 47 HBO Sep.7,25
EDGE OF DARKNESS Mel Gibson crackles
and pops as a vengeful Boston police offi cer
out to fi nd his daughter’s killer. ( AL,V ) R 1 : 57
 MAX Sep.15
EIGHT BELOW The heroic sled dogs at a
remote Antarctica research outpost are left
to brave the harsh conditions alone in this
riveting tale of survival. Paul Walker, Bruce
Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood and Jason Biggs
star. ( AC,MV ) PG 2 : 00 MAX Sep.12
ENTRAPMENT A brilliant art thief and a sexy
investigator play a deadly game of cat-andmouse.
Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 53 MAX Sep.2,5,18,25
ESME & ROY From the makers of “Sesame
Street” comes this animated series about
a young girl named Esme and her monster
pal Roy, who help take care of all kinds of
interesting creatures when their regular
guardians need aid.
 03: Noisy Naptime & The Hugo Express
 TVY - : 23 HBO Sep.1 ;
 04: The Case of the Missing Cuddles & Gentle,
 TVY - : 23 HBO Sep.8 ;
 05: Supermarket Match & Imitation Frustration
 TVY - : 23 HBO Sep.15 ;
 06: Hugo, We Have a Problem & A New Chapter
 TVY - : 23 HBO Sep.22 ;
 07: Game Plan & A Way to Play
 TVY - : 23 HBO Sep.29 ;
EUROTRIP A goofball teen undertakes a road
trip to Europe to meet his German pen pal
in this raucous comedy. Scott Mechlowicz
and Jacob Pitts star. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R 1 : 30 HBO
18-year-old with a rare autoimmune disorder
that forces her to stay indoors all the time.
But the arrival of her new next-door neighbor
leads to a romance via texts and e-mails, and
a life-altering adventure for Maddy. ( AC ) PG13
 1 : 36 MAX Sep.26
EXTREME OPS While shooting a commercial,
extreme athletes put their daredevil skills
to good use when they clash with terrorists.
( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 1 : 33 MAX Sep.6,23
THEM A British wizard’s captured creatures
run wild in New York in J.K. Rowling’s magical
spinoff of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Eddie
Redmayne, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz, Ron
Perlman, Katherine Waterston, Gemma Chan, 
Jon Voight, Dan Fogler and Samantha Morton
star. ( AC,V ) PG13 2 : 13 HBO Sep.1,19,28
FAST & FURIOUS Wanted hot rodder Vin
Diesel and rogue FBI agent Paul Walker put
pedal-to-the-metal to bring down a drug cartel
in this fourth film in the high-octane series.
( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 47 MAX Sep.9,12,15,18,21
FATHER FIGURES Owen Wilson and Ed
Helms encounter a hilarious mix of paternal
possibilities on a road trip to fi nd their real
father in this comedy. ( AC,GL,V ) R 1 : 53 HBO
FERDINAND A friendly bull’s (voice of
John Cena) peaceful life is shattered
when he is forced to return to the violent
life of bullfi ghting. ( AC,MV ) PG 1 : 48 HBO
FIFTY SHADES DARKER The torrid trilogy
continues with this second installment of the
erotic bestsellers by E.L. James. Jamie Dornan
and Dakota Johnson steam up the screen
again, as a jilted Christian Grey tries to entice
Anastasia Steele back into his life to continue
their kinky encounters. ( AC,AL,MV,N,SC ) R 1 : 57
 MAX Sep.6,11,17
 Jim Lampley hosts this HBO Sports series
that delves inside boxing’s biggest stories,
hottest bouts, and more. This edition will
include an expert analysis of recent fi ghts, as
well as news, projections and predictions for
upcoming fi ghts on the HBO slate and beyond.
39: ( AL ) TVPG : 27 HBO Sep.5,7,8,9,12,13,14,15 ;
40: ( AL ) TVPG : 27 HBO Sep.19,20,22,25,26,30
claim the survivors of a massive speedway
tragedy in this fourth frightening installment
in the Final Destination series. ( AC,AL,GV,N ) R
 1 : 22 MAX Sep.5,8,13,18,22,27
FINAL DESTINATION Death comes for a
group of teens who escaped their fate on a
doomed airliner in this chiller. Devon Sawa, Ali
Larter, Kerr Smith, Tony Todd. ( AC,AL,GV ) R
 1 : 38 HBO Aug.31 MAX Sep.8,29
THE FINAL YEAR Directed by Greg Barker, this
documentary off ers a unique insiders’ account
of President Barack Obama’s foreign-policy
team during its last year in offi ce. Featuring
unprecedented “fly-on-the-wall” access inside
the White House and State Department, the
fi lm revolves around top members including
Secretary of State John Kerry, President
Obama himself, and others. ( AC,AL ) TV14 1 : 30
 HBO Sep.28
FIST FIGHT A nerdy teacher is challenged
to a fi st fi ght by his rage-fi lled, recently fi red
co-worker in this comedy with Ice Cube
and Charlie Day. ( AC,GL,N,V ) R 1 : 31 HBO
Clement and Bret McKenzie—a.k.a. Flight of
the Conchords—are New Zealand’s 4th Most
Popular Folk Parody Duo. Now, they have
moved to New York City to conquer America,
one fan (literally) at a time in this musicalcomedy
series that fi nds them singing their
unique tunes about life, love and the pursuit of
the elusive music video.
 10: New Fans ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 27 HBO Sep.11 ;
Reese Witherspoon deck the halls with four
dysfunctional families this Christmas when
their vacation plans go hilariously awry.
( AC,MV ) PG13 1 : 28 MAX Sep.12,25
delivers a knockout performance in this
rousing underdog tale about a migrant
farmworker and part-time boxer who gets a
shot at the big time when he challenges his
racist boss’s son to a prizefi ght. ( AC,AL,V )
 PG13 1 : 37 MAX Sep.7,21,29
FROM WITHIN When a series of suicides grip
a small town, a teenage girl fears it may the
result of a diabolical curse—and that she may
be the next to fall victim to it. Elizabeth Rice,
Thomas Dekker, Kelly Blatz, Laura Allen, Margo
Harshman, Steven Culp, Brittany Robertson,
Rumer Willis, Jared Harris and Adam Goldberg
star. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 30 MAX Sep.1
FUNNY PEOPLE Adam Sandler is a comedy
star whose life takes a turn after he’s
diagnosed with a terminal illness in this Judd
Apatow fi lm. ( AC,GL,MV ) R 2 : 26 HBO Sep.6,19
GARDEN STATE An emotionally stunted young
actor experiences an awakening of sorts when
he returns to his New Jersey hometown for the
funeral of his mother in this comedy-drama.
Zach Braff . ( AC,AL,MV ) R 1 : 42 HBO Sep.30
WASHINGTON, D.C. George Lopez returns to
HBO for his fourth solo stand-up special, airing
live from the Concert Hall at the Kennedy
Center for the Performing Arts in Washington,
D.C. ( AC,AL ) TVMA 1 : 00 HBO Sep.29
GIFTED The peaceful co-existence between
a man and his gifted seven-year-old niece
is tested by meddling forces in this moving
drama. Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay
Duncan and Octavia Spencer star. ( AC,AL )
 PG13 1 : 41 HBO Sep.4
THE GIRL NEXT DOOR A bookish highschool
teen learns a lesson in sexy fun when
he falls for a porn star who moves in next
door to him. Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert,
Timothy Olyphant. ( AL,MV,N,SC ) R 1 : 49 MAX
Johansson stars as the inspiration for
renowned painter Johannes Vermeer’s most
memorable work. With Colin Firth. ( AC,AL )
 PG13 1 : 40 MAX Sep.10
GOING IN STYLE Three Oscar® winners-
-Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan
Arkin—make a comic dream team in this feelgood
caper fi lm. The trio play old friends who
are cheated out of their pensions and decide
to get even by pulling a heist of the bank that
stole their money. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 36 MAX
GOOD HAIR Chris Rock seeks the answer to
his young daughter’s question about AfricanAmerican
hair in this documentary. ( AC,AL )
 PG13 1 : 36 MAX Sep.27
 Acclaimed actor and FDNY veteran Steve
Buscemi looks at what it’s like to work as a
New York City fi refi ghter. ( AL ) TV14 : 59 HBO
GOOD WILL HUNTING Will Hunting is a
troubled South Boston youth who happens
to be a genius. When he anonymously solves
a diffi cult math problem posed by an MIT
professor, Will sets into motion a series of
events that bring him to a crossroads in his
life. Robin Williams won the Best Supporting
Actor Oscar® for his portrayal of Will’s courtmandated
therapist. Matt Damon co-stars as
Will; also with Ben Affl eck. ( AC,AL,MV ) R 2 : 07
 HBO Sep.19
GOODFELLAS Martin Scorsese’s classic that
follows “wiseguy” Henry Hill as he rises from
neighborhood punk to top of the Mafi a anthill.
Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci star.
( AC,AL,GV ) R 2 : 25 HBO Sep.6,21
THE GREAT WALL Matt Damon is a mercenary
who joins a secret Chinese military group in
fi ghting a monstrous threat on the Great Wall.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 43 MAX Sep.1,5,14,20,28
true story of golf champion Francis Ouimet and
his amazing win as an amateur in the 1913 U.S.
Open is told in this “gripping” (Roger Ebert)
sports fi lm from director Bill Paxton. Shia
LaBeouf stars. Also with Stephen Dillane, Peter
Firth, Elias Koteas and Josh Flitter. ( AC,MV ) PG
 2 : 01 MAX Sep.3,8,24,28
stars as the wildly colorful 1800s impresario
P.T. Barnum, who founded the Barnum
& Bailey Circus. ( AC,AL,V ) PG 1 : 45 HBO
GREEN ZONE Rogue military offi cer Matt
Damon unravels a deepening conspiracy in
Baghdad at the outset of the Iraq war. ( AL,V ) R
 1 : 55 MAX Sep.1,4,9,14,17,20,24,29
THE GRUDGE A young woman is haunted by
the ghostly curse of a brutal murder-suicide
that occurred in a quiet suburban home in this
frightening remake of the Japanese fi lm Ju-On:
The Grudge. Sarah Michelle Gellar. ( MV ) PG13
 1 : 31 MAX Sep.3,9,13,19,24,29
THE GURU An Indian dance teacher comes to
America where he uses the advice of a porn
actress to fi nd his calling as a sex guru to
New York City’s wealthy and famous. Heather
Graham, Marisa Tomei and Jimi Mistry star.
( AC,AL,N ) R 1 : 34 MAX Sep.3,12
HACKSAW RIDGE Andrew Garfi eld stars
as pacifi stic WWII hero Desmond T. Doss,
who saved 75 men at the Battle of Okinawa
without ever fi ring a weapon. Richard Pyros,
Jacob Warner, Milo Gibson, Darcy Bryce,
