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The British rock sat on the south
of Spain that's been a fortress
for more than 200 years.

Went there with Pete and again with some of my Melkart mates. Highly recommend the cave which has had one cavern converted into a theatre. And the galleries which are tunnels hewn out of the rock by soldiers to get a better shot at the Spanish

Top of the rock

Great view of the town,This is all there is. A port, a town centre and a beach round the other side.

One of the apes having just robbed someone of their food

Of course if you don't give them the grub they just climb up and help themselves!

Quaint, but very quiet ,even on a saturday

The cable car that takes you to the top if you can't be bothered to walk

The last shop in Europe before the straits of Gibraltar and Africa

Guelen checking out the Moroccan coastline

info and pics about the galleries.You can see the holes in the rock where the cannons were positioned

The labyrinth of tunnels inside the Rock, including these, is arguably the most impressive defence system designed by humans. During the American War of independence, when France and Spain made an attempt to recapture the Rock from the British in Gibraltar's 14th Siege (always called the Great Siege) which lasted from 1779 to 1783, Governor General Elliot offered a reward to anyone who could tell him how to get guns onto the precipitous northern face of the rock. Sergeant Major Ince suggested tunnelling, and, in gratitude, was given a Commission and a plot of land on the Upper Rock (still known today as Ince's Farm)

Inside the tunnels

Click on one of the pictures to see what went on in....



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