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Cathy was the hottest babe in town when I first met her back in 2002....In the summer of 2005 she was yo-yoing between Europe and Taiwan trying to decide what to do about her boyfriend who she found out was married with 4 kids......In January 2008 she married him!

When she moved back to Taiwan for a while in Spring 2005, I found out she was living just down the road from me....we hung out a few times. After that I saw her one more time in London and then nothing until her wedding day(which I didn't attend) when she came up to me in Carnegies and thumped me! Apparently I hadn't given her sufficient notice to say I wasn't girlfriend(Mia) had barred me from attending....

Going back to the beginning...I first met Cathy in a club in Taipei. She then went to the UK to study so I went to visit her a friend and we went to Kew gardens in Sept 2002. I liked it, but they were not too impressed....

Thats her on the left. Somehow I think she would have preferred to have been out clubbin'

Couldn't stand there taking snaps of them all day.... I joined them in a pose

8 months later in May 2003 I was back in England and visiting her again when she was in Oxford...

What a lovely smile

Well, Cathy came down to see me too and we went on a day trip to Windsor

This is the picture that cathy didn't want me to put on......oh well!!

Then we went to feed the swans....

But there were some aggressive Canada geese and they wanted that bread...

I like this picture!!
This is from our trip to Cornwall

I visited her a lot in Oxford and here we were in the pub....she was supposed to be studying!!

Her good friend...the sunflower....sigh, man I did love that girl!!

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