Sam Worthington and Hugo Weaving co-star.
( AC,AL,BN,GV ) R 2 : 19 MAX Sep.18,29
Myers comes home—again—in this eighth
terrifying installment in the Halloween series.
( AC,AL,BN,GV ) R 1 : 30 MAX Sep.8
Manhattan sisters cope with love, marriage and
family ties in Woody Allen’s Oscar®-winning
1986 hit. Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Michael
Caine. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 47 MAX Sep.3,11
HANNIBAL The cinema’s most notorious
maniac, Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter is back
in this shocking follow-up to ‘The Silence of the
Lambs.’ Anthony Hopkins reprises his Oscar®-
winning role as Lecter, now on the loose in
Europe and the target of a manhunt by FBI
agent Clarice Starling (here played by Julianne
Moore)—as well as by one of his mutilated
former victims. ( AC,AL,GV ) R 2 : 12 HBO Sep.3
REVOLUTION Filmmaker Jamie Redford
embarks on a colorful personal journey across
the U.S. to meet civilians and professionals
who are pioneering the use of clean energy to
create jobs, turn profi ts, and make Americans’
lives healthier. ( AC,AL ) TV14 1 : 11 HBO
HARD CANDY A precocious 14-year-old
suspects that a charming 30-something
photographer she meets on the Internet
is a pedophile, and goes to his home in an
attempt to expose him. Ellen Page stars in this
provocative psycho-thriller. ( AC,GL,GV ) R 1 : 44
 MAX Sep.5,9,17
training camp as HBO cameras capture the
Cleveland Browns in action in this new edition
of the acclaimed sports series.
 01 ( AL ) TVPG - :57 HBO Sep.8 ;
 02 ( AL ) TVPG - : 51 HBO Sep.8 ;
 03 ( AL ) TVPG - : 57 HBO Sep.8 ;
 04 ( AL ) TVPG - : 58 HBO Sep.1,2,3,8 ;
 05 ( AL ) TVMA - : 58 HBO Sep.4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ;
GUN A preview of the fi lm starring Robert
Redford as career criminal and master
escape artist Forrest Tucker. TVPG : 13 HBO
HEAVEN HELP US Andrew McCarthy stars in
this comedy-drama about the misadventures
of coming of age in a Catholic boys’ high
school. With Donald Sutherland, John Heard,
Mary Stuart Masterson. ( AC,AL,BN ) R 1 : 44
 MAX Sep.13
to unlock a puzzle box that opens a doorway
to a hellish dimension controlled by Pinhead
and his Cenobites in this sequel. Starring Clare
Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Kenneth Cranham
and Imogen Boorman. ( AC,AL,GV,N ) R 1 : 39
 MAX Sep.1,7,13,19
HIDDEN FIGURES Three African American
women become unlikely heroes in the 1960s
Space Race in this Best Picture Oscar®
nominee. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, 
Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst
and Jim Parsons star. ( AC ) PG 2 : 07 MAX Sep.8
HIGH MAINTENANCE To his clients, he is
simply known as ‘The Guy,’ a nameless, bikeriding
pot-delivery man who brings viewers
into the homes and routines of a variety of NYC
characters, each with a diff erent compelling
reason for doing business with him. Ben
Sinclair stars as ‘The Guy’ in this comedy series
based on his web series with Katja Blichfeld.
 07: Globo ( AC,AL,N,SC ) TVMA - : 27 HBO Sep.20 ;
HOLES A teen from a seemingly cursed family
is sent to a detention camp where prisoners
dig holes all day in this adaptation of the novel.
Starring Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Patricia
Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson and Shia LaBeouf.
( AC,V ) PG 1 : 57 HBO Sep.26
HOLY MAN Eddie Murphy is at his hilarious
best as a self-styled inspirational guru
who appears out of nowhere to become an
overnight TV star on a home shopping channel.
( AC,AL ) PG 1 : 54 HBO Sep.20
THE HOURS Nicole Kidman won an Oscar®
for her superb performance in this “deeply
moving fi lm” (NY Times) that also stars Meryl
Streep and Julianne Moore. The story follows
the lives of three women from diff erent eras,
including famed English author Virginia
Woolf, an unfulfi lled 1950s housewife and a
contemporary New York book editor. ( AC,AL )
 PG13 1 : 54 MAX Sep.6,10,15,20,25
slacker struggles to get his so-so self onto a
top-notch campus after he falls for the lovely
class president who’s everything he isn’t.
Anthony Edwards, Corey Parker. ( AL ) PG13 1 : 27
 MAX Sep.26
boy befriends a young dragon in spite of war
raging between their species in this Oscar®-
nominated animated hit. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG 1 : 38
 HBO Sep.1,15,27
HULK Marvel Comics’ mean green superhero
is brought to life by Oscar®-winning director
Ang Lee in this thrilling and thoughtful
origins story. Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly.
( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 2 : 18 MAX Sep.23
I AM EVIDENCE This fi lm exposes the
alarming trend of rape cases that go unsolved
through the stories of four resilient women
in Detroit, Cleveland and Los Angeles as they
trace the fates of their kits and re-engage in
the criminal justice process. ( AC,AL ) TVMA
 1 : 26 HBO Sep.21
I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER A valedictorian’s
declaration of love for a high-school
cheerleader launches a night of revelry,
refl ection and romance for a group of
graduating seniors in this teen comedy.
( AC,BN ) PG13 1 : 42 MAX Sep.19
ICE AGE A trio of Ice Age mammals attempt to
return a human baby to its tribe in this 2002
Oscar® nominee for Best Animated Feature.
Voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis
Leary. ( V ) PG 1 : 21 HBO Sep.29
prehistoric pals trade the permafrost for
paradise in this third adventure in the Ice Age
series. ( MV ) PG 1 : 34 HBO Sep.15
screenwriter gets emotionally involved with a
mother and her older daughter in this drama.
Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan
star. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 38 MAX Sep.14,19
INDIAN SUMMER At a summer camp reunion,
seven men and women fi nd themselves while
tasting the joys of lost youth. ( AC,AL,BN ) PG13
 1 : 38 MAX Sep.18
INSECURE Created by and starring Issa Rae,
this comedy series looks at the friendship
of two modern-day black women, as well as
all of their uncomfortable experiences and
racy tribulations. As they navigate the tricky
professional and personal terrain of Los
Angeles, best friends Issa (Rae) and Molly
(Yvonne Orji) face the challenges of being
black women who defy all stereotypes.
 19: Backwards-Like
TVMA - : 29 HBO Sep.1 ;
 20: Fresh-Like
 TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.2,3,4 ;
 21: High-Like TVMA - : 33 HBO Sep.9,10,12,15 ;
 22: Ready-Like TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.16,17,18,22 ;
 23: Obsessed-Like
 TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.23,24,25,26,27,29 ;
 24 TVMA - : 29 HBO Sep.30 ;
INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY Parapsychologist
Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) heads back to her
childhood home to take on a ferocious demon
she encountered years earlier. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13
 1 : 43 MAX Sep.28
INVICTUS Clint Eastwood’s Oscar®-nominated
drama about Nelson Mandela’s plan to unify
South Africa through the nation’s rugby team.
( AL,MV ) PG13 2 : 14 MAX Sep.1,11
INVINCIBLE Mark Wahlberg stars as Vince
Papale in this fi lm that follows the 30-year-old
bartender on his unlikely rise to the NFL. Greg
Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rispoli.
( AC,AL,MV ) PG 1 : 44 HBO Sep.4,8,13,21,30
THE ITALIAN JOB He had the perfect plan
for a major gold heist amid the waterways
of Venice, Italy. What he wasn’t counting on
was being double-crossed by one of his own.
Now he wants payback and reassembles
his crew back in Los Angeles to re-take the
loot. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 51 MAX
lived a life marked by controversy, tragedy
and transformation—and she’s done it all in
the public eye. This HBO documentary draws
on recent interviews with Fonda, who speaks
candidly and frankly about her life, loves,
causes and missteps. ( AC,AL,N ) TV14 2 : 14 HBO
JENNIFER’S BODY Megan Fox is a luscious
teen temptress whose night out with an
occult-obsessed rock band leaves her beaten,
bruised and lusting for blood. ( AC,GV ) R 1 : 42
 HBO Sep.1,14
JUNGLE MASTER A little girl is magically
transported to a mystical land where she
meets a creature called Blue and helps him
save the rainforest from an evil scientist. PG
 1 : 22 HBO Sep.14
JUPITER ASCENDING A hunter from another
planet tracks down an impoverished young
Russian immigrant living in Chicago and
informs her that she is the reincarnation of
the Queen of the Universe, with the power to
control the cosmos. ( AL,BN,V ) PG13 2 : 08 MAX
JUSTICE LEAGUE Batman, Wonder Woman
and an all-star team of superheroes race to
stop a monstrous super-villain from destroying
Earth in this epic fi lm. Starring Ben Affl eck,
Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Ezra
Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Jeremy Irons,
Diane Lane, Connie Nielsen, J.K. Simmons,
Ciaran Hinds, Amber Heard and Joe Morton.
( AC,V ) PG13 2 : 00 HBO Aug.30, Sep.1
suburban couple begins to suspect their
incredible new neighbors might have
some secrets in this action comedy. Zach
Galifi anakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm and
Gal Gadot star. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 45 MAX
KILL THE MESSENGER Jeremy Renner gives
a powerful performance in this riveting, factbased
thriller chronicling Pulitzer Prize-winning
journalist Gary Webb’s investigation of the
CIA’s use of cocaine profi ts to secretly fund
Nicaraguan Contra rebels in the 1980s. ( AC,GL )
 R 1 : 52 HBO Sep.5
 From Guy Ritchie, the director of Sherlock
Holmes, comes a stylish and irreverent take
on the classic Excalibur legend. Charlie
Hunnam stars as young Arthur, whose
birthright is robbed by his sinister uncle, until
