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Jerez de la Frontera became famous throughout the world for its sweet wines named after the town, which the British pronounced "sherry". It is called "de la Frontera" because it once stood on the frontier between the Moorish and the Christian realms. Jerez is also famous, throughout the world, for its fine horses and brilliant singers and dancers of flamenco. The distinctive wine in Jerez has been exported for centuries, it was even praised by Shakespeare. It is distinctive because the strong sun gives the grapes a high sugar content. British merchants have been involved in the wine trade here for centuries, producing and shipping a fortified wine known as sherry. Famous names of these dynasties can be seen here over the doors of the bodegas; Sandeman, John Harvey, Domecq, Gonzalez Byass.

Flew in with Buzz, stayed a couple of days and returned later to check out the Tio Pepe "Bordega"

Many fine buildings

Why can't Taiwan be more like this??

One of the great things about Spanish life is the cafe society. Everyone hangs out drinking coffee or beer and chatting to their friends

Jerez has its own Alcazaar

The "plaza de Arenal"

Inside the Tio Pepe Bordega

I first thought about studying spanish in Jerez but decided on Cadiz because it's by the sea. I later learnt that Cadiz and Jerez share a fierce rivalry; Cadiz is the capital of Cadiz county but is poor, Jerez, also in Cadiz county is the richest city in the county. Apparently it gets very heated when the two football teams meet.

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CADIZ 2003


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