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October 12th 2003


I had been wanting to see Cadiz play since I was last there in 2001. We missed one game the day after we arrived because we didn't know about it until we saw all the fans flocking down to the beach where we were sat at a cafe.No mistakes for the Elche game we were there in good time to soak up the atmosphere.

So we all met up at the "Plaza de San Juan Dios".....
The girl standing next to Nick is Iris who Nick spent nearly every hour of every day around her like a rash......He never got antwhere tho' !! Then at the front we have the "Ice Maiden", only 19 from Sweden and quite frosty.Then we have my classmate "Sophia" who generally looked a wreck in class beacause of too many late nights, and finaly "Ricardo" rude boy from Blackburn who was usually so stoned he was unable to do anything except grin inanely!!....Perfect crowd for footy then!
We were behind the goal in a temporary stand with a big net kind of obscuring the view. The crowd was about 14,000 which was more or less a sell out as one whole side was being redeveloped.The crowd were.......enthusiastic!!
I have never heard such a noise where all the fans were shouting, swearing and screaming....Cool and the gang! probably the hightlight of the 2003 tour.
seeing as it was only 2 days after my birthday, Nick had bought me a scarf to take to the game.
Getting ready for the big game.
Sophia as all keen footy fans do, bought a scarf too.
The rest of our end..........not a single Elche fan.When they equalised you could have heard a pin drop.
The players ran out onto the pitch to a tremendous roar.....
<a href="espcfcadiz.mpg"> <img src="espcadizcrowd.jpg" border="0" align="left" width="160" height="120" vspace="10" hspace="20" /> </a>
And I saved the ticket stub as a souvenir!!

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