he pulls the fabled sword from the stone and
fulfi lls his destiny. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 06 MAX
KNIGHT AND DAY Tom Cruise is a slightly
loopy and very much marked super-spy who
takes hapless Cameron Diaz on a globetrotting
adventure. ( AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 50 MAX
Oedekerk added new footage and dialogue to
a 1976 martial-arts fl ick in this insane comedy
spoof that stars himself as a great warrior
who seeks revenge against his evil nemesis.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 21 HBO Sep.12
LA LA LAND A jazz pianist falls in love with
an aspiring actress as they both pursue their
dreams of stardom in this six-time Oscar®
winner. ( AC,AL ) PG13 2 : 08 MAX Sep.30
INSPECTOR When a series of food poisonings
strike the city’s fi nest restaurants, it’s up to
Larry the Cable Guy to get to the bottom
of the mystery. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 30 MAX
 John Oliver hosts this series that takes a
satirical look at the week in news, politics and
current events.
 141 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.9,10 ;
 142 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.23,24 ;
 143 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.30 ;
 Explore the ever-expanding Latin infl uence on
American music and arts in this scintillating
documentary. ( AC ) TVPG 1 : 05 HBO Sep.25
THE LAYOVER Best friends Kate Upton
and Alexandra Daddario turn on each other
while competing for a hunky fi reman in this
comedy. Co-starring Matt Barr, Kal Penn, Matt
Jones with Rob Corddry and Molly Shannon.
( AC,AL,BN,MV ) TV14 1 : 28 HBO Sep.9,12 
must learn to work with others as he tries to
save Gotham City from the nefarious plans of
the Joker. Featuring the voices of Will Arnett,
Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson and Ralph
Fiennes. ( MV ) PG 1 : 44 HBO Sep.19
team of modern-day ninjas have to check
their egos and pull together to defeat the
evil warlord Garmadon in this “beautifully
animated” (Variety) comic adventure featuring
an all-star voice cast. ( MV ) PG 1 : 41 HBO Sep.29
LIAR LIAR Slippery lawyer Jim Carrey spends
a day telling nothing but the truth thanks to his
son’s birthday wish in this comedy. ( AC,AL,V )
 PG13 1 : 26 HBO Sep.7,18,21
LIONS FOR LAMBS Robert Redford, Meryl
Streep and Tom Cruise star in this engrossing
critique of America’s involvement in Iraq
and Afghanistan. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 32 MAX
LITTLE NICKY Adam Sandler is Satan’s
youngest son who heads to Earth to stop his
two conniving brothers from taking the old
man’s job in this comedy. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13
 1 : 30 MAX Sep.5,9,26
LIVE BY NIGHT Ben Affl eck stars as a risktaking
gangster in this raw, gritty and stylish
crime epic set in Prohibition-era Boston and
Tampa. Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson, Chris
Messina, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana and Chris 
Cooper co-star. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) R 2 : 09 HBO
THE LOSERS A motley group of CIA operatives
seek revenge against the unknown heels who
set them up for death in this action-thriller.
Starring Jeff rey Dean Morgan. ( AC,AL,MV )
 PG13 1 : 37 MAX Sep.4,9,12,15,18,21,26
LOVE HAPPENS A widowed self-help guru
and a wounded fl orist fi nd love when they
least expect it in this touching romance. Aaron
Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston. ( AC,MV ) PG13 1 : 49
 MAX Sep.6,27
LOVE POTION NO. 9 A gypsy’s love elixir
transforms one nerdy scientist into an
inexhaustible lover and another into an
irresistible siren. Sandra Bullock. ( AC,AL ) PG13
 1 : 36 MAX Sep.22
Wayans plays an L.A. detective who deals with
drug lords, dirty cops and dames in this comic
caper. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 40 MAX Sep.18,22
THE MAKING OF: GIFTED An inside look at
this drama starring Chris Evans as a single
man raising his math-prodigy niece. ( AC ) TVPG
: 14 HBO Sep.4
SHOWMAN Take an engaging inside look at
this fi lm starring Hugh Jackman as legendary
circus showman P.T. Barnum. ( AC,MV ) TVPG : 11
 HBO Sep.4,8,9,23
look at this thrilling reboot of ‘The Mummy’
franchise starring Tom Cruise. ( AC,MV ) TV14
: 13 HBO Sep.23
Bellas are back in this high-energy comedy
sequel starring Anna Kendrick. See what it’s
all about in this sneak peek. ( AC,MV ) PG13 : 13
 HBO Sep.4,8,11,13,14
behind-the-scenes peek at Guillermo Del Toro’s
intriguing supernatural tale. ( AC,MV ) TVPG : 13
 HBO Sep.20,21,25
look at this fi lm starring Frances McDormand,
Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell.
( AC,AL,MV ) TVPG : 13 HBO Sep.19
MANHATTAN Woody Allen directed and
stars in this 1979 classic that fi nds him as a
divorced New Yorker involved with a teenage
girl while he’s also slowly drawn to his best
friend’s mistress. Nominated for two Oscars®,
including Best Screenplay, and featuring
an unforgettable music score by George
Gershwin. ( AC,AL ) R 1 : 36 MAX Sep.4
narrates this Oscar®-winning documentary
about the amazing annual journey of the
emperor penguins of Antarctica. ( NA ) G 1 : 20
 HBO Sep.7
MARMADUKE This hilarious live-action family
fi lm follows the tail-wagging adventures of the
massive Great Dane on the West Coast. ( MV )
 PG 1 : 28 HBO Sep.21
MAVERICK Card sharks and con men (and
women!) lock horns in this western comedy.
Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner
star. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG 2 : 07 HBO Sep.3,14,28
THE MEDALLION Hong Kong detective Jackie
Chan must overcome the forces of death to
save a powerful medallion from falling into the
wrong hands in this magical martial-arts fi lm.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 28 HBO Sep.5,18
MICKEY BLUE EYES Hugh Grant makes a
hilariously unlikely wise guy in this fi sh-outof-water
farce. He plays a dapper British art
auctioneer who poses as a gangster after
learning that his future father-in-law is a
notorious mobster. Also starring James Caan,
Jeanne Tripplehorn, Burt Young, James Fox,
Joe Viterelli. Directed by Kelly Makin; written by
Adam Scheinman and Robert Kuhn. ( AC,AL,V )
 PG13 1 : 42 HBO Sep.2,26
MIGHTY JOE YOUNG Bill Paxton and Charlize
Theron star in this remake of the 1949 classic
about a young woman and her best friend--a
15-foot-tall gorilla. ( AC,V ) PG 1 : 54 HBO Sep.10
MONDAYS AT RACINE Two Long Island sisters
use their beauty salon to aid in the fi ght against
cancer in this Oscar®-nominated documentary
short. ( AC ) TV14 : 39 HBO Sep.2,4,7
MR. 3000 Bernie Mac is a riot as a selfi sh
former baseball star who makes an unlikely
return to the game to get his 3,000th hit.
( AC,AL,BN,MV ) PG13 1 : 43 MAX Sep.3,13,18,22
THE MUMMY Tomb raider Tom Cruise
unwittingly awakens an evil Egyptian mummy
that sets out on a rampage of murder and
destruction. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 50 HBO
and Rachel Weisz run afoul of more ancient
Egyptian evil in this slam-bang sequel.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 10 HBO Sep.15,20
MURDER AT 1600 D.C. cop Wesley Snipes
investigates a death at the White House. With
Diane Lane, Alan Alda. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R 1 : 47
 HBO Sep.5
aboard for a stylish and suspenseful version of
Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit featuring
an all-star cast. Kenneth Branagh directs
and stars as master detective Hercule Poirot,
who investigates a group of sinister strangers
stranded on a train where murder strikes and
everyone’s a suspect. ( AC,V ) PG13 1 : 54 HBO
MY LITTLE EYE Internet reality voyeurs
are given a taste of true terror when the
contestants on a live webcast show begin
turning up dead in this timely shocker. Sean
CW Johnson, Kris Lemche. ( AC,AL,GV,N,RP ) R
 1 : 35 MAX Sep.7,13,17
NEVER BEEN KISSED An aspiring reporter
goes undercover as a high schooler, only to
relive the horror of being unpopular again.
Drew Barrymore, David Arquette. ( AC,AL,MV )
 PG13 1 : 47 MAX Sep.7,17,27
NINE TO FIVE Three put-upon offi ce workers
hatch an outrageous plot against their sexist
boss in this madcap comedy romp. Jane Fonda,
Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton star. ( AC,AL ) PG
 1 : 49 HBO Sep.3,24
OCTOBER SKY A rocket-obsessed teen in
a 1950s coal-mining town sets his sights on
the stars in this inspiring true story. Jake
Gyllenhaal stars. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG 1 : 47 MAX
rides again in this explosive third fi lm in writer/
director Robert Rodriguez’ acclaimed action
series. Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny
Depp. ( AC,AL,GV ) R 1 : 42 MAX Sep.5,13,23
THE OSLO DIARIES A compelling account of
the Oslo Accords that sheds new light on the
secret talks between Israelis and Palestinians
that began in 1992. ( AC,AL,V ) TV14 1 : 36 HBO
OUTCAST From the acclaimed graphic comicbook
series by Robert Kirkman (‘The Walking
Dead’) and Paul Azaceta comes this epic
horror story about a small-town pariah who
returns home to Rome, West Virginia to battle
the otherworldly forces that scarred him as a
child--and are threatening the town once again.
Patrick Fugit stars.
 11: Bad Penny
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 48 MAX Aug.31, Sep.30 ;
 12: The Day After That
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 50 MAX Aug.31, Sep.30 ;
 13: Not My Job to Judge
( AC,AL,V ) TVMA - : 47 MAX Aug.31, Sep.30 ;
 14: The One I’d Been Waiting For
( AC,AL,V ) TVMA - : 48 MAX Aug.31, Sep.30 ;
 15: The Common Good
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 50 MAX Aug.31, Sep.30 ;
 16: Firefl ies
( AC,AL,V ) TVMA - : 44 Aug.28,30,31, Sep.30 ;
 17: Alone When It Comes
