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El Puerto is located in the southern part of Spain in the province of Cadiz, within short distance to Cadiz Capital, Jerez and Sevilla. It is a typical medium sized Andalucian town with a population of about 75.000 inhabitants and with a historical harbour wherefrom the name El Puerto has its origins. The town is located on the 'Coast of Light' (Costa de la Luz) on the bay of Cadiz and with its more than 3100 hours of sunshine a year it's a popular tourist destination mainly for Spanish tourists. People come to El Puerto to enjoy the atmosphere and the great Andalucian food as well as the beautiful beaches, which covers more than 22km along the bay.

History: El Puerto de Santa Maria was founded after the Troya wars more than 2800 years ago where it received the name El Puerto de Menestheo. The Phoenicians and the Greeks created the harbour, which was the beginning for a growing commerce in the area. Romans and Visigoths later occupied the town until the Moors entered Spain in 711. In 1260 the Spanish king Alfonso X conquered El Puerto where after he changed the name of the town to El Puerto de Santa Maria. Today El Puerto is a popular tourist destination and also known for its wine production like in the rest of Cadiz.
Actually I'd been here before in 2001 but decided yet again take the boat out across the bay to see how life goes on in another small Spanish town.
Completely dwarfed by the monster behind us...classmates Richard and Marika on the left and roomies Hog and Flight Attendant for Lufthansa (probably gay) Bernard on the right
The Bullring and me grappling with the bull!!
the town was pretty congested with traffic so we headed for one of the beaches.
Came across this scarecrow planted in the beach....Why??? Anyway, Nick had to show off to the crowd

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