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Nearly 6 weeks spent in sunny Andalucia June/July 2001....Check it out!!

Cádiz, city, capital and principal seaport of Cádiz provincia,
in the comunidad autónoma ("autonomous community") of Andalusia, southwestern Spain, on a long narrow peninsula extending into the Gulf of Cádiz (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean). With a 6- to 7-mile (9.5- to 11-kilometre) circumference, hemmed in by the sea from which it is protected by walls, the city has only one land exit. Traditionally founded as Gadir (meaning "an enclosure") by Phoenician merchants from Tyre as early as 1100 BC, it was occupied by the Carthaginians about 501 BC. Credence was given to the city's Phoenician origins by the discovery in 1980 and earlier of Phoenician sarcophagi at two separate sites.

Cadiz is a great city.Historic with relaxed and friendly people. 2 beaches and plenty of nightlife, that is why I spent most of the time there and after buying the football teams shirt I have been given the freedom of the city!!!!

move the mouse over me to see me teleported onto the Caleta beach!!

So, Where is Cadiz ???

There it is stuck down on the south-west atlantic coast of Spain. 2 hours from Seville and 2 hours 30 mins from Gibraltar.
the Cadiz skyline from the roof of my apartment given to me by the Melkart school...I only discovered Cadiz after I got the cheap flight to Jerez and headed for the nearest beach town...and what a find!!
the "playa de la Victoria" from the Victoria hotel where Pete stayed...Typical Pete, he stayed in the most expensive hotel in Cadiz while I was in a cheap hostel!!.....great view though.
the slightly mintier "playa de la Caleta" which was just a walk away from my flat
And another shot of the same beach
A swift "Cruzcampo" in the Plaza de Mina
Interesting colour......

Click on one of the pictures to see what went on in....



CADIZ 2001




CADIZ 2003


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