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Wanted to get back to Spain pronto, as all my old friends were still there.....Was hoping for some better weather as well.

Arrived via the good people of Ryan air in Jerez on 14th April 2004. Rick was in town with his mate Nick so we met up, had a coffee and took the train together into Cadiz. Rick had a flat in the new town and I had agreed to stay there as it was walking distance to Gadir my school for this session. A party had been arranged for the same night as the Swedish girls Helena and Disa were leaving. It was all set up for a rock and roll night.......

Well, it all started off well enough. I went to eat in the Hostel Quo Cadiz as I couldn't be bothered to cook and bumped into Lawrence one of the chaps on the scene from last time.
Thats the geezer on the left with his girlfriends dad(!) in the middle and Ricardo on the right.
Had a few beers and then went to a bar where we bumped into Brendan...
Brendan now has bought a flat, renovated and furnished it to a high degree of comfort right in the old city and walking distance to his favourite club...Medusa.
The view above is from the window of the flat on "Hospital de mujeres" where the party took place. The party was fun. I said "Hi" once more to old friends but before we knew it, it was 4am and time to go elsewhere. Anyway to cut a long story short we arrived at Jose's bar very drunk and Rick (who was in a complete state) was being abusive to one and all. Well, all got a bit out of hand and I ended up having a bit of fisticuffs with the lad from Blackburn(Rick). He got thrown out, I got a cut nose and 10 minutes later we opened the door to see the man being dragged across the street by 5 policemen.

What a dreadful start to my hols! I had been so looking forward to it and it all seemed to have gone pear shaped in one day.
The next day was a bit awkward, but generally it was soon forgotten about. The next problem though, was the flat itself. Not only was it a minty lad pad but it was in the new town. Was I mad? Had I forgotten all the rules? Never, ever live in the new town, it cannot compare and even playstation could not tempt me to stay.

Above you can see the entrance to the old city.
I wanted to be the other side of that city wall so something had to be done. When school started I went to the "Housing officer" Antonio and requested a flat. The one available was on "Hospital de mujeres" where the party had been sharing with a Pole a Swede and a German...all girls
Here she is, darling Anna!!
Loves to be the centre of attention and with her good looks and flirty personality was rarely without a date. Now Anna is originally from Poland but moved to Sweden as a youngster and speaks both languages fluently.....Below you can see her telling me where she has me!!! Along with German Anna stuffing her face with 3 sandwiches...enjoy!!

<a href=""> <img src="apr04anna.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a><br>you aint got the capability for video<br>

What Anna was actually trying to do was insult me, not say that she wanted anal love!!

Anna's best mate is the lovely Lotta who she shares a flat with in Stockholm. Here we are posing together. I tried to invite myself for a visit to Sweden in the summer but I'm not too sure if they want me or not!!!!(boo hoo)
Yet another picture of the lass, I think she's trying to get enough pics so that she can have her own "Babes page slot"!! This time first thing in the morning, hence the dishevelled look.
Another Swedish babe is Hanna. She lived with Lotta and as you can see is extremely pretty!! Now, this young lady had studied in Ireland, so was the first Swede I've ever met who spoke with an Irish accent. She went off with her pal Linda to Morocco......2 young girls over in that part of the world. They have probably been sold into the slave trade by now!!
<a href=""> <img src="apr04hanna.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a><br>you aint got the capability for video<br>

Hanna, was one of the first to leave Spain and here she is at her leaving party....lovely girl, but why does she have to stick "snoot" (chewing tobacco) into her top lip....yuck!! She invited me to go with them to Morocco.....damn, I should have gone!!!

This was taken on Ancha, one of the main and widest streets of the old city. You got Me, Lotta, Biotta(wrong spelling probably but she's Norwiegen!!) and Pieter who's from Sweden but lives in Norway......It's all the same to me, they can even understand each others language!! why don't they just unify and become "Sweway" or "Norden"......anyway, roll the mouse over to see us move!!
This was one of my favourite buildings in Cadiz..."The Admirals house" A fine majestic building of times gone by and just around the corner from the "Admirals bar" one of the smallest and coolest bars in town.
Now, when I first started classes I was not in the main building but stuck away in some annex down the road. In the class next to me I noticed there was a girl who, no matter what would not stop talking!! That girl is Miriam who is a posh lass from Glasgow sitting on the left with her partner in crime Petra. Put these two together and you have instant giggling teenagers with liberal use of "Oh my god" and "that was soooo annoying". Petra was my classmate for a while as I continually hopped around trying to find the most suitable course. Great couple of girls,lorra fun, might bump into them jet setting around the world!!
So, this time in Spain I decided I needed to meet more Spanish people as most of the time seems to be spent with other classmates speaking English. Replied to a "Language exchange" advert and here is Maria. A real sweet, natural girl who made me feel we'd been friends for years after just one lesson!! Man, if every Spanish girl is half as nice as her I don't want to be with any other kind!!

<a href=""> <img src="espcathedral1.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a><br>you aint got the capability for video<br>

Now, everywhere you go to sit outside and drink a coffee, it won't be long before a couple of dodgy looking Albanians(or somewhere around that region) with squeezebox and tamborine come hustling for cash. Some of them are pretty good, but they rotate every 5 minutes and you soon tire of them...Anyway, here are a couple in action plus Vega and her boyfriend Lawrence getting in on the show!!

Me on the balcony!! I wasn't fortunate enough to have one of the favoured rooms with a view, but at least I didn't get woken up at 6am with motor bikes revving it down the street!! Nah, I just had to contend with a crying baby from the floor below.....
Finally, I was all set for staying an extra week when Nick texted me to say he was having a birthday party on the friday.....this was on Monday. Thought about it for a while, all my Swedish friends were leaving, final game of the season for Reading, party to go to......Decided(drunk) to leave the decision to a text.....I sent one to Cathy asking if she wanted to go to the party as well. She replied "ya!" so flight was booked for Friday morn.....Ilva(not sure of spelling) was leaving on Friday too so we flew easyjet together to Stansted...she got charged 30euro's for her excess baggage!! Ilva was the 4th flatmate, nice girl but older than her years and a little bossy. Still, she had been in Spain for 3 months and was looking forward to going home...she still had a few more hours in front of her from Stansted!!

Well, not as much fun as February I guess as I didn't really enjoy the first week, but it soon picked up and the last week was a right larf!! Vega and Lawrence strted to come out more, which meant going to proper Spanish bars not the overpriced, generic "Irish bars". The weather wasn't that great a lot of the time either, but they were just starting to put the beach bars up......a long, hot, fun summer will surely follow..........

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