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Nina is my daughter.15 years old in sept 2010. She moved to Germany with her mother in July 2005. She doesn't like it there and looks forward to her trips back to Taiwan to see her cousin Jing-i and me!!!!

Nina's 2010 UK tour

Nina flew over for twelve days with two of her friends to stay at my mums,
visit Devon and London click here to see

Nina was also in the UK for 2 weeks in August 2008

MESSIN' IN 2007!

Nina and Jing-i riding a bear at the Kids entertainment centre in Shilin 2005

Nina at the Taipei 101 shopping mall in June 2005. We have been to see a few movies here....cartoons

I bought a flamenco dress back from Spain and here she is trying it out!!

Nina lived with her mother in Panchiao, Taiwan and then moved to Dresden in E. Germany. I see her as much as possible but after she went tp Europe it became much more difficult. She comes to England once a year to see her grandparents,learn some more English and have some fun.

Nina and Jing-i when they were about 3 years old

The two hooligans outside the Fine Arts Museum

A little game to keep you occupied!!

I've got loads more pages of pics so click on any of Nina's faces to see them

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