( AC,AL,V ) TVMA - : 45 MAX Sep.7,8,9,11,13,30 ;
 18: Mercy
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 46 Sep.14,15,16,18,20,22,30 ;
 19: This Is How It Starts
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 46 Sep.21,22,23,25,27,30 ;
 20: To the Sea
( AC,AL,GV ) TVMA - : 55 MAX Sep.28,29,30 
PASSENGER 57 A retired anti-terrorist expert
comes back on the job after a psychotic
terrorist hijacks a jumbo jet at 35,000 feet.
Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne. ( AL,V ) R 1 : 24 HBO
THE PELICAN BRIEF Julia Roberts stars as a
law student whose theory about the murder
of two Supreme Court justices makes her a
marked woman. Denzel Washington co-stars.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 21 MAX Sep.2,10,28
LIGHTNING THIEF A high-school teen gets the
mythology lesson of a lifetime when he learns
that he is the son of Poseidon--and stands
accused of stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt--in this
adaptation from the popular book series. ( MV )
 PG 1 : 59 MAX Sep.4,24
PERSONAL BEST A revealing drama about
dedicated women athletes struggling to
make the U.S. Olympic track team. Mariel
Hemingway and Patrice Donnelly search for
aff ection as well as achievement, and fi nd
themselves drawn to each other. ( AC,AL,N ) R
 2 : 08 MAX Sep.21
PHANTOM THREAD Daniel Day-Lewis is a
renowned dressmaker in 1950s London whose
cloistered world unravels when he falls for a
strong-willed waitress. ( AC,AL ) R 2 : 10 HBO
PIRATE RADIO Philip Seymour Hoff man
stars in this ‘60s-set comedy about a group
of deejays who went off -shore and on-the-air
to broadcast rock music to the British.
( AC,BN,GL,MV ) R 1 : 57 MAX Sep.15,24
PITCH PERFECT 3 It’s the last call for the
Bellas as they reunite for a USO competition
in this aca-awesome third fi lm in the series.
Anna Kendrick stars. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 33 HBO
PRACTICAL MAGIC Sibling witches Sandra
Bullock and Nicole Kidman stir up a cauldron
of trouble thanks to a family curse in this
spellbinding tale. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 44 HBO
THE PRINCESS BRIDE A bright and breezy
tale of fl ashing swords, sorcerers and true
love. Mandy Patinkin, Peter Falk, Billy Crystal.
( AL,MV ) PG 1 : 38 HBO Sep.11,15,26
PROOF Gwyneth Paltrow shines as a dedicated
daughter coping with the loss of her father
whose math genius and mental illness she may
have inherited. Anthony Hopkins stars as the
father in this brilliantly acted drama that was
adapted from the stage play. Jake Gyllenhaal
and Hope Davis round out the superb cast.
( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 40 MAX Sep.17,27
THE QUIET AMERICAN A British journalist’s
Vietnamese mistress becomes involved with a
mysterious young American in 1950s Vietnam.
( AC,N,V ) R 1 : 41 MAX Sep.2,5,10,14
fi lmmaker and musician Terence Nance comes
a late-night series that delivers a unique and
subversively funny look at contemporary
American life. Showcasing an ensemble cast of
emerging and established talent, each episode
features a handful of short vignettes that
weave together a number of themes around
today’s complex issues.
 05: I Tried to Tell My Therapist About My
Dreams TVMA - : 35 HBO Sep.1,4,6 ;
 06: They Won’t Go When I Go
 TVMA - : 41 HBO Sep.7,11,13 ;
award-winning HBO Sports series.
( AL ) TVPG - : 59 HBO Sep.2,3,6,8,11 ;
 258 ( AL ) TVPG - : 58 HBO Sep.25,26,28,29 ;
weekly comedy/talk series.
 471 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 57 HBO Sep.7,9,10,11 ;
 472 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 57 HBO Sep.14,16,17,18 ;
 473 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 57 HBO Sep.21,23,24,25 ;
 474 ( AC,AL ) TVMA - : 57 HBO Sep.28,30 ;
THE REF It’s black comedy on Christmas Eve
when jewel thief Denis Leary breaks into the
home of a zany family—and gets more than
he bargained for. ( AC,AL,BN,MV ) R 1 : 37 MAX
RENO 911!: MIAMI The comical Reno cops are
on patrol in Miami Beach in this comedy based
on the hit TV series. Carlos Alazraqui, Mary
Birdsong, Robert Ben Garant. ( AC,AL,N ) R 1 : 21
 HBO Sep.16
ROMEO MUST DIE Martial-arts star Jet Li and
singer Aaliyah team up in this action epic about
the deadly rivalry between a pair of underworld
families. ( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 55 MAX Sep.11,19,23
RONIN Hired gun Robert De Niro leads a
skilled operative team on an exhilarating
briefcase chase through scenic France in this
“top-notch thriller” (The New York Times).
( AL,V ) R 2 : 02 HBO Sep.2,10,14
THE ROOKIE Dennis Quaid stars in this
inspiring true story of an aging baseball coach
who follows his dream of making it to the major
leagues. Rachel Griffi ths, Jay Hernandez and
Brian Cox co-star. ( AC ) G 2 : 08 MAX Sep.1,22
acclaimed comedy gem about the reunion of a
dysfunctional New York family led by patriarch
Gene Hackman. Also with Anjelica Huston,
Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Wilson,
Owen Wilson, Danny Glover and Bill Murray.
( AC,AL,BN,MV ) R 1 : 50 MAX Sep.5,21
RUN FATBOY RUN A hapless Brit enters a
footrace to woo back his ex-fi ancee in this
comedy from director David Schwimmer (TV’s
Friends). ( AC,AL,N ) PG13 1 : 40 HBO Sep.19
RUSH HOUR 2 Mismatched lawmen Jackie
Chan and Chris Tucker are out to stop a
crime syndicate after a deadly bombing in
this riotous sequel. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 30 MAX
THE SCORPION KING The Rock leads a team
of tribesman into battle against a genocidal
madman in this explosive spin-off from ‘The
Mummy’ fi lms. ( AC,V ) PG13 1 : 31 HBO Sep.4
SEABISCUIT The inspiring fact-based story
of the ultimate underdog thoroughbred and
the three men who rode him to the top. With
Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 20 HBO Sep.20,24
SELF/LESS A terminally-ill billionaire fi nds
his life in danger after undergoing a radical
operation that gives him a healthy new body.
( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 57 MAX Sep.6,9,14,19,27
SERENDIPITY John Cusack and Kate
Beckinsale leave their attraction for each other
up to fate in this charming love story. Molly
Shannon, Jeremy Piven, Bridget Moynahan
and Eugene Levy co-star. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 31
 MAX Sep.11
SESAME STREET For over four decades, this
award-winning series has helped children grow
smarter, stronger and kinder by providing
preschoolers with the gold-standard in quality
educational programming.
 4809: Our Family’s Way TVY - : 26 HBO Sep.8 ;
 4810: The Last Straw TVY - : 26 HBO Sep.29 ;
 4814: Chinese New Year TVY - : 26 HBO Sep.22 ;
 4817: Crafty Friends TVY - : 26 HBO Sep.1 ;
 4819: Me Am Cookie Monster TVY - : 26 Sep.15 ;
SGT. BILKO Steve Martin stars as the riotous
title character in this hilarious update of the
classic television series. ( AC,AL ) PG 1 : 34 HBO
THE SHAPE OF WATER Part monster movie,
part love story, this brilliant, touching fi lm from
Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) won four
2017 Oscars®, including Best Picture. Sally
Hawkins shines as a mute cleaning woman
who falls in love with an intelligent amphibious
creature being held captive in a top-secret
lab. Michael Shannon co-stars as the sadistic
federal agent who wants it dead. ( AC,AL,N,V ) R
 2 : 03 HBO Sep.22,23,26,30
SHARP OBJECTS Based on the bestselling
novel by Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and directed
by Emmy® winner Jean-Marc Vallee (HBO’s
Big Little Lies), this thrilling limited series
stars Amy Adams as a journalist with a history
of psychiatric issues who returns to her rural
hometown to cover the apparent murders of
two preteen girls.
 08: Milk
( AC,AL,BN,V ) TVMA - : 49  Sep.1 ;
SHATTERED GLASS A young reporter
fabricates stories for The New Republic and
other magazines and is subsequently exposed
in this true story. Hayden Christensen, Peter
Sarsgaard, Chloë Sevigny. ( AC,AL ) PG13 1 : 34
 HBO Sep.12,27
transforms the legendary detective into
an athletic Victorian action hero in this
exciting thriller. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 08 HBO
THE SHOP Ready for a barbershop experience
like no other? Then hop in the chair for this
series from HBO Sports in collaboration with
LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s company,
UNINTERRUPTED. Each new edition will visit
barber shops around the country to gather
distinguished individuals who can speak
honestly on sports, music, pop culture, world
events, business and other culturally relevant
topics. ( AL ) TVPG : 30 HBO Sep.2,5,16
SHREK 2 Lovable ogre Shrek has his marriage
to a princess come under fi re from her parents
and a meddling fairy godmother in this sequel.
Voices: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron
Diaz. ( MV ) PG 1 : 33 HBO Sep.1
SISTER ACT Whoopi Goldberg shakes things
up in a Catholic convent where she hides out
before testifying as a key witness in a murder
trial in this choir-fi lled comedy. ( AC,AL,V ) PG
 1 : 40 MAX Sep.25,30
SNATCHED Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn
form a gut-busting tandem on a jungle
vacation in this hilarious comedy. ( AC,AL,BN,V )
 R 1 : 31 MAX Sep.7,11,16,20,22,24,26
THE SNOWMAN Two-time Oscar® nominee
Michael Fassbender stars in this nerve-jangling
thriller that fi nds him playing a troubled
detective in Norway on the trail of a serial killer
who leaves behind a chilling calling card at
every murder scene: a snowman. Twists and
turns abound in this riveting, icy tale that is
based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbo.
( AC,AL,GV,N ) R 1 : 59 HBO Sep.20
SPACE COWBOYS Four craggy former Air
Force pilots are called to active duty to repair
an obsolete Soviet satellite. Clint Eastwood,
Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and
