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If you roll the mouse over
you'll see the crap car I used to drive!!
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The king size pine bed that never sees much love action!!
My cosy little living room and its original fireplace
Where I bathe and cleanse my smooth toned body!
My untamed garden with its large selection of wildlife is no more!!...
previous tenants have given it a makeover

A nice little gaff, I bought the house in 1998 and then lived there for one year, after that I rented it out for 4 years after I went back to Taiwan. Returned at the end of 2003 and stuggled through an English winter for the first time in years. Stayed until July 2004 when it was back to Taiwan once more. My longest stretch was from 2006/07 when I went back to the UK because Mia was doing her masters in Guildford. I decided to do a film course in Ealing and spent a whole year living there. This going back and forth from UK to Taiwan continued right up to my last visit in 2008. Whilst back in Taiwan in 2009 I was forced to sell the house due to "unforeseen circumstances". Twas a great pity!

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