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Nearly 3 weeks spent in sunny Malaga June/July 2002....Check it out!!

3.000 years ago the Phoenicians landed in Málaga, they called it MALACA (probably from the word malac - to salt) and they used the harbour as an important centre for salting fish. The fortress overlooking Málaga was originally Phoenician and the interesting archaeological museum housed in the Moorish Castle, beneath this fortress contains Phoenician pottery excavated from the fortress and nearby burial grounds. The Greeks followed the Phoenicians in the 6th century B.C. Málaga was further developed by the Romans, who colonised Spain in 218 B.C. and stayed for more than six centuries. They enlarged the fortress and built a theatre as its base, which is now partly excavated and open to the public. In 711 B.C. the Moors invaded Spain and called her Al-Andalus. Málaga became a major Moorish city and port, famed for Figs and Wine. It was one of the last Moorish cities to fall to the Christian conquerors, Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487.

Did I get to see
all these historic sites??
Nah!! Too much time at the beach
and at the bar!!

Malaga was fun. Didn't have the historic feeling of Cadiz, but living behind the Halcienda party house did have it's benefits!!
I went to Malaga si

which was a quality learning establishment and comes with my full recommendation.Shame about the traffic noise!

So,what did I do apart from study??
Well there were a few parties....

Here was my room mate, the writer Wes. He was on morning study shift so had to leave the parties early...or rather he didn't and was a complete mess the next day

And here was a party in our flat...weird how it goes, but I didn't like the place at the beginning and wanted to leg it to Cadiz. The last few days were a hell of a crack though and of course I no longer wanted to leave!

My two Norwiegen mates, Nina and Monica. They didn't care for the parties too much...too many Swedes!!

A right couple of characters these two. Rich Jewish lads from the US, they spent the whole time trying to shag every girl in the idea what their hit rate was...

Proudly wearing the AFC Cadiz shirt in Malaga...the locals thought it was a joke!!

there I am lurking away in the corner....check out the Swedish babes!!

Yes, well most nights were spent sitting on the verandah quaffing tinto

Pool at "Bolivia" was a regular drunken pastime...The guy with the cue, Benny was a right character.Looked like a thug and drank gallons of tinto de verano but he could be seen practising his salsa in the dance class and sharing jokes with all and sundry...A good man!!

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