James Garner star. ( AC,AL,BN ) PG13 2 : 10 HBO
THE SPY NEXT DOOR Jackie Chan mixes
kung fu and slapstick in this family fi lm about
a former superspy who wants to settle down
with his girlfriend, whose three kids aren’t
particularly fond of him. But when one of the
kids accidentally downloads a top-secret
formula, Russian terrorists descend upon
them, and it’s up to Jackie to save the day.
( AC,V ) PG 1 : 34 HBO Sep.24,29
STAND UP TO CANCER The entertainment
community bands together once again for
Stand Up to Cancer: its sixth biennial televised
fundraising special, supporting urgently
needed research and new treatments for
cancer. With a dazzling array of top talent,
this show marks the 10th anniversary of the
fi rst telecast, as well as 10 years of lifesaving
research achievements by SU2C. TVPG 1 : 00
 HBO Sep.7
STAR TREK: NEMESIS Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
meets his match in a Reman rebel leader
who is his evil clone in this thrilling Star Trek
adventure. Starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan
Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael
Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis and Tom
Hardy. ( AC,MV ) PG13 1 : 56 HBO Sep.14
STATE OF PLAY The murder of a politician’s
aide scratches the surface of a shocking
conspiracy and leads reporter Russell Crowe
on a perilous hunt for the truth. ( AC,AL,MV )
 PG13 2 : 07 HBO Sep.3,10,18,23,28
THE STATEMENT A French offi cer wanted
for World War II war crimes is hidden by
the Catholic Church as the law hunts him
for decades in this drama. Michael Caine.
( AC,AL,V ) R 1 : 59 MAX Sep.2
STEP UP Channing Tatum stars as a streetwise
troublemaker who falls for a ballet student and
discovers his own talent for dancing. ( AC,MV )
 PG13 1 : 44 HBO Sep.7,12,17,22
STRATTON From the director of Con Air and
The Expendables 2 comes this action-packed
nail-biter about a British special forces
operative assigned to track down a former
Russian agent who is planning an attack on
London with biological weapons. ( AC,AL,V )
 TVMA 1 : 35 MAX Sep.1,6,15,18,23,26
AGE Follow several women and men from
around the country who use dating apps to
navigate a seemingly unlimited stream of
potential partners. ( AC,AL,N ) TVMA 1 : 22 HBO
TABLE 19 A hilarious ensemble cast including
Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, June
Squibb, Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Merchant
serve up the laughs in this comedy about
a group of strangers who bond when they
are thrown together at the ‘losers’ table at
a wedding. ( AC,AL,BN,MV ) PG13 1 : 27 HBO
THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX A fearless little
mouse sets out on an unlikely quest to restore
his disgraced kingdom to prominence in this
animated tale. G 1 : 33 HBO Sep.22
TAPS A state of siege shatters order at a
military academy when a headstrong young
major rallies fellow cadets to his cause.
George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton, Ronny Cox.
( AL,BN,V ) PG 2 : 06 MAX Sep.3
stars as John Connor—mankind’s last hope—in
this visually stunning fourth installment in the
Terminator franchise. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 1 : 55
 MAX Sep.10,14,19
MISSOURI The 2017 Golden Globe® winner
for Best Picture - Drama, this gritty, moving
fi lm chronicles what happens after a fl inty
small-town woman places messages on a
trio of billboards asking local police why her
daughter’s murder hasn’t been solved. Frances
McDormand won the Best Actress Oscar®
for her stellar lead performance; co-starring
Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell. ( AC,GL,V )
 R 1 : 55 HBO Sep.4,9,17
as only Tim Burton could create! A marvel
of stop-motion animation, this darkly comic
tale follows a Victorian man who accidentally 
marries himself to the rotting corpse of a
murdered bride. Johnny Depp and Helena
Bonham Carter head up a stellar voice cast
in this “endearingly schizoid Frankenstein
of a movie” (Variety). ( AC,MV ) PG 1 : 17 HBO
A TIME TO KILL An enthralling version of John
Grisham’s novel about a murder case that stirs
up racial tensions in a small Southern town.
Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew
McConaughey. ( AC,AL,RP,V ) R 2 : 29 MAX
traveler and his wife forge an unlikely love aff air
despite his uncontrolled jumps through time.
( MV ) PG13 1 : 47 MAX Sep.4,30
TIN CUP Kevin Costner is terrifi c as a downand-out
golf pro who falls for a sexy shrink
and decides to give his career one last shot
at greatness. Rene Russo, Cheech Marin and
Don Johnson co-star. ( AC,AL,N ) R 2 : 15 MAX
comedy legend Tracey Ullman returns to
HBO with this six-part sketch show in which
she portrays a dizzying array of everyday
characters and famous faces who pop up in
modern life on the British side of the pond.
 07: Episode 1
( AC,AL,MV ) TVMA - : 30 HBO Sep.15,26 ;
TROUBLE NO MORE Directed by Jennifer
Lebeau, this fi lm spotlights Bob Dylan’s
passionate, faith-based music, featuring
electrifying, digitally restored footage from
concerts in Toronto and Buff alo in late-April
and early-May 1980, which is interspersed
with fi ery sermons written by Luc Sante and
delivered by Michael Shannon. ( NA ) TVG : 59
 MAX Sep.11,16,22
received a Golden Globe® nomination for her
performance in this warm romantic comedy,
based on the best-selling book. She plays a
recently divorced San Francisco writer who
impulsively buys a villa during a trip to Italy and
embarks on a life-changing adventure. ( AC,AL )
 PG13 1 : 53 HBO Sep.6,27
kung-fu fi ghting, Cadillac-driving private eye/
secret agent (Eddie Griffi n) tries to thwart a
diabolical plan to destroy African-American
culture in this spoof of ‘70s blaxploitation
movies. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 26 HBO Sep.13
A UNITED KINGDOM An African prince’s
marriage to a white British clerk in the late
1940s triggers an international political crisis.
( AC,BN,GL,V ) PG13 1 : 51 MAX Sep.8,28
VAMPIRES SUCK A new girl in a small town
high school fi nds herself at the center of a
supernatural love triangle in this spoof of the
‘Twilight’ fi lms. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 1 : 22 MAX
VICE The Emmy®-winning HBO series
returns for a sixth season of timely and
groundbreaking news stories from around the
world, as hosted by Shane Smith.
 103 TV14 - : 30 HBO Sep.7,9 ;
 104 TV14 - : 30 HBO Sep.14,15,16 ;
 105 TV14 - : 30 HBO Sep.21,23 ;
 106 TV14 - : 30 HBO Sep.28,29,30 ;
VICE NEWS TONIGHT This weeknight
newscast from VICE provides unique and
indispensable insights to the day’s top news
 404 -422
 TV14 - : 20 HBO Aug.27-Sep.27
 VICE goes inside the world’s most cuttingedge
cancer research labs for this look at
groundbreaking new treatments to fi ght
leukemia, glioblastoma and multiple myeloma.
( AC ) TV14 : 39 HBO Sep.3,4
VIEW FROM THE TOP Small-town girl
Gwyneth Paltrow fl ies high as she chases
her dream of becoming a fl ight attendant in
this fi rst-class comedy. Co-starring Christina
Applegate, Mark Ruff alo, Candice Bergen,
Joshua Malina with Kelly Preston, Rob Lowe
and Mike Myers. ( AC,AL,MV ) PG13 1 : 27 MAX
VOLCANO The city of Los Angeles is
threatened by a river of lava that erupts from
the La Brea Tarpits in this molten-hot disaster
epic. Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche. ( AC,AL,V )
 PG13 1 : 44 MAX Sep.1,15,30
W. Josh Brolin stars as former President
George W. Bush in this riveting fi lm from Oliver
Stone. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 2 : 09 MAX Sep.5,10,16
THE WAR OF THE ROSES Kathleen Turner
and Michael Douglas portray a married couple
who prove that war may be Hell--but divorce is
worse. ( AL,V ) R 1 : 56 MAX Sep.17,25
THE WATER DIVINER An Australian farmer
travels to Turkey to search for his three sons,
who all went missing during the bloody Battle
of Gallipoli in 1919. Russell Crowe stars and
directed. ( AC,BN,V ) R 1 : 51 MAX Sep.9,20,24,29
WATERWORLD Kevin Costner seeks out
dry land in a future in which Earth has been
consumed by water in this notorious adventure
epic. ( AC,AL,BN,V ) PG13 2 : 15 HBO Sep.5,20
WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S Two junior execs
attempt to make their murdered boss “look
alive” during a party-hearty weekend at
the man’s beach house. Andrew McCarthy,
Jonathan Silverman. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 38 MAX
WEST SIDE STORY Natalie Wood and Richard
Beymer star in this classic musical retelling
of Romeo and Juliet’ set among New York’s
warring gangs. ( AC,AL,V ) TVPG 2 : 32 HBO
Aug.29 MAX Sep.11,23,30
WHIP IT A rebellious small-town Texas girl
comes of age in the bone-jarring world of
women’s roller derby. ( AC,AL,V ) PG13 1 : 51 HBO
WHY HIM? James Franco and Bryan Cranston
are hilarious opposites in this comedy about an
uptight dad’s fi rst meeting with his daughter’s
new boyfriend. ( AC,BN,GL,MV ) R 1 : 51 MAX
WONDER WOMAN Gal Gadot stars as the
immortal Amazonian warrior in this thrilling
action fi lm that chronicles her origin story.
Chris Pine co-stars. ( AC,V ) PG13 2 : 21 HBO
YOU’VE GOT MAIL Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
are rival bookstore owners who fall in love via
their anonymous cyberchat! ( AC ) PG 1 : 59 HBO
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Previous HBO & Cinemax movies have included:
Chris Kyle joined the Navy SEALs in the wake of 9/11...he would become the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. But along the way, the killing would eat away at his soul. From Clint Eastwood comes this powerful, Oscar®-winning drama that reveals Kyle’s story from his Texas roots to his unparalleled accuracy in war-torn Iraq. Bradley Cooper stars. Written by Jason Hall, based on the book by Chris Kyle and Scott McEwen. (AC,AL,BN,GV) R-2:13

BANSHEE "Good Town, Bad Blood"
Lucas Hood, Carrie Hopewell and the Banshee Sheriff’s Department cope with the fallout from their bloody face-off against Rabbit while Lucas faces a new and deadly threat in Season 2 of this gritty Cinemax action series. Created by Alan Ball (True Blood), the show focuses on Lucas, an ex-convict who assumed the identity of the new sheriff in the rural town of Banshee, PA. As Season 2 comes to a close, Lucas has his hands more full than ever dealing with the murder of a Kinaho tribe girl, escalating tensions between Amish overlord Kai Proctor and tribe leader Alex Longshadow, and an unwelcome visitor: the reprobate son of the real (dead) Lucas Hood. Antony Starr and Ivana Milicevic star. (AC,AL,GV,N,RP,SC) TVMA/V,S,L-1:00

A barbershop on Chicago’s south side is the setting for the hit comedy Barbershop and its witty sequel Barbershop 2: Back In Business, both starring Ice Cube as a would-be entrepreneur who inherits his family’s barbershop which he comes to learn is an important part of his community. In the spinoff film Beauty Shop, sassy stylist Queen Latifah—who made her mark in Barbershop 2: Back In Business—moves to Atlanta where she winds up opening a salon of her own to compete with her egotistical ex-boss.

A massive haul of gold from a sunken Nazi U-boat is the target of a surly submarine team led by Jude Law in this harrowing underwater thriller. Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn and David Threlfall co-star. Directed by Kevin Macdonald; screenplay by Dennis Kelly. (AL,V) R-1:54

He’s the “Merc with the Mouth,” a wisecracking superhero with one amazing characteristic: he’s indestructible. Based on the Marvel Comics character, this action hit is an absolute rush, revealing a fascinating origins story that stars Ryan Reynolds as the self-healing, foul-mouthed former mercenary who makes it his mission to stop the devious scientist responsible for turning him into Deadpool (AC,GL,GV,N,SC) R-1:48

Shailene Woodley stars as a unique teen who poses a threat to the conformist society in which she lives in this first adaptation of the best-selling book trilogy. Theo James, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoë Kravitz and Miles Teller co-star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:20

DIVORCE (comedy)
The never-ending process of ending a marriage is the focus of this refreshingly honest comedy series starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. Created by Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), the show centers on Frances (Parker), who, after more than a decade of marriage and two kids, has begun to reassess her life and her strained relationship with husband Robert (Church). But she soon discovers that making a clean break and a fresh start is much harder than she thought, while Robert—blindsided by Frances’ epiphany—struggles to cope with their disintegrating marriage. Co-starring Molly Shannon, Talia Balsam, Tracy Letts, Sterling Jerins and Charlie Kilgore. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:33. Starts October 2016

This action-packed, effects-laden thrill ride starring Tom Cruise will leave you on the edge! Sent to the front line in a war against alien invaders, Cruise is killed, only to awaken and relive his death over and over again. Under the guidance of a renowned warrior (Emily Blunt), Cruise uses the time loop to sharpen his fighting skills while devising a plan for stopping the aliens. Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson co-star. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:53

Slick con artist Will Smith encounters his former protégée—and lover—while attempting the ultimate score in this caper. Margot Robbie co-stars as the fetching femme fatale who happens to turn up on the arm of the veteran grifter’s biggest mark. (AC,BN,GL,V) R-1:45

A plethora of compelling storylines play out to their inevitable, often bloody conclusions as Season 5 of HBO’s blockbuster, Emmy®-winning drama series comes to an electrifying close. As the final two episodes play out, Cersei struggles in the wake of playing the enigmatic High Sparrow and his zealots against the Tyrells; Jon Snow, now the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, makes an unpopular, but vital decision; Jaime’s secret mission hits a snag in Dorne; Arya makes progress in her training at the House of Black and White; Tyrion finds a new cause in Meereen, where Daenerys is forced to make a number of hard sacrifices to keep her tenuous hold on the city; and Stannis remains steadfast in his determination to make his next move. (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-1:00

Gods and men are at war with ancient Egypt as the stunning backdrop for this action extravaganza! Gerard Butler heads up a stellar cast as Set, the god of darkness who seizes control of Egypt and threatens mankind. It’s up to a young mortal named Bek to take on the usurper—and head into his world—with the help of another god. Co-starring Rufus Sewell, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thaites, Geoffrey Rush (V) PG13-2:07

The King of the Monsters returns to the screen to battle a deadly pair of bug-like kaiju--and wreck major cities in the process--in this thrilling remake. With military might proving fruitless against such massive creatures, it’s up to Godzilla to stop the nasty duo before they can mate. It all comes down to an explosive showdown with San Francisco as the background. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:03

Music-obsessed record store manager John Cusack has a rankings list for everything in his life... including his top five breakups. When his girlfriend leaves him, he tries to win her back—but first he has to show her the same passion he and his crazy co-workers have for vinyl. Jack Black co-stars

Bilbo, Gandalf and a motley crew of dwarves continue their treacherous quest to retake the dwarf kingdom of Erebor from the evil dragon Smaug in Part Two of the Hobbit trilogy. “A robust, action-packed adventure” (Variety) Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman star. (AC,V) PG13-2:41

Return to Middle Earth in this thrilling first adventure in Peter Jackson’s prequel trilogy to “The Lord of the Rings.” Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved novel, the film follows a young Bilbo Baggins on a journey to face the evil dragon Smaug with the help of a surly group of dwarves. Ian McKellen stars. (AC,V) PG13-2:50

The third and final film in Peter Jackson’s blockbuster “Hobbit” series finds Bilbo Baggins helping forge a unified front of dwarves, humans, elves and others as they head into war against the evil dragon Smaug and a massive army of Orcs—courtesy of the dark lord Sauron. Starring Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ken Stott. (AC,MV) PG13-2:24

Bilbo, gandalf and a motley crew of dwarves continue their treacherous quest to retake the dwarf kingdom of erebor from the evil dragon Smaug in Part Two of this trilogy. Facing danger at every turn, the surly bunch arrive at Smaug’s lair where treasure awaits...if the beast doesn’t burn them to a crisp first. (AC,V) Pg13-2:41

Created by and starring Issa Rae, this comedy series looks at the friendship of two modern-day black women, as well as all of their uncomfortable experiences and racy tribulations. As they navigate the tricky professional and personal terrain of Los Angeles, best friends Issa (Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) face the challenges of being black women who defy all stereotypes. For Issa, age 30 is looming large and her relationship has become stagnant, while Molly’s success as a high-paid lawyer stands in stark contrast to her dismal dating life. Together, they begin trying to pull their lives together, while trying to never settle for less. Jay Ellis and Lisa Joyce co-star. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:28. Starts October 2016

From the creators of The Matrix trilogy comes this “fun, inventive, visually stunning piece of space opera” (Total Film). Channing Tatum stars as a genetically engineered hunter from another planet who tracks down an impoverished young Russian immigrant (Mila Kunis) living in Chicago and informs her that she is the reincarnation of the Queen of the Universe, with the power to control the cosmos. (AL,BN,V) PG13-2:08

One of the funniest, most refreshing personalities to hit the TV scene in years—the man whose 2013 guest-hosting stint on The Daily Show won plaudits from critics, fans and others— John Oliver comes to HBO with an all-new, Sunday-night forum. A topical look at the week in news, politics and current events, the half-hour show will provide Oliver with a unique platform to offer up his singular perspective and distinct voice on any number of social, political or existential issues facing America and the world. Each of the 24 Season 1 editions will be shot in New York within hours of airing on HBO, and will feature special segments and a variety of guests. (AC,AL) TVMA-0:27

Director George Miller returns to his high-octane, post-apocalyptic roots with his exhilarating fourth film in the Mad Max series. Tom Hardy takes over in the role of renegade hero Max who is captured by a violent band of warriors—only to land in an escape plot led by Charlize Theron against their deranged leader. The result is a furious, battle-packed race across the wasteland that drops the hammer and never lets up. Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zoë Kravitz, Abbey Lee and Courtney Eaton co-star. “A lunatic vision, as hilarious as it is hellish. And some of the greatest action ever put on screen” (Total Film). Directed by George Miller; written by George Miller and Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris. (BN,V) R-2:00

The classic 1960s spy series—which James Bond creator Ian Fleming had a hand in developing—comes to the big screen in this stylish and exciting update. Henry Cavill stars as American agent Napoleon Solo, who reluctantly teams up with KGB operative Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer) to take down an international crime organization. Co-starring Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki, with Jared Harris and Hugh Grant. (AL,MV) PG13-1:56

At the American Museum of Natural History—where the exhibits come to life after dark—director of nighttime operations Ben Stiller discovers the late-evening magic could be in trouble in this third Museum adventure. It’s off to London’s British Museum as Stiller and his late-night compatriots encounter a whole new pack of lively relics as they try to preserve the magic. Robin Williams and Owen Wilson co-star. (AC,MV) PG-1:38

PLANET OF THE APES (original version)
“Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!” Charlton Heston’s primal scream is just one of the quotable lines from the 1968 original Planet Of The Apes, which is airing throughout the month of May on Cinemax, along with four fun sequels and two films from the modern series reboot. The first film in the series is a brilliant socio-political allegory, centering on a group of astronauts who crash-land on a planet in the future, where talking apes are the rulers and humans are slaves, kept in cages and treated like animals. Featuring an ingenious ending co-written by the legendary Rod Serling, striking cinematography, a superb score by Jerry Goldsmith, Oscar®-winning makeup by John Chambers (portrayed by John Goodman in Argo), and an unforgettable finale. The film is a bona-fide sci-fi classic

It’s Halloween-time again and if you are in the market for some PG-rated scares to chill the whole family, then HBO has the perfect party favorites. While its bigger, splashier 2015 remake is also premiering this month, the original 1982 Poltergeist can also be found (Oct. 14 and then paired back-to-back with the remake on Oct. 30). With spectacular effects, a superb cast led by Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams and the magic touch of producer Steven Spielberg, this ghostly jaunt remains one of the genres finest. Want more haunted-house fun? Hop on the Disney ride-turned-horror-comedy The Haunted Mansion (Oct. 17, 29) starring an outrageous Eddie Murphy. For younger viewers, check out the animated rollercoaster ride Monsters Vs. Aliens (Oct. 16, 29) that finds a group of monsters trying to save Earth from the clutches of an alien mastermind. October 2016

They’re here...again. Ghostly terror comes for a new generation in this effects-jammed remake of the 1982 horror classic! Once again, a young family is terrorized by the otherworldly inhabitants of their new home. When their little girl is taken into the void by the evil spirits, couple Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt must fight back to save her with the help of a well-known parapsychologist. Jared Harris and Jane Adams co-star (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:34

In a future America, the government has set aside one night a year where all criminal activity, including murder, is legal. When a wounded stranger takes refuge from a wild pack of thrill-killers in a home in a gated community, Ethan Hawke and his family must decide whether to protect him...or face the consequences (AC,AL,V) R-1:25

It’s “Purge” time again: the one government-sanctioned night every year in which lawlessness—including murder—is permitted. With bloodthirsty hordes on the loose, one man on a mission of his own becomes the unlikely guardian angel to four innocents. (AC,GL,GV,RP) R-1:43

Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and all of their friends are back as Sesame Street® finds a new home on HBO with the premiere of the 46th season. For more than four decades, the iconic series has helped children grow smarter, stronger and kinder. Now, it comes to HBO with its boldest changes to date, including 30-minute episodes, new preschool-relevant themes, new show opening and closing songs, an updated set, a new segment called “Smart Cookies” and a new cast member, Nina. In this science-filled season, Super Grover 2.0 shows kids how to unleash their powers of observation and investigation, helping to strengthen their scientific and critical thinking skills. Plus, join Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and their celebrity friends as they continue to have funny and furry adventures on Sesame Street. TVY-:29

In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. From HBO and the offbeat mind of Mike Judge (Office Space) comes this new comedy series that delves into the outrageous world of tech start-ups and the socially awkward underdogs trying to navigate its lucrative potential. The show charts the rising fortunes of Richard, an introverted programmer who suddenly finds himself in the middle of an extreme bidding war over his website's unique search algorithm. Thomas Middleditch, Josh Brener, T.J. Miller, Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Christopher Evan Welch and Monica Crew star. (AC,AL,MV,N) TVMA/L-:29

Cinemax presents a pair of classic comedies from the legendary Mel Brooks this month. First up is Spaceballs, a sublimely silly spoof of all things sci-fi, especially Star Wars, starring Bill Pullman, John Candy, Rick Moranis and Brooks himself in a dual role as President Skroob and the wise old Yogurt. And remember…May the Schwartz be with youuuuuu! 1974’s Young Frankenstein is arguably Brooks’s best film, a hilarious follow-up to his blockbuster hit Blazing Saddles. Gene Wilder, who co-wrote the script with Brooks, stars as a brain surgeon named Dr. Frankenstein (“That’s FRON-ken-schteen!”), who inherits his infamous grandfather’s castle in Transylvania —replete with a hunchback named Igor (“No, it’s EYE-gor”) played by the great Marty Feldman—and is soon bringing a corpse to life just like his mad scientist ancestor. Featuring endlessly quotable lines, a loving recreation of classic horror movies, and a stellar supporting cast, including Peter Boyle, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman and Gene Hackman, it’s a monstrously funny parody.

This guy just can’t catch a break! In this third film in the Taken series, Liam Neeson’s ex-CIA agent is targeted once again when he is framed for his ex-wife’s murder. Desperate to protect his daughter and find the killer, Neeson puts his “particular set” of battle skills on display as he dodges the law and dismantles every bad guy who stands in his path. With Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace. (AC,BN,GL,GV) PG13-1:49

Emmy®-winning comedy legend Tracey Ullman returns to HBO with this six-part sketch show in which she portrays a dizzying array of everyday characters and famous faces who pop up in modern life on the British side of the pond. Throughout the season, Tracey inhabits several new original characters as well as depicting such well-known celebs as Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith and others. (AC,AL) TVMA-:30. Starts October 2016

With POTUS stepping down, newly sworn-in President Selina Meyer (Emmy®-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus) continues her efforts to hang on to her new office while avoiding becoming America’s shortest-serving president as Season 4 of the hit HBO series concludes. While Selina has ascended to the highest office in the land, she must still run for election, prompting her and her staff to grapple with making her seem “presidential.” As election night approaches in the season’s final two new episodes, Selina fields questions from the press while her staff testifies before a congressional committee about the vote on the increasingly toxic Families First bill—and who was really behind the data breach. Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Matt Walsh, Timothy C. Simons, Sufe Bradshaw, Kevin Dunn, Gary Cole and Sam Richardson co-star. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:30

From every corner of the globe, some of the most compelling and important news stories go unreported by mainstream media outlets—but not by VICE. HBO presents an all-new season of the Emmy®-nominated series that features groundbreaking stories from the most dangerous places on Earth as reported by host/co-founder Shane Smith and his fearless team of correspondents. In Season 2, VICE looks at wasted American money in Afghanistan; Rio de Janeiro’s effort to clean up its “drug and murder” reputation; Russia’s hotbed for Muslim terrorists; Evangelical support for Israel; melting polar ice caps in Greenland; bonded laborers in Pakistan’s brick kilns; and more. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:29 WESTWORLD
Welcome to a world where you can live out your deepest fantasies...and unearth your darkest desires: Westworld. Inspired by the classic 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, this stunning drama series is set in a western theme park where customers interact with its artificially intelligent residents. The result is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin, exploring a place in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged. The sensational cast includes Anthony Hopkins as the park’s brilliant founder and Ed Harris as the villainous The Man in Black. Also with Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright. (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) TVMA/V,S,L-1:08

Born of the gods, sworn to protect mankind: she is Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot stars as the immortal Amazonian warrior in this thrilling film that chronicles her origin story. When she rescues an American pilot during World War I, she comes to realize her destiny lies in stopping the war—by defeating the evil god who is behind it. Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen and Elena Anaya co-star. (AC,V) PG13-2:21

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